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Avremel Kaminetzky Personal Website

I enjoy the functional/immutable style of Scala.
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Greg Stromire

I learned to program on embedded devices, and later moved to iOS development in Objective-C and Swift. Most recently, I've been exploring functional programming in Scala. I'm interested in security principles and applied cryptography. And if I can ever find some spare free time, I would love to try out Rust!
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Rutger Claes

I really like working in Scala. It allows me to come up with elegant, functional code that is also concise and type safe.
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Ric Emery

This mentor has not added their bio yet.
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Adrian King Legaspi

Generally a Purely Functional Programming advocate and Professional Software Engineer in Scala/Haskell
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Jacqueline Outka

I find Scala to be both a beautiful and useable language. I like that you can use clear and concise functional paradigms, while still enjoying the benefits of object orientation and JVM interoperability.
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Thayne McCombs

I've worked on scala profesionally for over five years. I like it's pragmatic approach to functional programming on the robust JVM platform
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Lover Of Pure Functional Programming.