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Perl 5 Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Victor Goff

Victor Goff https://github.com/kotp

Find me mentoring in person or online. Everyone starts somewhere! Contact me to pair program!
Avatar of Yanick Champoux

Yanick Champoux personal tech blog

Perl necrohacker. Avid polyglot. Slightly bonkers all around.
Avatar of mienaikage


A developer who first learned Perl 5 in a trial by fire, and then went on to build a programming career from it.
Avatar of Andrew Grangaard

Andrew Grangaard https://github.com/spazm

My first professional programming was using perl, and I'm still going! Host of LA Perl Meetup. Also user of python, shell, C, ruby, haskell, rust, go, ...
Avatar of Zak B. Elep

Zak B. Elep https://github.com/zakame

I've written Perl 5 for quite a while now at various $WORK, and worked on quite a few FOSS projects with it as well. I'd love to help other people on learning Perl 5, as well as learn from them along the way.
Avatar of Joe McMahon

Joe McMahon https://github.com/joemcmahon

I've written Perl5 since Perl 5.6, and authored the internal comments for the Perl debugger.
Avatar of Monsenhor

Monsenhor Kobkob

Under development. Perl monger since 1998.