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Sorry for the wait

Our community is hard at work building Exercism v3, which means mentorng is quite a bit slower than normal. Read to learn more
By Jeremy Walker · 20th Apr 2020 · 24 comments

Call for Track Maintainers

We're looking for some new Track Maintainers to help us on our journey to Exercism version 3. If you're interested in helping out, please read on!
By Jeremy Walker · 9th Jan 2020

Was V2 worth the effort?

As we move towards Exercism V3, I wanted to expore the impact that V2 had and analyse whether it was worth the effort that the community put in.
By Jeremy Walker · 27th Dec 2019 · 3 comments

Announcing Exercism Research

We're launching Exercism Research - a new space to host experiments to help us understand how people learn new programming languages.
By Jeremy Walker · 21st Nov 2019 · 2 comments

Dealing with oversubscribed tracks

Oversubscribed tracks is a big problem for Exercism. This blog post outlines some short-term fixes we're putting in place to try and help with the problem.
By Jeremy Walker · 23rd Sep 2019 · 10 comments

Independent Mode has been renamed to Practice Mode

We've renamed Independent Mode to Practice Mode. Learn more about why in this post.
By Jeremy Walker · 23rd Sep 2019 · 2 comments

Redesigning tracks in partnership with The University of Chicago and The Sloan Foundation

We're excited to announce a project in partnership with The University of Chicago, funded by The Sloan Foundation, in which we're going to be rethinking Exercism's tracks from the ground up.
By Jeremy Walker · 12th Sep 2019

What's next for Exercism?

Where has Exercism got to? What are we focussing on next? Learn about our plans for the next 12 months and where we'll be focussing our energy.
By Jeremy Walker · 5th Aug 2019 · 5 comments

Unicode matching in Elixir

Percy Grunwald explores unicode matching in Elixir and shows how a trivial exercise can teach useful real-world lessons about handling Unicode in Elixir.
By Percy Grunwald · 3rd Mar 2019

Coding Intentionally in Bash Grains

Ryan Palo explores the concepts of 'intentional coding' and 'design intent' in this excellent walkthrough of the Grains exercise in Bash. Thinking of ways to solve a problem is easy- designing one that communicates your thought process and goals to others is the hard part.
By Ryan Palo · 14th Feb 2019 · 1 comment