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Standard ML Maintainers

Our maintainers are the lynchpins of the language tracks and exercises on Exercism. This group of wonderful people maintain the Standard ML Track, creating and updating the exercises and tooling for Standard ML.
Avatar of Simon Shine

Simon Shine https://simonshine.dk

I've been a classroom teacher in compilers and various functional languages for five years. Having pure functions and isolation of side-effects are fundamental to separation of concerns. Strong, static types, type inference and algebraic types are hard for me to live without.
Avatar of Kartik Singhal

Kartik Singhal http://ks.cs.uchicago.edu/

I have worked on Exercism in the past and was a teaching assistant for a Programming Languages class taught at UChicago that uses SML for implementation. My academic research involves designing strong, static type systems for reasoning about effectful programs.