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Python is a clear and powerful object-oriented programming language with an elegant and easy-to-read syntax. It is ideal for prototyping and ad-hoc tasks, but also sees wide use in scientific computing, web development, and automation.
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About Python

prices = {'apple': 0.75, 'egg': 0.50}
cart = {
  'apple': 1,
  'egg': 6

bill = sum(prices[item] * cart[item]
           for item in cart)

print(f'I have to pay {bill:.2f}')

Python is a strong language for beginners.

There are many resources available for programmers of all levels, the code is highly readable, and in many cases phrases are comparable to those in the English language.

Code can be written and executed from the command line, in an interactive IPython session, or in a Jupyter (IPython) notebook.

The most common form of Python is compiled in C; this is often invisible to the beginning programmer, but if there are uses for which exceptionally fast implementation is needed then C extensions can be written to optimize Python execution.

Python is used extensively in scientific computing, finance, games, networking, internet development, and in assembling pipelines of other programs.

Python was started by Guido van Rossum in 1989; its name is an homage to the comedy troupe Monty Python.

This track uses Python 3. It is highly recommended that students upgrade to at least Python 3.6 as some features used by this track may not be supported in earlier version of Python.

Python development is shepherded by The Python Software Foundation and there are active community-based user groups worldwide.

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I really like the ability to look at other people's solutions.

I'm working through the F# and Python tracks at the moment. Really like the ability to look at other people's solutions. I've had some helpful comments from others too.

Relaxed. Encouraging. Supportive.

Meet the Python Track mentors

Once you join the Python language track, you will receive support and feedback from our team of mentors. Here are the bios of a few of the mentors of this track.

Avatar of Joris Hoendervangers

Joris Hoendervangers PythonSherpa

Entrepreneur & Python enthusiast with a background in financial markets. Happy to help others to learn the language!
Avatar of Ty Hahn

Ty Hahn https://github.com/yosnoop

I do Linux administration as day job and write python mainly for my personal data science projects.
Avatar of wh0th3h3llam1

wh0th3h3llam1 GitHub

I love Python. The best way to give back to community is to help them.
Avatar of Khoi Van

Khoi Van My GitHub

I am a chemist, actually, and recently got into coding and enjoy how much it can dramatically improve other fields
Avatar of Srdjan Stankovic

Srdjan Stankovic https://github.com/pyropy

I fell in love with Python and I keep loving it more with each day. I enjoy sharing knowledge!
Avatar of Sachin Soman

Sachin Soman https://github.com/sachsom95

I am an aspiring software developer and a graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation.I love coding in Python. Eager to help the open source community :)
Fun. Challenging. Interesting

Community-sourced Python exercises

These are a few of the 118 exercises on the Python track. You can see all the exercises here.

pattern recognition
text formatting
Palindrome Products
Hello World
optional values
text formatting
Perfect Numbers
Passionate. Knowledgeable. Creative.

Meet the Python Track maintainers

The Python Maintainers are the brains behind the Python Track. They spend their spare time creating interesting and challenging exercises that we can all learn from. We are incredibly grateful for their hard work. Here are the bios of a few of the maintainers of this track.

Avatar of Dog


I can not only fetch JSON, but parse it too.
Avatar of Michael Morehouse

Michael Morehouse My Techie Blog

Although Python wasn't my first -- and won't be my last -- programming language, it remains my favorite for introducing others to the joys, the pains, the infrequent ecstacies, and the occasional terrors of life before the REPL.
Avatar of Corey McCandless

Corey McCandless

Big fan of homemade bread and reusable code.

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