The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Rajesh Khadka

Rajesh Khadka

I love to share the knowledge. Kotlin similarities with other modern programming language brought me into it. Currently working on building mathematical foundations for data science.

Photo of Michael Gee

Michael Gee

I have found Ruby the most fun language to use. I've been using Ruby full-time since 2006 (mostly Rails applications).

Photo of Michael Berger

Michael Berger

Mostly a Java developer, interested in solving problems and always looking for ways to learn new things. I'm also into cross-country skiing!

Photo of Volodymyr Bilokur

Volodymyr Bilokur

I am a PHP Developer with 15+ years of experience in a wide variety of industries. I'm a servant leader, a life-long learner and a passionate mentor. I value most the light-bulb moments when, after my explanation, it becames clear something that wasn't understandable just a couple of minute ago

Photo of Arjun mahishi

Arjun mahishi

Go is the first compiled langauge that I was comfortable with. It is also the first langauge I wrote production worthy code in.

Photo of Quentin Laillé

Quentin Laillé

Epitech Student (Promotion 2021), I take time to shorten yours developing exciting projects.

Photo of Michael Hedgpeth

Michael Hedgpeth

I love teaching people how to learn new things and am learning Go myself, so I'd like to give back

Photo of Bahram Aghaei

Bahram Aghaei

I'm enthusiastic learner who is always looking for new projects and challenges and a huge Free Software enthusiast. Reach out if you want to talk about technology, life and sports.

Photo of Ahmad Ibrahim

Ahmad Ibrahim

I am a fan of javascript. I have been working with ReactJs for a year and yeah I am really good at front-end development. Also Good at NodeJs and React Native

Photo of Nastassia Danilova

Nastassia Danilova

I am very passionate about JavaScript. I have a lot of experience in different sized projects, but I'll never stop to learn something new every day. I'll be happy to help you

Photo of Daniel Krauskopf

Daniel Krauskopf

I graduated from Fanshawe College with two programming degrees. I am currently a full-time employee for a large company using Java and many other technologies.

Photo of Max Leuthäuser

Max Leuthäuser

Software Engineer and IT Consultant. Scala Enthusiast.

Photo of James Hutcheon

James Hutcheon

I'm a primarily back-end developer who uses JavaScript as a day to day language. I'm also learning Java myself (for a project at work) and am starting to use TypeScript on the side.

Photo of Jonathan Hawley-Peters

Jonathan Hawley-Peters

For over a decade I've programmed as a hobby. In 2016 I started working as a web developer and receiving mentorship was a big part of what made that change possible. To me, mentoring people who are learning Javascript feels like a natural part of the progression and often brings me joy.

Photo of Shawn Hartsell

Shawn Hartsell

Go developer based out of Nashville, TN. I enjoy Go because of it's simplicity and no-frills approach to development.

Photo of John Carnell

John Carnell

I am a prolific speaker and writer and regularly speak at local user groups and industry conferences. I program mainly in Clojure and Java (my last book was Spring Microservices in Action). I have spent the last 3.5 years writing Clojure code for a cloud-based telephony company.

Photo of Maryam Ziyad

Maryam Ziyad

Enjoying working on/with Ballerina and writing about it

Photo of Peter Perhac

Peter Perhac

Sucked into programming at the age of 11. Worked with several different tech stacks. Currently I work on Scala projects and tinker with Haskell in my spare moments. I want to help _you_ to fall in love with Scala / FP as much as I did.

Photo of Bo Oelkers

Bo Oelkers

I love swift! I've been an iOS developer since iOS 3 and developing in Swift for over 2 years now at a large iOS company. I love the community surrounding swift, everyone has been so supportive. I'm hoping to help the developers grow and learn somethings myself along the way as well.

Photo of Andrea Crotti

Andrea Crotti

Around 3 year of Clojure/Clojurescript experience and working full stack with Clojure since 2017. Member of the Church of Emacs.

Photo of Meade Kincke

Meade Kincke

I love real-world, usable examples. I'm a huge fan of being able to help others to make something work how it should with maximum performance. I especially love Rust and have written a tool called BrewStillery in it and GTK-rs.

Photo of Andrea Gazzarini

Andrea Gazzarini

Curious software engineer with more than 15 years of experience, mainly focused on the Java language and IR/Search technologies.

Photo of Rajesh Pitty

Rajesh Pitty

a passionately curious scala functional programmer

Photo of Xuecong Liao

Xuecong Liao

I am a system programmer in JuiceFS. Python is my favorite programming language and I have been using it for >9 years. I hope I can help you pick up Python faster.

Photo of Pascal Spiesz

Pascal Spiesz

I'm a JavaScript developer and I think that mentoring is a great way to improve knowledge for the mentor and the mentees.

Photo of Fernando Falci

Fernando Falci

Just another JS developer

Photo of Jared Mortenson

Jared Mortenson

I love learning to the point I got degrees in how/why people think the way they do and how to teach them. Then I learned how to program and have been trying to teach others as often as I can. Hope I can help.

Photo of Manuri Perera

Manuri Perera

I am an Engineer at WSO2. Currently working in the Ballerina team. Mainly contributing to Ballerina data client area.

Photo of Alex Bender

Alex Bender

Sharing is what really matters. So I'd like to share my Python knowledge to augment (help develop) present capabilities of anyone who desires to know Python.

Photo of Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

I am an Android Developer based out of New Delhi, and have been working with Kotlin for over a year. I'm particularly interested in Functional & Reactive programming paradigm and like to share my knowledge and learn from others.

Photo of William Forsyth

William Forsyth

To be honest, 90% of the reason I love Go is because of the mascot.

Photo of Bryden Robertson

Bryden Robertson

I have been working with Java for about 5 years, mostly as a hobby. I have programmed professionally with python, node.js, bash and R.

Photo of Robin Roschlau

Robin Roschlau

I've been slightly addicted to Kotlin ever since I first used it, coming from Java a few years ago, so much so that I started a Kotlin User Group in my area and am regularly holding talks about it.

Photo of Jarred Humphrey

Jarred Humphrey

Professionally developed in Clojure for last 5 years and use it as my language of choice for most personal projects. I've been programming with a wide array of languages for past 12 years (Java/Javascript/Ruby/PHP).

Photo of Chanaka Lakmal

Chanaka Lakmal

As a contributor of Ballerina language, I find Ballerina makes it easy to write microservices that integrate APIs while maintaining reliability, scalability, observability, and security.

Photo of Juang Salaz Prabowo

Juang Salaz Prabowo

I'm a PHP developer, now I'm working as freelancer. I'm very passionate to became a mentor.

Photo of Josh Goebel

Josh Goebel

I mostly write Ruby on Rails professionally but for fun (and possibly profit one day) I dabble with Elixir, Nim, Arduino, and such. I’m really digging both Nim and Vim lately.

Photo of Monsenhor


Under development. Perl monger since 1998.

Photo of Cosima Meyer

Cosima Meyer

Throughout my studies, I was introduced to R in 2013 and discovered the beauty and flexibility of this language.I use R on a regular basis for my PhD project in peace and conflict studies.

Photo of Anuchit Prasertsang

Anuchit Prasertsang

Go is a fantastic language for me. We have the Go community in Thailand is growing.