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Pharo Maintainers

Our maintainers are the lynchpins of the language tracks and exercises on Exercism. This group of wonderful people maintain the Pharo Track, creating and updating the exercises and tooling for Pharo.
Avatar of Samuel Wilson

Samuel Wilson

A Ruby on Rails dev by day, a Rust and Smalltalk programmer by night. I have found Pharo Smalltalk a delight to use. I'm here to spread the good news.
Avatar of Tim Mackinnon

Tim Mackinnon

I'm the co-inventor of Mock Objects, Gold Cards, and many retrospective techniques, but still a developer at heart and using Pharo Smalltalk as a platform to explore further new exciting ideas.
Avatar of Roelof Wobben

Roelof Wobben

A person who likes smalltalk very much and hopes more people enjoys the elegance of the language.