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x86-64 Assembly

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x86-64 assembly is a low-level programming language, typically used in boot loaders, device drivers, and operating system kernels.
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About x86-64 Assembly

default rel

section .rodata
msg: db "Hello, World!", 0

; The classical introductory exercise. Just say "Hello, World!"
; Returns:
;   rax - the string "Hello, World!"
section .text
global hello
    lea rax, [msg]  ; Return the string "Hello, World!"

x86-64 assembly is the programming language for the 64-bit version of the x86 instruction set. It is based on the original 8086 instruction set from 1978.

Assembly language is different from high-level languages like C# and Java. There are no variables, objects, or loops. Instead, you'll have to deal with registers, memory addresses, and jumps.

Learning assembly can be intimidating at first, but it will give you a better understanding in how your computer works. It might even improve your programming skills in higher level languages.

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Exercism is a great website

What I like about it is that I am able to solve the challenges in a TDD way working in a environment that I am familiar (my own PC not a browser IDE) and the cherry on the top of the cake is that I have access to code reviews.

Relaxed. Encouraging. Supportive.

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Luiz Felipe https://github.com/Silva97

I like low level programming and reverse engineering. C and x86 assembly is my speciality.
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Johan Berg https://github.com/bergjohan

I have been writing C code professionally since 2014. Interested in low-level stuff.
Fun. Challenging. Interesting

Community-sourced x86-64 Assembly exercises

These are a few of the 16 exercises on the x86-64 Assembly track. You can see all the exercises here.

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Johan Berg

I have been writing C code professionally since 2014. Interested in low-level stuff.

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