Python Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Ashley Drake

Ashley Drake Personal Site

I enjoy writing Python at work and for personal projects; I love it's expressiveness and adaptability.
Avatar of Andrea Grandi

Andrea Grandi Website

I work as software developer at UK Government Digital Service. I like Python, Django, Machine Learning and security.
Avatar of Ajo John

Ajo John

I love Javascript. Great fan of Vuejs. Loves Open Source.
Avatar of Avremel Kaminetzky

Avremel Kaminetzky Personal Website

I enjoy hacking with Python, it is my language of choice for prototyping and side projects.
Avatar of Björn Lindström

Björn Lindström Elektrubadur

Python was among the first programming languages I started learning, and since then I've used it for fun, in an academic setting, as well as in my work life.
Avatar of Bethany Garcia

Bethany Garcia

Python lover. Instigator. Chaser of shiny objects.
Avatar of Christian Mondorf

Christian Mondorf

Christian has worked in consulting and disaster relief at the intersection between IT, supply chain management, and training.
Avatar of Cameron MacDonald

Cameron MacDonald GitLab

Python was my very first language and is still one of my favorites to write in. It's super simple to understand, easy to translate pseudocode to, and wonderfully verbose in its errors. Join me in the Python cult!
Avatar of Dimitri Merejkowsky

Dimitri Merejkowsky blog

Python3 fan. Interested in refactoring, test driven developement and type annotations.
Avatar of Frerich Raabe

Frerich Raabe

I've been using and enjoying Python in both hobby as well as professional projects for a few years now. Yet, I never cease to be amazed about how Python programs can be concise without being obfuscated or cryptic.
Avatar of Jon Calder

Jon Calder

I've got limited experience with Python, but have found it fun and useful to learn, especially as a data scientist. I hope to continue learning from others and to be able to assist them on their journey.
Avatar of Jesús Gómez

Jesús Gómez

For years, Python is my default language of choice when solving computing problems in general. I'm a member of Python Venezuela.
Avatar of Naris Rangsiyawaranon

Naris Rangsiyawaranon

import this
Avatar of Luisa Lima

Luisa Lima

Python has been, my on and off go-to language for the past 14 years. With the increasing popularity of its data science and security libraries, I feel that it is more important than ever to help people learn and improve!
Avatar of Mike Kunc

Mike Kunc

I use Python every day in my role as a Data Engineer. My last name is pronounced 'Koontz'.
Avatar of Nasy

Nasy Nasy Moe

I really like to use python to solve things in life, and I also desire to use her extraordinary features. Hope you can enjoy python, too. Besides, I come from China, so if you use Chinese, I can also understand it.
Avatar of Nat Knight

Nat Knight website

I've used Python professionally and academically for nearly ten year. I like the language for its consistency and its flexibility. I like its community for its emphasis on being approachable.
Avatar of Jahongir Rahmonov

Jahongir Rahmonov

Although not my first programming language, Python made me fall in love with programming. I never looked back since.
Avatar of Christoph Lipp

Christoph Lipp

Python has something for everyone. Like functional programming? Check. Like OOP? Check. Need multiple inheritance? Check. I use it for web apps (Django) and - more recently - for machine learning, it's awesome!
Avatar of Salomé Lahmar

Salomé Lahmar

Python is my favorite language because it's easy to learn and easy to write, and really explicit and concise. It's also great for machine learning enthusiasts!
Avatar of Sebastian Borza

Sebastian Borza

I'm a Canadian (based in Chicago) freelance golang, C and python developer working on projects within the gaming, finance and data-science worlds respectively. My favorite freetime task is coding challenges and I'm more than happy to help people talk through solutions!
Avatar of Seeni


I am Indian student developer working in Deep Learning with python. I work on python for almost all of my projects. Other languages i Use are javascript , c++
Avatar of Steven Hans

Steven Hans

Everytime I wanted to do some quick automation I always choose python because it is simple, relatively easy, and fast enough to do the automation. This has saved me a lot of painful time if I were to do it myself manually. I also like java and currently learning some C.
Avatar of Thiago Hickmann

Thiago Hickmann

I have a sysadmin background (on Linux and Windows) and I began learning Python about a year ago to automate tasks. I really like the breadth of the use that you get in this language, and how easy is to write clean code.
Avatar of Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

I use Python at work. If Python were ordering a hot dog in Chicago it would know for certain whether ketchup is a proper condiment.
Avatar of Ian McCowan

Ian McCowan writing and music and what not

Python is the first language I taught myself, and the one I used at my first job. I love its relative accessibility to newcomers and the huge ecosystem you can grow into as you learn it!
Avatar of Yannick Dawant

Yannick Dawant

I've been using Python professionally for the past 5 years. I was lucky to be surrounded by great teachers and mentors on my path to becoming a developer. Excited to pay that forward!
Avatar of Ty Hahn

Ty Hahn

I do Linux administration as day job and write python mainly for my personal data science projects.
Avatar of Michael Morehouse

Michael Morehouse

Although Python wasn't my first -- and won't be my last -- programming language, it remains my favorite for introducing others to the joys, the pains, the infrequent ecstacies, and the occasional terrors of life before the REPL.
Avatar of David Jones

David Jones Website

Love python, easy to read and fun to write
Avatar of Peter Tillemans

Peter Tillemans

I am an electronics engineer and language geek who learned programming on an hp-41 and C-64. Now I do mostly java, javascript, python, rust and haskell. I believe that code should sing its intent so the last row in the hall understands the last syllable.
Avatar of Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis

I appreciate python among the many languages I have used for expressiveness and readability. I have used it at work and for personal projects.
Avatar of Sandor Dargo

Sandor Dargo Sandor Dargo's Blog

I like Python because it's so simple to understand it and it can read like well-written prose. Besides it's a real swiss army knife, you can use it for almost everything. Yet, it takes some time to learn writing pythonic code, but I'm happy to help you with that!
Avatar of Hilary Holz

Hilary Holz

20+ years experience in systems administration, specializing in the web since NCSA HTTPd and Mosaic. Python is my language of choice for DevOps.
Avatar of Tim Fischer

Tim Fischer

I work and play with Python, some times for a living, other times just for fun.
Avatar of David Carroll

David Carroll

My primary professional language is Python, which I like for its flexibility and expressiveness, but I also enjoy using Rust because of its power and high-quality tooling. I'm a former CS professor.
Avatar of Cheshirecat


I'm a CS student in Switzerland. I use the most of the time Python in my courses. My specialization is information processing (NLP, machine learning, deep learning, ...).
Avatar of Nicole Montano

Nicole Montano

I use Python nearly every day and believe everyone can benefit from its simplicity and effectiveness to demonstrate high-level Computer Science concepts and automate everyday tasks.
Avatar of Dimitri Prybysh

Dimitri Prybysh Website

Python, Tools for Programmers, Static Code Analysis
Avatar of Ryan Palo

Ryan Palo

I use Python to do data analysis, engineering, physics, and design calculations for work. I also use Python because it’s simple and clean and nice and I love it!
Avatar of John Turner

John Turner

I've been working, either professionally or on side projects, with Python for about 3 years now. I love its versatility, easy syntax, and powerful capabilities. I'm excited to share what I've learned, and learn from others as well!
Avatar of Vince Mutolo

Vince Mutolo

I am a physics student with interest and experience in computational methods, especially using Python. I would like to help others learn to use its expressive syntax and extensive libraries to facilitate clean and speedy development.
Avatar of George-Claudiu Carcadia

George-Claudiu Carcadia

I've been using Python since two and a half years ago and I really fell in love with it. I really hope that I can share my knowledge with others and also become more knowledgeable myself along the way.
Avatar of Nitish Chinta

Nitish Chinta

I use Python for my side projects - mostly on competitive programming and machine learning. I contributed to CPython project for some time.
Avatar of Tobias Weber

Tobias Weber

I came to Python for the GUI support, and I stayed because it is simple enough conceptually that humans can understand how it works.
Avatar of Nate Clark

Nate Clark

I have been programming in Python for the last 7 years and teaching it to beginners for the last 4. I don't claim to know much, but I hope to be a useful person to bounce ideas off of. Thanks for reading!
Avatar of Andrea Sessa

Andrea Sessa

I have used Python mainly for Machine Learning/Reinforcement Learning for my Master thesis.
Avatar of Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker Game face

I enjoy the simplicity of Python.
Avatar of Doug Whitley

Doug Whitley

I've been using C# for personal projects in Unity for a little over a year and love the balance it strikes between readiblity and functionality.
Avatar of Thales Alexandre F. Albuquerque

Thales Alexandre F. Albuquerque

I'm a medical student who programs as a hobby. I love python for it's elegance and readability; it was my first langauge and it remains my favorite.
Avatar of Christian Glacet

Christian Glacet

I'm a former student from the university of Bordeaux, where I also taught for three years. I love graph problems, I'm specialized in distributed routing problems. I also love python, I'm always happy to learn/share new things :).
Avatar of Sayantan Sarkar

Sayantan Sarkar

Have been using Python for ~5 years for machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, data science and quick scripting purposes
Avatar of Brian Beach

Brian Beach

I've been coding in Python off and on for 20 years. It's still my favorite language for many tasks.
Avatar of Anukul Sangwan

Anukul Sangwan Personal Website

I'm an undergraduate software engineering research student, and I love to hack on interesting stuff, no matter what the language!
Avatar of Batuhan Taşkaya

Batuhan Taşkaya

Over 6 years Python experience with high Object Orianted skills. Developed Compilers & Restful API's & CLI Apps & Games & Frameworks. Familiar with CPython Source Code (especially Memory Management & Garbage Collecting Techniques)
Avatar of Cameron Wood

Cameron Wood Landing Page

Python was my first programming language; I started learning it in school and discovered a passion for the power of programming. I strongly believe that Python is one of the best languages, especially for beginners! I currently specialize in using Python for mathematics, namely numerical analysis.
Avatar of Tiago Antao

Tiago Antao Personal site

I work mostly with Scientific Applications of Python and I am interested in issues related to High-Performance Computing. I am the author of the book Bioinformatics with Python Cookbook.
Avatar of Tim Hawes

Tim Hawes

I have 12 years experience programming in Python, and am eager to help budding Pythonistas.
Avatar of Zoid


I love writing Python, because I find it easy to read and write Python, and the community is generally amazing and friendly.
Avatar of Ivan Ladelschikov

Ivan Ladelschikov

I have over 4 years of using Python in my job and I found it the most readable language ever. I'd like to help people to use the power of the language to write Pythonic code.
Avatar of Joao Machado

Joao Machado

Everyday Python keeps surprising me with the simple! I work professionally with python and I do some side projects as well and I want to share my knowledge with the world! And learn in the way!
Avatar of James George

James George

I'm specialized in the JavaScript stack but still I have an immense love for python as well. I had experiemented with it while building stuffs like web apps, Desktop apps, 2-D games, and even messing up with ML and Data science topics. In the process I had come across a variety of libraries and had fun using them.
Avatar of Percy Grunwald

Percy Grunwald

As a developer that has programmed professionally for many years in many different languages, I can honestly say that the ability to write Python is always and constantly useful regardless of whether it's your main language. Python is a must-have tool for your tool belt as a developer.
Avatar of Periklis Gkolias

Periklis Gkolias My blog

I am a fullstack software engineer specialising in python and javascript related technologies and a huge enthusiast of the deep learning revolution. My aim is to help people, as I would like to have been offered help when I was doing my first steps in the field.
Avatar of Samuel Walladge

Samuel Walladge Website

Python was the first language I learnt when I started programming several years ago. Since then I have used it extensively for uni projects, web, scripting, and pretty much everything else. Excited to be able to help mentor new pythonistas!
Avatar of Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson

Former Google SRE. While at Google, I was a Python readability reviewer and loved it! Since then I've tried to stay current with python 3, but there's always something new to learn...
Avatar of John Crickett

John Crickett

Software Engineer who works mostly in C++ and Python, with an interest in AI, machine learning and data science/engineering
Avatar of Alex Bender

Alex Bender

Sharing is what really matters. So I'd like to share my Python knowledge to augment (help develop) present capabilities of anyone who desires to know Python.
Avatar of Xuecong Liao

Xuecong Liao

I am a system programmer in JuiceFS. Python is my favorite programming language and I have been using it for >9 years. I hope I can help you pick up Python faster.
Avatar of Bahram Aghaei

Bahram Aghaei

I'm enthusiastic learner who is always looking for new projects and challenges and a huge Free Software enthusiast. Reach out if you want to talk about technology, life and sports.
Avatar of James Fu

James Fu

Python is one of my favorite languages. I fell in love with it seeing the beautiful absence of brackets and semi-colon. I also love it for list comprehension and its extensive use in Machine Learning and Raspberry Pi. I think everyone should learn Python!
Avatar of Alex Halford

Alex Halford

I use python a lot at work, and I really enjoy helping people to learn new skills!
Avatar of Zhanibek Adilbekov

Zhanibek Adilbekov

Python is one of my favorite languages alongside with C# and Scala. While I have expertise in many programming languages, I really enjoyed learning Python. I want to help people conquer the learning curve and enhance their skills.
Avatar of James Haney

James Haney

I'm a data scientist who's been using Python at work for 3-4 years. I love how readable and versatile it is.
Avatar of Raunak Ramakrishnan

Raunak Ramakrishnan

I use Python as a power-tool for quick prototyping and for data analysis.
Avatar of Vlad Tarasevich

Vlad Tarasevich

I'm a student at HSE university in Moscow and an intern at Kaspersky Lab. Python is one of my most favorite programming languages since it's simple and easy to use on daily basis.
Avatar of Nick Bullock

Nick Bullock

I think Python is a great language for doing everyday tasks, improving mental models fundamental to computer science, and implementing really cool projects. I use it every day, and encourage others to start thinking about how it can improve their lives.
Avatar of Jason Peacock

Jason Peacock

A software engineer of 20yrs, I've written production code in Perl, Ruby, and Python, among other languages. Python is my favorite interpreted language.
Avatar of Gokul Chittaranjan

Gokul Chittaranjan

Have over a decade of experience working with Python.
Avatar of Muhammad Aufi Rayesa Frandhana

Muhammad Aufi Rayesa Frandhana

Part of Osu! videogame dev community, develops third-party AI that creates maps for that game named 'Osu!Automapper', written in python. Have strong interest on UI/UX design and machine learning. Professional in Python and Java. Watches anime, especially ones from Trigger studio.
Avatar of Thomas Koruga

Thomas Koruga Personal Page

I love python for its readability and general-purpose. There is an open source library for basically everything. If you can imagine it, it probably exists. That's fascinating.
Avatar of Kate Sergeeva

Kate Sergeeva

Like Python. Learn Python. Use Python daily.
Avatar of Leo Zhu

Leo Zhu

Python is a beautiful language, which is different with C/C++, need more creativity to learn it. Don't feel sorry for what you don't know, just enjoy learning, enjoy Python, enjoy your life!
Avatar of Stig Johan Berggren

Stig Johan Berggren

I'm using Python for data science/machine learning and personal projects. I like the language for the great package ecosystem and the expressive and readable code.
Avatar of Joris Hoendervangers

Joris Hoendervangers

Entrepreneur & Python enthusiast with a background in financial markets. Happy to help others to learn the language!
Avatar of Alex Guglielmone Nemi (Alex Hans)

Alex Guglielmone Nemi (Alex Hans) The Living Deadline - Alex Hans Blog

With 10+ years in software/product development, I love to be in a constant learning state and to help others in their journeys. Mentoring on a site that focuses on encouraging critical skills and idiomatic code is an extremely enriching experience.
Avatar of João Luiz

João Luiz

I'm a CS student, Developer, that loves to use Python to solve problems and build things. I like helping others enhance their quality of life through knowledge sharing like programming skills, automation, and business stuff.
Avatar of Vidhi


I've been coding for a decade. Out of all the languages I have learnt and used, Python is my favourite.
Avatar of Joan Massich

Joan Massich

I like to talk about code.
Avatar of Adrian de Sanjose

Adrian de Sanjose

I am a young but experienced python programmer and my goal is to help people learn the art of programming.
Avatar of Luis San Martin

Luis San Martin

Hi there! I'm a SRE with 10+ years on Linux/Open Source and want to give back all the knowledge I have :)
Avatar of Nils Müller

Nils Müller

I love Python for its accessibility, its welcoming community, and its wide area of application. I've used it both professionally and for research.
Avatar of Joshua Arulsamy

Joshua Arulsamy

I'm a CS student and a python fanatic. I fell in love with python and want to help others realize how amazing it is. I think teaching is the best way to learn, so I would like to share my programming knowledge.
Avatar of Jeffrey Bian

Jeffrey Bian

I am a software architect building platforms for 3D renderings and eCommerce. Python 2 is my day to day language but I also work with Python 3 on my side projects. I am hoping to share my knowledge with people!
Avatar of Nirupam Sharma

Nirupam Sharma

I am a prosessinal Data Scientist and for me python is like a Gennie. My mind thinks and python brings it to life.
Avatar of Jan Groth

Jan Groth

Coming from a Java background, I gave up not loving Python about 3 years ago. Today, it's by far my favorite language.
Avatar of Pavan Raga

Pavan Raga

I am a master's student, with 5+ years of past software development experience. Happy to help!
Avatar of Pranas Ziaukas

Pranas Ziaukas Personal site

As a mathematician, data and software engineer I enjoy coding in Python. Also, I appreciate clean and concise solutions under all circumstances.
Avatar of Simona Ziauke

Simona Ziauke

I am using Python for personal projects. Python seems to be providing powerful solutions that are simple to understand.
Avatar of Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen

I love Python for it's simplicity and elegance. Readability counts!
Avatar of Kinyanjui Wangonya

Kinyanjui Wangonya

Wired in.