The Devil is in the Details

Crowd-sourced mentorship. Public Beta.

Start Now (via GitHub)


We give you a README and a test suite. You make the tests pass...but that's just the first step. The goal is to focus on expressive, readable code in multiple languages. Work locally in your usual environment using your usual tools.

Get Feedback

This is a conversation about what good code might look like. This may be a question of idiom, or context, or style. There's no right answer, and many good questions.


Once you've completed an exercise, you are invited to provide feedback to other participants working on the exercise. This means that the people who review your code are your peers, not a small handful of so-called experts.

Try It

You don't need to log in to try it out. Go to a temporary directory.

$ cd /tmp

Download the command line client, unpack it into a temporary directory.

The binary is named exercism. Fetch the first exercise available for each language:

$ ./exercism demo