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R Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Jon Calder

Jon Calder https://github.com/jonmcalder

I was introduced to R during my statistics undergrad in 2006 and have been trying to learn to use it properly ever since! I love the power, flexibility and expressiveness of the language, and hope I can help others to appreciate it too.
Avatar of Katrin Leinweber

Katrin Leinweber https://github.com/katrinleinweber

Studied biochemistry, arctic ecology & geology, PhDed in diatom biofilms. Work: support @prezi, pharma-LIMS, OA DataViz @TIBHannover & teaching code @DLR-SC.
Avatar of Alexandre Moradell

Alexandre Moradell https://github.com/amoradell

I work with R since 2015 and learned with several courses on Coursera and FUN. I like to help others and Exercism is the right place.
Avatar of Jayaram Kancherla

Jayaram Kancherla https://github.com/jkanche

I use R in my work quite frequently and was introduced a long time ago when i was in grad school. I love the flexibility and readability of the language and would love to help others!
Avatar of Tyler Ritchie

Tyler Ritchie https://github.com/tylerritchie

I enjoy using R for quickly analyzing data and plotting. I've used R to analyze fisheries data and server request logs.
Avatar of Dennis Hammerschmidt

Dennis Hammerschmidt https://github.com/dennis-hammerschmidt

I'm a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Mannheim and an active R user since 2014. With its unique combination of self-exploration and guided feedback, exercism is the ideal way to learn and master coding in R.
Avatar of Cosima Meyer

Cosima Meyer https://github.com/cosimameyer

Throughout my studies, I was introduced to R in 2013 and discovered the beauty and flexibility of this language.I use R on a regular basis for my PhD project in peace and conflict studies.
Avatar of Shane Drabing

Shane Drabing https://github.com/shanedrabing

When I'm not doing biology, coding is my favorite pastime. Python feels the most natural to me, but I use R constantly and am now learning C++
Avatar of Raoul R. Wadhwa

Raoul R. Wadhwa https://github.com/rrrlw

A medical student who enjoys using R for open science.
Avatar of Jeff Sullivan

Jeff Sullivan https://github.com/jeff-m-sullivan

I do a lot of work in R as a data-science-ish consultant in health economics. I picked up R after getting frustrated with Stata's lack of real programming functionality.
Avatar of Souvik Mondal

Souvik Mondal https://github.com/AzT3Risk

I started learning R in my Post Graduate course. Since then using it for solving statistical problems and building projects using R.