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TypeScript Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Diego Colombo

Diego Colombo https://github.com/colombod

Using typescript professionally on projects, I love to network and help
Avatar of Randall Koutnik

Randall Koutnik blog

Level 13 JavaScript Wizard
Avatar of Christoph Lipp

Christoph Lipp https://github.com/ser1us

I mainly use Typescript at work and I really appreciate the type safety it provides. Combine it with the awesome Visual Studio Code and you're in for a treat. Another well done language by Microsoft.
Avatar of David Jones

David Jones Website

Software engineer and a fan of many programming languages
Avatar of Nadeem Shabir

Nadeem Shabir https://github.com/kiyanwang

Polyglot developer, loves programming, constantly learning!
Avatar of Giorgio Delgado

Giorgio Delgado Personal Site

I'm a full-stack developer interested in functional programming and statically-typed languages. The geek in me thinks that the world needs more Elm.
Avatar of Cody Hoover

Cody Hoover https://github.com/hoovercj

I got started using typescript to write VS Code extensions such as Power Mode. I now mentor use it daily in my role as a front-end developer and mentor others on my team as we migrate more and more of our codebase to typescript.
Avatar of Ryan Boris

Ryan Boris GitHub

I have written TypeScript as part of various frameworks, open source projects, and profesionally. I've also taught TypeScript via webinar and tutorials that were part of my weekly dev-based webcast. Please feel free to ask me any questions!
Avatar of Brenton Alker

Brenton Alker https://github.com/tekerson

As a believer in the communicative power of type systems, I think TypeScript has an opportunity to bring lessons learned in other communities to the world of front-end web development.
Avatar of Monica Calderaro

Monica Calderaro https://github.com/mccr

I'm a career changer (used to be a telecommunication Engineer), always up for learning new things and helping along the way.
Avatar of Yash Kulshrestha

Yash Kulshrestha https://github.com/YashdalfTheGray

I got introduced to Typescript through the Angular 2 alpha and since then, I've been using it for projects at and outside of work. I'm a huge fan of the typing system and miss it when I'm working in other languages.
Avatar of Aleksander Heintz

Aleksander Heintz My blog

I love programming, and do it both professionally and as a hobby. At work I do most javascript and typescript, but I've also done a lot of F# and C#.
Avatar of Vitor Fernandes

Vitor Fernandes https://github.com/vmlf01

I'm a fullstack developer working mostly with Node and Angular. I've been tracking TypeScript evolution since version 1.8 and I've used C# for most of my career, so I'm no stranger to types!
Avatar of Matt Helliwell

Matt Helliwell https://github.com/matthelliwell2

I'm a senior developer at a UK software house, currently working on microservices and front-ends in Typescript
Avatar of Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

Derk-Jan Karrenbeld https://github.com/SleeplessByte

Typings for JavaScript is what that language needed. Programming professionally with TypeScript for over 3 years.
Avatar of Filip Gulan

Filip Gulan GitHub

I am Frontend engineer in the telecommunication company. I work with Angular and Typescript on daily basis. I love to learn and also teach.
Avatar of André König

André König https://github.com/akoenig

I'm a sofware architect & engineer and I love to share knowledge, because I think that everybody should be able to learn how to develop software.
Avatar of Tyll Weiß

Tyll Weiß https://github.com/Inkdpixels

I love TypeScript for it's advance in features and type-safety, all while still being close to Javascript. I've written and maintained quite a bit of TypeScript projects, both personally and professionally.
Avatar of Archana Sriram

Archana Sriram https://github.com/archanid

JavaScript and Node.js are my top programming languages. I can't imagine writing them without TypeScript. I'm a professional software engineer with over two decades of work experience. I love to teach and mentor.
Avatar of Steve Jung

Steve Jung https://github.com/steve-lemon

Professional in Javascript for decode, and adaptive to TypeScript during recent 3 years
Avatar of Cedd Burge

Cedd Burge Blog Posts

I'm a software lead / architect / manager type thing and I have a strong focus on code quality. Typescript has an incredible type system, which helps confidence when refactoring, and allows the IDE (VS Code in my case) to provide more help. It's definitely a step up from Javascript for me, although other opinions are available.
Avatar of Alexandre Gomes

Alexandre Gomes https://github.com/gomesalexandre

Full-Stack JavaScript developer. Lover of all things JS, TS, React and GraphQL. I enjoy learning by doing, and helping others learn the same way.
Avatar of Noam Ben Shabat

Noam Ben Shabat GitHub

Full stack developer. Love typescript. Learned and still learning typescript and whould be happy to share my knowledge with others.
Avatar of Josh Goebel

Josh Goebel Blog: Running Blind

I mostly write Ruby on Rails professionally but for fun (and possibly profit one day) I dabble with Elixir, TypeScript, Arduino, and such. I’m really digging both TypeScript and Vim lately.
Avatar of Amir Hossein Shekari

Amir Hossein Shekari GitHub

I am a full stack developer and a fan of clean code. I love to help others to write cleaner and better codes.
Avatar of Adrian Tombu

Adrian Tombu My personnal website

I'm a freelance senior backend developer specialized in Node.js & Go. I've been using TypeScript on top of Node.js for years now. I love helping people: I think knowledge is a gift and we should share it to everyone.