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Ruby Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Aaron Milam

Aaron Milam GitHub

I have worked primarily in Ruby for a few years now. Its ease of learning and versatility make it both a great language to start with and to use in the real world.
Avatar of Brandon A Welsh

Brandon A Welsh https://github.com/BrandonArmand

Lover of Open Source and Ruby! Reach out to me and get in touch with any questions or collaborations, I love to network and help.
Avatar of Balaji Raghavan

Balaji Raghavan https://github.com/blj

I love Ruby and have been using it professionally for more than 10 years. I also have been spending time on how to write a easy to read and easy to extend Ruby code. I am new to mentoring and a non-native English speaker. Please excuse my brevity. If my feedback to you is rude, first I am sorry and second it was not my intention. Please do reach out to me, it gives me an opportunity to learn through feedback for mentoring.
Avatar of Conrad Beach

Conrad Beach https://github.com/conradbeach

I love the Ruby programming language; it's a joy to write code with it. The majority of my development experience is with Ruby, and I'm excited to help others learn it.
Avatar of Eumir Gaspar

Eumir Gaspar https://github.com/corroded

I love Ruby and am very passionate about it. I have used Ruby (and Rails) professionally since 2009 and have maintained the RubyConf Philippines site as a volunteer since 2014.
Avatar of Yiming Chen

Yiming Chen https://github.com/dsdshcym

Ruby literally changed my programming career. It made me know that programming can be so much enjoyable. Hope to share more about this joy on Exercism.
Avatar of Jean-François Labbé

Jean-François Labbé https://github.com/jean-francois-labbe

Hello, I'm a devOps Engineer and full stack developer, love the design and testing principles enforced by the ruby community
Avatar of Jesús Gómez

Jesús Gómez https://github.com/jgomo3

I'm working with a Ruby based Ruby backend legacy System. I found it a powerful language but dangerous at the same time, so a good discipline is key for working with it. I'll try to share some of my experience here.
Avatar of Josh Morrow

Josh Morrow https://github.com/jcmorrow

I've been using ruby professionally for five years. It was the first language I really fell in love with, and it's still my goto tool for quite a few tasks including web development.
Avatar of Jackie Potts

Jackie Potts https://github.com/jpotts244

Hi! I'm a Ruby developer from NYC looking to help grow the community and get more people writing Ruby!
Avatar of Victor Goff

Victor Goff https://github.com/kotp

Find me mentoring in person or online. Everyone starts somewhere! Contact me to pair program!
Avatar of Luisa Lima

Luisa Lima https://github.com/luisalima

I started working with Ruby 6 years ago and immediately fell in <3 with its elegance and expressiveness. However, one of the things that (still) appeals to me the most is the incredibly savvy, creative and welcoming community behind it. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it via this amazing project!
Avatar of Marcos Brizeno

Marcos Brizeno https://github.com/MarcosX

I like to keep learning about languages, tools and anything that make developing software fun!
Avatar of Matheus Silva

Matheus Silva https://github.com/matheussilvasantos

I'm a programmer trying and learning how to write beautiful code.
Avatar of Nick Bell

Nick Bell GoFan

I've been developing in Ruby for 6 years. We use Ruby heavily at GoFan, I am excited to be a mentor.
Avatar of Noah A

Noah A GitHub

I first began programming with Python, but once I tried Ruby I never let go. Ruby has a flexible, elegant syntax, and the community is embracing and amazing. It's the community, for me, that makes me a proud Rubyist.
Avatar of Olaoluwa Oluro

Olaoluwa Oluro https://github.com/ollaollu

I love Ruby because of it's developer friendliness over everything and the speed of which you can just get going with tasks.
Avatar of Pedro Gaspar

Pedro Gaspar https://github.com/pgaspar

Ruby has been my go-to language for the past 6 years. I love how readable and intuitive it is. I'm thankful for the opportunity to help others on their journey in any way I can and I'm hoping to become a better mentor in the process :)
Avatar of Pablo Vicente

Pablo Vicente https://github.com/pvcarrera

I've been writing code professionally for 10 years. In the last 5 years, Ruby has been my main language. I think Ruby is a great language and I'd love to help other people get into it :-)
Avatar of Vladislav Promzelev

Vladislav Promzelev https://github.com/rutaka-n

I'm a software engineer. I develop high load systems with erlang/otp and elixir. Also I have experience with ruby and some other programming languages.
Avatar of Rishi Pithadiya

Rishi Pithadiya http://rishiip.github.io/

I love Ruby for its simplicity and readability. I have been using it professionally for more than 3 years. I love mentoring ruby because it giving me ability to learn something new.
Avatar of James McLaren

James McLaren

I started writing Ruby 4 years ago when I co-founded Workplace Arcade. I quickly fell in love with the language and have been using it ever since. I'm very passionate about mentoring and co-organize a local ruby meetup.
Avatar of Christoph Lipautz

Christoph Lipautz https://github.com/unused

Ruby is awesome. It's easy to learn, easy to read and yet so powerful. I've learned many programming languages and ruby will always be my favourite one. Besides the ruby community is super nice!
Avatar of Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson https://github.com/usufruct

Ruby will always be dear to me because it lets you say what you need in the way that you want. I use Ruby at work.
Avatar of Wiwatta Mongkhonchit

Wiwatta Mongkhonchit https://github.com/zentetsukenz

Ruby is the most natural language I've ever learn. Its object-oriented nature can help you understand the OO concept. I've been using Ruby in my career for five years both in my workplace and opensource projects.
Avatar of Carsten Dreesbach

Carsten Dreesbach https://github.com/HerbCSO

I love Ruby for the joy it brings me. Been using it professionally for about 7 years, mostly for glue scripting things. Dabbled a little with Rails.
Avatar of Sean Fairchild

Sean Fairchild https://github.com/sfairchild

I'm a senior Ruby dev professionally at my company. I have taught many new devs and devs coming from other languages Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
Avatar of Steven Atkinson

Steven Atkinson https://github.com/mrstebo

What can I say? I love Ruby. And I believe it is one of the best languages for anyone to start out with. The syntax is beautiful, and you'll have a lot of support from the community (and me). I've been using Ruby for about 4 years now, and it is one of the reasons I still enjoy coding in my spare time.
Avatar of Caroline Schnapp

Caroline Schnapp https://github.com/carolineschnapp

Electrical engineer turned fiction writer turned bum turned Ruby on Rails developer. I love Ruby, Sandi Metz, and Exercism. I live in Quebec, Canada.
Avatar of Thong Kuah

Thong Kuah https://github.com/kuahyeow

Been working with Ruby professionally for the last decade. <3 Ruby for the happiness and joy it gives me when I'm working with it.
Avatar of Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight https://github.com/scarerkite

I love how simple and readable Ruby is. I've been programming in it professionally since 2016, and would like to help other people discover and enjoy using it.
Avatar of Olia Kremmyda

Olia Kremmyda GitHub

I'm a developer for 4 years and the last year I have been working with Ruby. Exercism is a great help to get over the C and C++ habits and move to the Ruby way of thinking. Likewise, it makes me so happy to be able to give back to this community as a mentor!
Avatar of Gabi Stefanini

Gabi Stefanini https://github.com/lastgabs

I'm a production engineer/dev ops who has been working with Ruby applications for the last 2 years and I love it <3
Avatar of Paul Martensen

Paul Martensen https://github.com/Haniyya

Backend engineer at Lokalportal. Been writing ruby for just shy of 5 years.
Avatar of Hilary Holz

Hilary Holz https://github.com/hilary

25+ years experience as a software engineer, specializing in the web since NCSA HTTPd and Mosaic. Ruby has been my primary language for the past 7 years; it fills me with glee.
Avatar of Sean Handley

Sean Handley Website

I'm a remote developer based in Manchester. Ruby is my first love but increasingly I'm focussing on Elixir. The open source community means a great deal to me and I attend (and occasionally speak at) various technical conferences.
Avatar of Adam Buckland

Adam Buckland https://github.com/adambuckland

Full time backend engineer. Rubyist.
Avatar of Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell https://github.com/matthew-campbell

I use Ruby for its natural syntax and vibrant community.
Avatar of Justin Leveck

Justin Leveck https://github.com/justinleveck

I love Ruby! I have been writing Ruby for more than 5 years. Ruby is a joy to use. It is expressive and readable with a wonderful community. I am excited to help you get started!
Avatar of Elle Meredith

Elle Meredith http://aemeredith.com

I've been writing Ruby professionally for more than ten years. In 2017 I developed and ran an apprenticeship program where we practiced Ruby exercises on Exercism every day.
Avatar of Tejas Bubane

Tejas Bubane https://github.com/tejasbubane

I love Ruby for its expressiveness, readability and the awesome community. I learnt a lot of good practices in Ruby while solving exercises on exercism and later started using it to mentor people in my workplace. Now I am really excited to do it on a wider scale!
Avatar of Fredrik Rubensson

Fredrik Rubensson https://github.com/froderik

When I started to be bored by Java some 10+ years ago I discovered Ruby and it has been my go to language for any personal projects since then. I also have had the fortune to work with it professionally a couple of times.
Avatar of Unathi Chonco

Unathi Chonco https://github.com/choncou

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer who thinks Ruby and the entire ecosystem is glorious. I've had a pull request merged into Rails, and love finding opportunities to contribute to open source.
Avatar of Kaio Magalhaes

Kaio Magalhaes website

Software Engineer, programmer lover, Jiu-Jitsu fighter and code addicted.
Avatar of Sean DMR

Sean DMR https://github.com/flyinggrizzly

(He/him pronouns). I've been a Ruby developer for a couple of years (since 2016ish), and I've been helped along immensely by friends and the community--I'm looking forward to paying that back! When I'm not working with code, I'm probably playing or making tabletop RPGs.
Avatar of Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan https://github.com/tryantwit

I've been working professionally with Ruby on the backend for about 5 years. Looking forward to share my love of Ruby.
Avatar of Yilkal Argaw

Yilkal Argaw https://github.com/yilkalargaw

An enthusiastic programmer who enjoys to explore various aspects of the computer industry. Worked on areas ranging from ASIC & FPGA based hardware design to Software Development in softwares like ruby, C, C++, perl,scheme, common-lisp and rust.
Avatar of Joel Taylor

Joel Taylor https://github.com/joeltaylor

Ruby was my gateway from English-lit to programming. I've been using it professionally for over five years and love it!
Avatar of Jim Kyle

Jim Kyle https://github.com/JWKyle

After years of light web development in the financial industry, I changed course to follow my passion for software development. I love working with Ruby and Javascript and am currently building my knowledge around Elixir, Java, React, and Angular.
Avatar of Oren Kanner

Oren Kanner GitHub

I'm a lapsed mechanical engineer and robotocist turned software developer, deeply in love with Ruby (although Elixir is pretty great too). Currently the Application Development Manager @ Yale University.
Avatar of Aaron Strick

Aaron Strick website

In coding, ruby was my first love. I've been writing it professionally for >4 years and love how expressive it can be. Have you seen the ruby poetry?
Avatar of Arno Fleming

Arno Fleming https://github.com/arnoFleming

Developer: Mostly Ruby and JavaScript. Teacher: Ruby, JavaScript basics, Programming paradigms. People skills. Like to learn myself
Avatar of Byron Anderson

Byron Anderson Byron's Programming Blog

Ruby launched my software development career, and I love its simple syntax and minimal amount of concepts. The Ruby community has also taught me so much that I can bring to whatever language I am using.
Avatar of Artem

Artem https://github.com/wazzuper

Love Ruby language and want to help others in learning it.
Avatar of Christophe Bliard

Christophe Bliard https://github.com/cbliard

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer and I fell in love with Ruby many years ago, probably because it is made for developer happiness and productivity. Happy to help you learning this nice language!
Avatar of Warren Wright

Warren Wright https://github.com/wrightling

I am a software engineer by training, build and run software teams in practice, and am a longtime fan and user of Exercism!
Avatar of David Vrensk

David Vrensk https://github.com/dvrensk

I love Ruby because it delivers on its promise: programmer happiness. As a programmer, I'm happy when my code is intention revealing, easy to reason about and easy to change. I have used Ruby to build 4 startups over 12 years and I'm not done yet.
Avatar of Shawn Isenhart

Shawn Isenhart https://github.com/isen0011

I've been working in IT for 20+ years, and Ruby is the first language I've found that I consider truly elegant. I've learned over that time that everyone is constantly learning - I hope we can learn together!
Avatar of Monica Calderaro

Monica Calderaro https://github.com/mccr

I'm a career changer (used to be a telecommunication Engineer), always up for learning new things and helping along the way.
Avatar of Michael Cain

Michael Cain Home Page

Hi, there! I've been working with Ruby since 2015 and am a big fan of the community and mentorship. My previous career was in Music/Education and I find those skills have helped me be a better teammate and teacher. I look forward to working with you!
Avatar of Yash Kulshrestha

Yash Kulshrestha https://github.com/YashdalfTheGray

I got introduced to Ruby through writing Cucumber tests for a web app. I got addicted to using ruby as I wrote it more and more - it's truly a fun language to write. I use it both for OSS projects and for tooling at work.
Avatar of Michael Stephens

Michael Stephens https://github.com/mikestephens

I am a backend engineer that absolutely love's ruby. I've been doing it for over 6 years and love how easy to pick up it is but has all the intricacies to keep you digging for more knowledge
Avatar of Will Murphy

Will Murphy https://github.com/willmurphyscode

I'm a former teacher, now an engineer at Pivotal. I'm passionate about learning new programming languages, and helping others learn.
Avatar of Favio Manriquez

Favio Manriquez https://github.com/favrik

After working with Ruby for a couple of years, I love it. I also enjoy teaching and mentoring others, plus it's a great way to refresh knowledge.
Avatar of Percy Grunwald

Percy Grunwald

Learning Ruby was the turning point for me as a developer. Not only is Ruby a beautiful and extremely productive language, but I can say with certainty that if you are a beginner or intermediate developer that learning Ruby will significantly improve your code and workflow in all languages.
Avatar of Andrea Wayte

Andrea Wayte https://github.com/andreasandpiper

Science teacher turned software engineer. Currently working as a Ruby and Javascript developer. I enjoy working with others to create elegant code.
Avatar of Freddie Lawson

Freddie Lawson https://github.com/freddie1221

I am a junior Ruby engineer, I've been working with it for a few months on an engineerig bootcamp and finding it a great language.
Avatar of Anuj Khandelwal

Anuj Khandelwal https://github.com/anujk14

Backend developer. Love Ruby because I find it to be very intuitive, clean and easy to learn!
Avatar of Sabrina Gannon

Sabrina Gannon

Ruby is the first language I've developed in professionally, I love it for it's readability and how it was developed with the intention to bring joy to those who write it.
Avatar of Mohnish G Jadwani

Mohnish G Jadwani https://github.com/boddhisattva

Mohnish is a programmer who cares about - programming as a craft, mentorship, diversity, inclusiveness and empathy. Away from work, he enjoys contributing to open source, blogging, and has even organized Ruby user group meetups in the past. He's also learning more of Elixir whenever he gets an opportunity.
Avatar of Dipto Karmakar

Dipto Karmakar https://github.com/dipto0321

I am passionate about programing. Love to build new things with Ruby, python and Javascript. I am enjoying too much by sharing my knowledge and learning from others. Love to contribute on open source projects
Avatar of Sergey Kovalev

Sergey Kovalev https://github.com/serg-kovalev

I have more than 10 years of production experience. I love Ruby because of its friendly and active community. Nothing is impossible when you do what you love! Happy coding!
Avatar of Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

Derk-Jan Karrenbeld https://github.com/SleeplessByte

When I started dabbling with programming in Ruby over 15 years ago, I did not expect it to pay my bills ánd make me happy!
Avatar of Josh Goebel

Josh Goebel Blog: Running Blind

I mostly write Ruby on Rails professionally but for fun (and possibly profit one day) I dabble with Elixir, Nim, Arduino, and such. I’m really digging both Nim and Vim lately.
Avatar of Michael Gee

Michael Gee https://github.com/mikegee

I have found Ruby the most fun language to use. I've been using Ruby full-time since 2006 (mostly Rails applications).
Avatar of Sam Minns

Sam Minns https://github.com/SamuSan

I'm mostly a Rubyist though I mess with JavaScript when necessary and have a secret love for Haskell. Giving back to the community is something dear to my heart, hence becoming a Ruby track mentor while learning some other bits!
Avatar of Maykell Sánchez Romero

Maykell Sánchez Romero kellsaro

I enjoy learning and teaching programming languages. Web development enthusiast.
Avatar of Anderson Reinkordt

Anderson Reinkordt CardFlight - Payment Acceptance Solution

I got my start using Ruby in 2014, learning Ruby on Rails and used it to launch my freelance career that eventually led to becoming a fulltime software engineer at CardFlight.
Avatar of Matthew Bender

Matthew Bender https://github.com/codebender

I've worked with Ruby professionally for over 10 years now. The Ruby community is so incredible and I'm happy to be giving back as a mentor.
Avatar of Ivan Danci

Ivan Danci https://github.com/idanci

Ruby and Ruby on Rails Developer, have a bit of experience, happy to share it with everyone.
Avatar of Andrew Hampson

Andrew Hampson https://github.com/CuriousPhysicist

I am a professional Ruby-on-Rails developer, programming enthusiast and have been programming in Ruby since 2016.
Avatar of Oleksii Filonenko

Oleksii Filonenko

Ruby is my favourite programming language, and I use many ideas from Ruby in other languages. I also like teaching, Linux, and Free Software :)
Avatar of Mikhail Navrotskiy

Mikhail Navrotskiy https://github.com/nav-mike

I am a backend developer with ruby from 4+ years. I love ruby and spend a lot of time on my projects with ruby.
Avatar of Fedor Koshel

Fedor Koshel https://github.com/fedorkk

I've been working with Ruby for several years as a developer, architect and team leader. It's my favorite language, it's very beautiful and simple. I's really was created to 'Make programmers happy' as Matz said.
Avatar of Archana Sriram

Archana Sriram https://github.com/archanid

Ruby is one of my most comfortable programming languages. I'm a professional software engineer with over two decades of work experience. I love to teach and mentor.
Avatar of David Wessman

David Wessman https://github.com/davidwessman

Ruby was the starting point for me learning to program. It still is my go-to-language for web applications and my knowledge made it easier for me to learn new languages I use at work.
Avatar of Claudio Novoa

Claudio Novoa https://github.com/cnovoab

I've been using Ruby with and without Rails professionally since 2015. Love to help anyone who wants to learn this awesome language.
Avatar of Donato Azevedo

Donato Azevedo https://github.com/donatoaz

Ruby caught my attention due to its idiomatic constructs and powerful metaprogramming capabilities. I've been working with ruby for half a decade and am trully in love with how elegant the code is. I would very much like to evangelize and enfuse in others this passion for ruby.
Avatar of Bennet Palluthe

Bennet Palluthe https://github.com/Garllon

I love Ruby, because it is pretty and beautiful and the nicest language in the world.
Avatar of Yunus Emre AYBEy

Yunus Emre AYBEy https://github.com/YemreAybey

Student and Mentor at Microverse.org. I am a ruby enthusiast. I love to teach and learn.
Avatar of Stephan Kämper

Stephan Kämper SeasideTesting

I test & write software, studied physics & worked in #oceanography. I love the #ocean & live close to it. Languages: English, German, Ruby
Avatar of Jesús Dugarte

Jesús Dugarte https://github.com/jdugarte

I fell in love with Ruby, like most, through Rails. For the past 10 years Ruby's eloquence and expressiveness have radically changed the way I code and build software solutions
Avatar of Diego Salazar

Diego Salazar https://github.com/DiegoSalazar

I love Ruby for its beauty and consistency. I've been happily working with it for 10+ years and don't see myself stopping any time soon. Mentoring has been a great way to help the community while reinforcing my skills and knowledge in programming.
Avatar of Angela Wolff

Angela Wolff https://github.com/Whatapalaver

I'm a recent career changer, having left NHS Accountancy for a coding bootcamp. I'm now in my first year of a Full Stack Developer role, working predominantly with Rails. I've been helped by exercism.io and want to do my bit to keep the Ruby learning track flowing.
Avatar of Koustubh Sinkar

Koustubh Sinkar જાળસ્થળ

This mentor has not added their bio yet.
Avatar of Tomé Jesus

Tomé Jesus

Ruby was where I started and is how I fell in love with coding. It's a great language to start off with, so well done on choosing it. I'm very happy to be helping you learn, go you!
Avatar of Bibin Venugopal

Bibin Venugopal Programatologist Blog

Working as ruby on rail(RoR)s last 4 years (I recommend to have a look at RoR when learning Ruby). I have total 8+ years in software development. I always believe sharing knowledge is a beautiful concept, exercism is perfect place to learn and share your knowledge.
Avatar of Leo Kiiski

Leo Kiiski https://github.com/goalaleo

I build Ruby on Rails backends professionally. Ruby is my main language, and I really enjoy its expressiveness. I'd like to learn Haskell and Rust, and get better at shell scripting
Avatar of Aaron Kuehler

Aaron Kuehler https://aaronkuehler.com

80% Scientist, 20% Artist. Theorist and Practitioner.
Avatar of Kurt Tamulonis

Kurt Tamulonis Kurt Tamulonis

As I learned Ruby I wished for a mentor. Becoming one has been profoundly fulfilling.
Avatar of Felix Bünemann

Felix Bünemann https://github.com/felixbuenemann

I started using Ruby about 8 years ago and immediately fell in love. I like to give back by teaching others about it.
Avatar of Takuya Kodama

Takuya Kodama GitHub

I want to work as a ruby developer because Ruby taught me how intersting programing is. I started to study Ruby 6 months ago but I've learned a lot of things from mentor and exercise in Exercism. I want to be like them to support people like me
Avatar of Paul Elliott

Paul Elliott https://github.com/paulelliott

I've worked with Ruby for a long time now and absolutely love how natural it feels to write and how testable it is. While it wasn't my first language and while there's lots of other great platforms out there, working in Ruby has always felt like "home" to me. I'm delighted to help more people find that joy!
Avatar of Diego Torres

Diego Torres https://github.com/diegotc86

Ruby was the first programming language I used to build web applications so it has deep emotional roots on my mind. Right now I'm part of a coding bootcamp as an Instructor and Curriculum developer. Education is one of my major interests and I think becoming a mentor in Exercism will help to strengthen my knowledge and help others along the way.
Avatar of Rahul Keerthi

Rahul Keerthi https://www.rahulkeerthi.com/

Ruby is fantastic. It's the first programming language I learned and the most memorable. I've been teaching Ruby since 2020.
Avatar of Daniel Magliola

Daniel Magliola https://github.com/dmagliola

Life-long coder, expert procrastinator, and occasional game programmer obsessed with code performance and weird Lego machinery.
Avatar of Bianca Power

Bianca Power biancapower.com

Passionate about Ruby, Open Source, vim and git. I love helping people learn how to code, and am privileged to help people shift careers into tech through my role as a bootcamp educator at Coder Academy, Sydney.
Avatar of Austin Aryain

Austin Aryain https://github.com/austinaryain

I am a mobile software engineer with 4 years of experience in Android, Java and Kotlin working my way through RESTful API design and development using Rails. I love learning, teaching and growing as a developer and am happy to help in any way I can.
Avatar of Gunnar Thor

Gunnar Thor https://gunnarthor.com

8+ years building Ruby applications professionally. Happy to help anyone and everyone looking to improve their Ruby skills.
Avatar of Julio Añoveros

Julio Añoveros https://github.com/jubaan

Full-stack Web Developer, Ruby enthusiast and avid learner. My philosophy: 'Teaching as a way of learning'.
Avatar of Abinoam P. Marques Jr.

Abinoam P. Marques Jr. https://github.com/abinoam

This mentor has not added their bio yet.
Avatar of Budh Ram Gurung

Budh Ram Gurung BRG Trainings

A self-taught engineer who is now an IT Teacher, Mentor, Full Stack Engineer, avid Open Source contributor and researcher.
Avatar of Jerome Riga

Jerome Riga https://github.com/jriga

Ruby is a very accessible language and it will be nice to help others have fun with it.
Avatar of Nathaniel Woodthorpe

Nathaniel Woodthorpe https://github.com/d12

I began working professionally with Ruby about 6 years ago, and it's been my go-to for web development and general programming ever since. I'm passionate about software development and education, and can't wait to share my passions with others :)
Avatar of Henri Crouzet

Henri Crouzet https://github.com/CROUZET

DevOps developer at Oui.SNCF (France) since 2014. From Java to Ruby by accident, a marvelous accident!
Avatar of Wenceslao Negrete

Wenceslao Negrete GitHub Profile

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