The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Ilias Van Peer

Ilias Van Peer

I love everything about Elm. My days are spent programming in Elm as a professional, my weekends are spent working on open source Elm projects and packages. I'm a member of the Elm core team and you can always find me on the Elm-lang Slack!

Photo of Lidonis Calhau

Lidonis Calhau

I have been a web developer for quite some time. I really like Kotlin because it's design the way a would write a new OO language. I hope we can learn it a little bit better on this track.

Photo of Lorraine Lee

Lorraine Lee

Just an enthusiast programmer

Photo of weihanglo


Aim to use Rust and WebAssembly in my daily routines. Love Rust because of its passionate and welcoming community.

Photo of Thales Alexandre F. Albuquerque

Thales Alexandre F. Albuquerque

I'm a medical student who programs as a hobby. I love python for it's elegance and readability; it was my first langauge and it remains my favorite.

Photo of Brian Underwood

Brian Underwood

I'm a long-time full-stack web developer with a particular interest in different ways to store and process data. I'm a huge fan how Elixir makes functional programming and fault tolerance accessible and am excited to help others.

Photo of Warren Wright

Warren Wright

I am a software engineer by training, build and run software teams in practice, and am a longtime fan and user of Exercism!

Photo of Abhyudit Jain

Abhyudit Jain

I've been working with mostly JavaScript professionally and do some personal projects in Elixir. I love the whole philosophy of Erlang/Elixir's `Let it crash`. I love all the abstactions it provides in OTP.

Photo of Matthew J. Clemente

Matthew J. Clemente

After studying English, I took the road less traveled, which somehow led me to become a developer. Perhaps because code can be poetry and applications are the built on creativity, logic, and language, I've continued exploring and haven't looked back.

Photo of Bobby Towers

Bobby Towers

I write software for music and science education, mostly in Clojure but I also enjoy using C, Python and Bash. As a 'professional beginner', my focus is on making small programs that are easy to understand and modify if desired, never considering a topic fully learned until I can confidently explain it to someone else.

Photo of Andreas Kammerloher

Andreas Kammerloher

I enjoy making things work elegantly more than just making them work and I consider myself a very honest and straightforward person. I value empathy and rational thinking. I enjoy learning about and debating ethics and philosophy. What I lack in formal education in these fields I make up for in curiosity and open-mindedness. I'm currently looking to get started with competitive programming and using Exercism to practice. I hope to accelerate people's progression through the Elixir track, as there is currently a huge lack in mentors and I'm sure it's frustrating people to wait many days for their code to be reviewed (although it does prepare us well for the realities of business :P).

Photo of Doug Whitley

Doug Whitley

I've been using C# for personal projects in Unity for a little over a year and love the balance it strikes between readiblity and functionality.

Photo of Marcelo Magallon

Marcelo Magallon

I have been programming in Go for several years both professionally and for hobby projects. I've come to love the simplicity and expressiveness of the language, as well as the wonderful community of people that has grown around it.

Photo of Felipe Juárez Murillo

Felipe Juárez Murillo

Software Developer at also I am a gamer currently playing SC2 and Clash Royale. I love beer, anime, manga, music my kids and my wife

Photo of Christophe Bliard

Christophe Bliard

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer and I fell in love with Ruby many years ago, probably because it is made for developer happiness and productivity. Happy to help you learning this nice language!

Photo of Zachary Dremann

Zachary Dremann

It didn't take long for rust to become my favorite language, and I want to help others learn it, and love it like I do! I've been coding in rust since 2013, and it's been amazing seeing the language change and evolve over time, and become better and better.

Photo of Brenton Alker

Brenton Alker

JavaScript is a gateway into software development for so many. I've been developing for the web in various forms for about 15 years and I hope to share some of my experience to help other navigate this learning journey.

Photo of Ken Cross

Ken Cross

Enjoy learning and teaching topics in functional programming and mathematics as it relates to distributed systems, category theory, graph theory, and computer science at large.

Photo of Fabian Zitter

Fabian Zitter

I started using elixir around 2016 and we have been using it in our company since 2017. I love the language for how well it translates what I want to do into code.

Photo of Alexis Brodeur

Alexis Brodeur

I've been an avid Elixir user for over 2 years. It is the language I want to be using professionally. Everyone I know knows about my passion for Elixir, which is why they call me Alexir

Photo of João Pedro de Carvalho

João Pedro de Carvalho

I'm a Java guy during the days, Elixir and Rust by night, eager share ideas and take other's critics because there is no wrong question.

Photo of Jason Axelson

Jason Axelson

I am a fullstack web developer with experience in Ruby, Elixir, and Javascript (and wrote Java in a previous life). I love Elixir due to it's syntax (especially pattern matching) and the excellent concurrency primitives that it receives via Erlang and OTP.

Photo of Fernando Mendes

Fernando Mendes

I'm a backend developer currently working with Elixir (and Ruby at times!). I've always been a huge fan of functional programming and the elegant syntax, performance and knack for distributed systems has made it my favorite language.

Photo of Andreas Schroepfer

Andreas Schroepfer

I love Go and the Go community. I am a software engineer with 10 years experience.

Photo of Sven Steinbauer

Sven Steinbauer

I'm a C++ and Python developer and am in the process of learning Elxir. I always feel that teaching is a great way to learn.

Photo of Artem


Love Ruby language and want to help others in learning it.

Photo of Andre Marcelo-Tanner

Andre Marcelo-Tanner

CTO at Galleon.PH . Building a modern tech team, a place where good, smart, empowered people work.

Photo of Peter Nikodem

Peter Nikodem

Came for Java, stayed for Kotlin. You can't see it in the picture, but I have fully functional arms and legs.

Photo of Maksim Danilau

Maksim Danilau

I like clear and laconic code

Photo of Donovan Mueller

Donovan Mueller

I've been programming in JavaScript for the last 13+ years. I've learned to appreciate its squishiness and flexibility, especially for small projects. It definitely can drive a dev crazy, but with good architecture a lot can be done with it.

Photo of Denys Nahurnyi

Denys Nahurnyi

Someone wise said that the best way to learn something is to tech that, so here I am :). I don't write on Go for a long time but I already know enough to share some useful info and help newbies. Happy to help!

Photo of Andrew Grangaard

Andrew Grangaard

My first professional programming was using perl, and I'm still going! Host of LA Perl Meetup. Also user of python, shell, C, ruby, haskell, rust, go, ...

Photo of Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker

I enjoy the simplicity of Python.

Photo of James Lao

James Lao

I write mostly C# professionally, but I have a passion for functional programming and lately Rust. I look forward to helping you anyway I can!

Photo of Hiram J. Perez

Hiram J. Perez

I enjoy writting code, nowadays mostly ES6

Photo of Nick Bespaliuk

Nick Bespaliuk

I have used JavaScript professionally. Exercism helped me gain new insight so I'm giving back.

Photo of Shannon Tjoa

Shannon Tjoa

I love JavaScript for its dynamic nature. I have been using it for my professional work and personal projects

Photo of Rin Raeuber

Rin Raeuber

My grandma taught me BASIC, but I never learnt to whistle. – Originally a Ruby coder, I only recently learnt the ins and outs and this’ and thats of Javascript myself. Lost and overwhelmed? Been there and happy to help.

Photo of Julia Gao

Julia Gao

I am a front-end developer who has been using vanilla JavaScript for the past three years. I would love to help others on this track.

Photo of Michal Bryxí

Michal Bryxí

I love providing users with delightful UX. I love automating things. I hate computers.