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Inspiring kids to code with Clever Tykes

Meet Code-it Cody, a computer whizz who starts coding at school - part of the Clever Tykes of storybooks and resources which inspire children to develop positive, resourceful and creative behaviour.
By Nicole Chalmers · 13th Feb 2019

Mozilla awards Exercism an Open Source Support Award

Mozilla has awarded Exercism an Open Source Support Award to help support our Automated Mentoring Support Project - using static analysis to automatically approve solutions that are idiomatic, and provide feedback for commonly-seen improvements.
By Jeremy Walker · 12th Feb 2019 · 3 comments

An interview with Meade Kincke

Katrina talks to Meade Kicke about the Rust compiler, a GUI that uses scientific colourspaces to determine the colour of beer, and his book 'A Practical Guide To Rust'.
By kytrinyx · 9th Feb 2019

The Automated Mentoring Support Project

Over the next few months we are going to be developing a framework that uses static analysis to automatically analysis users' solutions, automatically approve solutions that are idiomatic, and provide feedback for commonly-seen improvements. Read on to learn about the project.
By Jeremy Walker · 7th Feb 2019 · 1 comment

The Track Anatomy Project

Welcome to The Track Anatomy Project - an initiative to determine how Exercism tracks can best provide structure for learners and support for mentors.
By Jeremy Walker · 3rd Feb 2019 · 1 comment

An interview with Ryan Potts

Ryan Potts talks to us about how he got into Delphi, the things he's learnt from being a contributor to Exercism, and his experiences of programming in industries that are still offline.
By Jeremy Walker · 30th Jan 2019

We've relaunched community comments

One consequence of adding mentoring to Exercism last year was the removal of casual commenting. We've now added that back. Read on to learn more.
By Jeremy Walker · 26th Jan 2019 · 2 comments

An interview with Erik Schierboom

We talk to Erik Schierboom about functional programming, maintaining the C#, F# and Scala tracks, and our plans for automated static analysis of Exercism solutions.
By Jeremy Walker · 21st Jan 2019 · 4 comments

What happens if my mentor disappears?

Sometimes you're working away improving an exercise and your mentor disappers. Up until now, that's been a big problem but this week we've made some big strides forward. Learn more about how we're dealing with it moving forward.
By Jeremy Walker · 18th Jan 2019 · 15 comments

Exercism in 2019

We're super excited about all that we have planned for this year. Read on to learn about our focuses and plans for Exercism in 2019 including reducing friction for mentors, static analysis, improved curriculums and the launching of this blog!
By Jeremy Walker · 16th Jan 2019 · 1 comment