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Our track mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Avatar of Alex Halford

Alex Halford

I use python a lot at work, and I really enjoy helping people to learn new skills!
Avatar of Hemika Kodikara

Hemika Kodikara

I am an Engineer at WSO2 working for the cloud native capabilities of Ballerina.
Avatar of Semsudin Sefic

Semsudin Sefic

C# developer with a focus on QA Test Automation as well as Automation in general.
Avatar of Alexis Lu

Alexis Lu

I am using C and C++ for some years. C is more friendly when compile to assembly.
Avatar of Maykell Sánchez Romero

Maykell Sánchez Romero kellsaro

I enjoy learning and teaching programming languages. Web development enthusiast.
Avatar of Tim Fischer

Tim Fischer

I work and play with Python, some times for a living, other times just for fun.
Avatar of Marco Hinz

Marco Hinz

I love Vim. I've written many Vim plugins and work at Neovim in my spare time.
Avatar of Alexandre Langlais

Alexandre Langlais French blog

Scala is a great solution for pure functional programming in today's industry.
Avatar of Debasish Sahoo

Debasish Sahoo debck

Love writing Javascript for Backend applications and open-source development.
Avatar of René Wernicke

René Wernicke

I love talking code. C# professional by day, learning new languages by night.
Avatar of Sirapop Chaimanasuksri

Sirapop Chaimanasuksri

I currently use F# in my projects at work. I'm also experienced in JS and PHP
Avatar of mienaikage


I do PHP for the past few years and I am happy to give back by mentoring PHP.
Avatar of Gaurav Chakravorty

Gaurav Chakravorty

I have used C++ at work for 15 years. I aspire for performance in my coding.
Avatar of Nikola Lukic

Nikola Lukic

I'm a competitive programmer and I have been coding in C++ for a few years.
Avatar of Paul Martensen

Paul Martensen

Backend engineer at Lokalportal. Been writing ruby for just shy of 5 years.
Avatar of Andrea Sessa

Andrea Sessa

I love Lua for its simplicity and effectivness. I write Lua professionally.
Avatar of Todd Resudek

Todd Resudek

I am happy to help. Crystal is a beautiful language that is also very fast.
Avatar of Dusan Rychnovsky

Dusan Rychnovsky

I have worked with Java for many years, both professionally and as a hobby.
Avatar of Stuart Taylor

Stuart Taylor

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
Avatar of Emanuele DelBono

Emanuele DelBono

I'm a developer passionate about clean code that fell in love with Elixir
Avatar of Raunak Ramakrishnan

Raunak Ramakrishnan

I use Python as a power-tool for quick prototyping and for data analysis.
Avatar of Mario Catch

Mario Catch

Dad, developer, mentor, learner. I also go by trustie in some circles.
Avatar of Kaio Magalhaes

Kaio Magalhaes website

Software Engineer, programmer lover, Jiu-Jitsu fighter and code addicted.
Avatar of Robert Curtin

Robert Curtin

Lua is an elegent and practical language. I hope I can help you enjoy it!
Avatar of Vince Lee

Vince Lee

I've been using C# professionally for 8 years and love its versatility!
Avatar of Ryan Hartlage

Ryan Hartlage

Lua perfectly embodies the philosophy of 'less is more'. I am smitten.
Avatar of Chris Seckler

Chris Seckler

I live, breathe, and dream JavaScript. I could be dreaming right now.
Avatar of Larry Ruane

Larry Ruane

I've been a C programmer for many years. I used to work at Bell Labs.
Avatar of Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen

I love Python for it's simplicity and elegance. Readability counts!
Avatar of William Forsyth

William Forsyth

To be honest, 90% of the reason I love Go is because of the mascot.
Avatar of Winston Jr Rodriguez Stand

Winston Jr Rodriguez Stand

I am a software developer engineer, I like to learn new languages.
Avatar of Paulo Rosa

Paulo Rosa

I've been programming in Java since 1998 and teaching since 2012.
Avatar of Matheus Silva

Matheus Silva

I'm a programmer trying and learning how to write beautiful code.
Avatar of Dimitry Polivaev

Dimitry Polivaev

I am developer mostly practicing Java, Scala, clean code and TDD
Avatar of Derek Liang

Derek Liang

Love reading, writing code. Love to give back to the community.
Avatar of Ricardo AMbrogi

Ricardo AMbrogi Talk to my Chat bot :)

Front End Engineer who loves pizza and X-Men (not the movies).
Avatar of Ruben Romero Montes

Ruben Romero Montes

I've been developing in Java professionally for over 10 years.
Avatar of Benjamin Earl

Benjamin Earl Benz Projects

Javascript is my native language, still working on my English.
Avatar of Yanick Champoux

Yanick Champoux personal tech blog

Perl necrohacker. Avid polyglot. Slightly bonkers all around.
Avatar of Lucas Polymeris

Lucas Polymeris

I'd like to make Prolog a better known programming language.