The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Zach Banducci

Zach Banducci

I have been using C++ for the past 2 years and I am a data structures teaching assistant. I have experience in program architecture and object oriented programming and I am here to help you in your ventures in becoming computer scientists!

Photo of Paulo Rosa

Paulo Rosa

I've been programming in Java since 1998 and teaching since 2012.

Photo of Michael Plotke

Michael Plotke

I'm paid to write JavaScript. I mostly enjoy it. I also enjoy teaching. Exercism is a nice convergence.

Photo of Tyll Weiß

Tyll Weiß

I love JavaScript for it's flexibility and fast-paced community. I've written and maintained quite a bit of Node and browser oriented Javascript projects, both personally and professionally.

Photo of Ian Knighton

Ian Knighton

I've been working in C# for 5 years. Building everything from simple console apps to major data-analytics tools.

Photo of Emanuele DelBono

Emanuele DelBono

I'm a developer passionate about clean code that fell in love with Elixir

Photo of Emre Yurtseven

Emre Yurtseven

I'm a programmer and I've been working as a professional since 2009. Generally, I worked with Microsoft technologies. I have developed various projects including e-commerce, e-learning, job finding site and industrial automation.

Photo of Gokul Chittaranjan

Gokul Chittaranjan

Have over a decade of experience working with Python.

Photo of Anthony Sawyer

Anthony Sawyer

I have been a developer for over 16 years in gaming, big data, enterprise and mobile. I am here because teaching software development is a passion of mine.

Photo of André König

André König

I'm a sofware architect & engineer and I love to share knowledge, because I think that everybody should be able to learn how to develop software.

Photo of Matt Hoover

Matt Hoover

I use Bash daily at work and home, and I think it is a foundational skill for mastering any UNIX-like system.

Photo of Jason Peacock

Jason Peacock

A software engineer of 20yrs, I've written production code in Perl, Ruby, and Python, among other languages. Python is my favorite interpreted language.

Photo of Mark Rousskov

Mark Rousskov

Rust core and infra team member; release team lead. Working on the compiler and related tooling.

Photo of Nick Bullock

Nick Bullock

I think Python is a great language for doing everyday tasks, improving mental models fundamental to computer science, and implementing really cool projects. I use it every day, and encourage others to start thinking about how it can improve their lives.

Photo of Andrew Reis

Andrew Reis

Hi! I am a full stack software developer and I love learning and solving problems. I currently am working on a number of javascript-centric projects and learning C++.

Photo of Ning Ke

Ning Ke

Rediscovering the new C++.

Photo of Júlio Leitão

Júlio Leitão

Enjoying the Functional Programming paradigm to solve problems and build solutions with quality, maintainability, and great code design. Elixir is one of the best options on the FP world.

Photo of Jon Gjengset

Jon Gjengset

I'm PhD student at MIT CSAIL where I work on a research database written in Rust. I also do regular Rust live-coding streams.

Photo of Lorenzo Addazi

Lorenzo Addazi

I am a researcher in model-driven engineering and domain-specific languages with a pure love for programming.

Photo of Vlad Tarasevich

Vlad Tarasevich

I'm a student at HSE university in Moscow and an intern at Kaspersky Lab. Python is one of my most favorite programming languages since it's simple and easy to use on daily basis.

Photo of Raunak Ramakrishnan

Raunak Ramakrishnan

I use Python as a power-tool for quick prototyping and for data analysis.

Photo of Juan Pablo Lorenzo

Juan Pablo Lorenzo

Elixir was my first step in functional programming and since I started I am very surprised with this language, its community and the incredible capabilities that Elixir has to improve software development.

Photo of Craig Chamberlain

Craig Chamberlain

I'm learning F# as my first functional language, coming from c#, and want to get the most from the functional paradigm. Reflecting on mine and others code is a great way to master this very powerful language and programming style.

Photo of Karim DRIDI


Passionate about coding since 1995.

Photo of Hemika Kodikara

Hemika Kodikara

I am an Engineer at WSO2 working for the cloud native capabilities of Ballerina.

Photo of Dave Goodchild

Dave Goodchild

Tech lead at The Economist, love Go and open source.

Photo of Anderson Reinkordt

Anderson Reinkordt

I got my start using Ruby in 2014, learning Ruby on Rails and used it to launch my freelance career that eventually led to becoming a fulltime software engineer at CardFlight.

Photo of Marco Hinz

Marco Hinz

I love Vim. I've written many Vim plugins and work at Neovim in my spare time.

Photo of Maykell Sánchez Romero

Maykell Sánchez Romero

I enjoy learning and teaching programming languages. Web development enthusiast.

Photo of Robert Postill

Robert Postill

I've been programming for a while and I love sharing my knowledge and being taught new things :)

Photo of Paweł Kalinowski

Paweł Kalinowski

I'm a full stack developer working in Wroclaw, Poland. Currently I'm working with JavaScript and React.

Photo of Glory Kim

Glory Kim

I enjoy being able to help others solve problems and expand their knowledge. I've done some freelance backend work, use javascript for my projects.

Photo of James Haney

James Haney

I'm a data scientist who's been using Python at work for 3-4 years. I love how readable and versatile it is.

Photo of Seth Bromberger

Seth Bromberger

I am the founder of JuliaGraphs and one of the core developers of LightGraphs.jl. I've been using Julia at work and for personal projects since v0.3.

Photo of Zhanibek Adilbekov

Zhanibek Adilbekov

Python is one of my favorite languages alongside with C# and Scala. While I have expertise in many programming languages, I really enjoyed learning Python. I want to help people conquer the learning curve and enhance their skills.

Photo of Sam Minns

Sam Minns

I'm mostly a Rubyist though I mess with JavaScript when necessary and have a secret love for Haskell. Giving back to the community is something dear to my heart, hence becoming a Ruby track mentor while learning some other bits!

Photo of Filip Gulan

Filip Gulan

I am Frontend engineer in the telecommunication company. I work with Angular and Typescript on daily basis. I love to learn and also teach.

Photo of Alexios Lyrakis

Alexios Lyrakis

Until now I have worked mainly with C. However, through my master in Embedded Systems I discovered the power of C++. I love the power and the flexibility of this language.

Photo of Alex Halford

Alex Halford

I use python a lot at work, and I really enjoy helping people to learn new skills!

Photo of James Fu

James Fu

Python is one of my favorite languages. I fell in love with it seeing the beautiful absence of brackets and semi-colon. I also love it for list comprehension and its extensive use in Machine Learning and Raspberry Pi. I think everyone should learn Python!