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The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Fernando Soto

Fernando Soto

I am retired and professionally I have fixed computers and more recently have programmed device drivers for them. I love helpping others doing the same.

Photo of Justin Leveck

Justin Leveck

I love Ruby! I have been writing Ruby for more than 5 years. Ruby is a joy to use. It is expressive and readable with a wonderful community. I am excited to help you get started!

Photo of Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson

I have always been interested in Lisps since taking the SICP course in college. I love the expressiveness and conciseness of the simple syntax, and the ability to build the language upward to meet the domain.

Photo of Jacob Andersen

Jacob Andersen

I am a Java nut. While some may hate it for its (seemingly) unnecessary verbosity at times, that is one of the main reasons I love it. I've written Java as a hobby and professionally for over five years.

Photo of Angelika Tyborska

Angelika Tyborska

I'm a web developer. I work with Elixir, Ruby, and JavaScript. Elixir is my favorite because of its elegant syntax, great performance, pattern matching, and immutability. Let me help you make it your favorite too!

Photo of Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell

I use Ruby for its natural syntax and vibrant community.

Photo of David Carroll

David Carroll

My primary professional language is Python, which I like for its flexibility and expressiveness, but I also enjoy using Rust because of its power and high-quality tooling. I'm a former CS professor.

Photo of Adam Buckland

Adam Buckland

Full time backend engineer. Gopher.

Photo of Sean Handley

Sean Handley

I'm a remote developer based in Manchester. Ruby is my first love but increasingly I'm focussing on Elixir. The open source community means a great deal to me and I attend (and occasionally speak at) various technical conferences.

Photo of Alban Dericbourg

Alban Dericbourg

Software engineer for 10 years now, mostly experienced on the JVM (Java and Scala) for web facing systems. Eager to learn, you'll probably find me trying new things on the other tracks!

Photo of Tim Fischer

Tim Fischer

I work and play with Python, some times for a living, other times just for fun.

Photo of Hilary Holz

Hilary Holz

20+ years experience in systems administration, specializing in the web since NCSA HTTPd and Mosaic. Python is my language of choice for DevOps.

Photo of Guy Gastineau

Guy Gastineau

I love working in bash so much that I refuse to use DM's. When I want an open-box or i3 session I can choose to start X, but a computer that drops me straight into a tty just feels like home!

Photo of Alexandre Moradell

Alexandre Moradell

I began programming with Turbo Pascal in 1987 and later I discover Delphi. I like to help others and Exercism is the right place.

Photo of Robert Curtin

Robert Curtin

Lua is an elegent and practical language. I hope I can help you enjoy it!

Photo of Paul Martensen

Paul Martensen

Backend engineer at Lokalportal. Been writing ruby for just shy of 5 years.

Photo of Nadeem Shabir

Nadeem Shabir

Polyglot developer, loves programming, constantly learning!

Photo of Gabi Stefanini

Gabi Stefanini

I'm a production engineer/dev ops who has been working with Ruby applications for the last 2 years and I love it <3

Photo of Uzi Landsmann

Uzi Landsmann

I have been a developer for about 15 years, working daily with Java. I love learning new languages and am trying to learn and adopt a functional programming style.

Photo of Nick Park

Nick Park

I believe Lua is good for the programmer's soul.

Photo of Olcay Oransoy

Olcay Oransoy

I am an enthusiastic 14 y/o developer. I mainly code in Go, but I know other programming languages as well. Along with programming, I pursue other topics like science, math, etc.

Photo of Eric Dattore

Eric Dattore

I've been playing with Rust as my hobby language of choice since version 0.10. Before that, I was using C++ for a lot of my side projects.

Photo of Vasanth Pappu

Vasanth Pappu

I am drawn to Elm because it is a safe, reliable, and refactorable alternative to building webapps. It's an approachable language that not only supports the dynamic nature of greenfield projects, but it can also be adopted in small steps within legacy apps implemented in other front-end solutions.

Photo of Olia Kremmyda

Olia Kremmyda

I'm a developer for 4 years and the last year I have been working with Ruby. Exercism is a great help to get over the C and C++ habits and move to the Ruby way of thinking. Likewise, it makes me so happy to be able to give back to this community as a mentor!

Photo of Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight

I love how simple and readable Ruby is. I've been programming in it professionally since 2016, and would like to help other people discover and enjoy using it.

Photo of Katrin Leinweber

Katrin Leinweber

Studied biochemistry, arctic ecology & geology, PhDed in diatom biofilms. Worked in tech support @prezi, pharma-LIMS & OA data analysis. Git, tidyverse, pandas.

Photo of Sandor Dargo

Sandor Dargo

I like Python because it's so simple to understand it and it can read like well-written prose. Besides it's a real swiss army knife, you can use it for almost everything. Yet, it takes some time to learn writing pythonic code, but I'm happy to help you with that!

Photo of Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis

I appreciate python among the many languages I have used for expressiveness and readability. I have used it at work and for personal projects.

Photo of Karthik Deepak Natraj

Karthik Deepak Natraj

I love Rust and C and use them at my day job in automotive. I work with Embedded software but I'm also reasonably familiar with systems programming as well

Photo of Cohen Carlisle

Cohen Carlisle

I love Elixir for its productivity, elegant syntax, and functional nature. I've written it professionally and for fun. I hope to help people get excited about Elixir and learn some things myself, as well.

Photo of mienaikage


A Raku enthusiast who loves the language for its combination of power, conciseness, and flexibility.

Photo of Ronie Uliana

Ronie Uliana

I'm on the 'Language-Oriented Programming' paradigm from Racket. Love to program, love to help.

Photo of Peter Tillemans

Peter Tillemans

I am an electronics engineer and language geek who learned programming on an hp-41 and C-64. Now I do mostly java, javascript, python, rust and haskell. I believe that code should sing its intent so the last row in the hall understands the last syllable.

Photo of David Jones

David Jones

Software engineer and a fan of many programming languages

Photo of Thong Kuah

Thong Kuah

Been working with Ruby professionally for the last decade. <3 Ruby for the happiness and joy it gives me when I'm working with it.

Photo of Zachary Romero

Zachary Romero

I really enjoy writing Go! I use Go every chance I get whether it be open source, personal projects, or work.

Photo of Caroline Schnapp

Caroline Schnapp

Electrical engineer turned fiction writer turned bum turned Ruby on Rails developer. I love Ruby, Sandi Metz, and Exercism. I live in Quebec, Canada.

Photo of Bob Forgey

Bob Forgey

I've been using C for a long time, mostly doing embedded systems development. I still enjoy programming in C. I value clarity over cleverness.

Photo of Steven Atkinson

Steven Atkinson

If you're not using bash...why not?! Learning bash is one of the best things you can do. It can help automate tasks and make your life a lot easier.

Photo of Sean Fairchild

Sean Fairchild

I'm a senior Ruby dev professionally at my company. I have taught many new devs and devs coming from other languages Ruby and Ruby on Rails.