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ReasonML is a strongly typed functional language which compiles to both Javascript and native.
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About ReasonML

Reason is a syntax and toolchain geared towards Javascript programmers, based on the functional language OCaml

Being statically typed, it is likely to be safer than Javascript, but has powerful type inference which means type annotations do not get in your way.

The Exercism exercises will compile directly to JS, but Reason can be compiled via the OCaml toolchain to native code, IoS, Android, and even microcontrollers

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let message = () => "Welcome to Reason!";

Exercism is a great website

Exercism is a great website where I was able to have some very interesting challenges.

Relaxed. Encouraging. Supportive.

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Stephen Bastians

Reason's a great choice for Javascript programmers who want to get intoi statically typed functional programming.
Fun. Challenging. Interesting

Community-sourced ReasonML exercises

These are a few of the 22 exercises on the ReasonML track. You can see all the exercises here.

Space Age
enum types
floating point arithmetic
fun expressions
Run Length Encoding
converting strings to ints
Roman Numerals
Protein Translation
data transform
hash map lookup

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