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Julia Maintainers

Our maintainers are the lynchpins of the language tracks and exercises on Exercism. This group of wonderful people maintain the Julia Track, creating and updating the exercises and tooling for Julia.
Avatar of Sascha Mann

Sascha Mann My website

Physics student. Learned about Julia in a class and decided to dig more into it. Very promising language and I wanted to get involved in its community.
Avatar of Logan Kilpatrick

Logan Kilpatrick My Github

I began using Julia when I was getting started as a Software Engineering Intern at NASA. Since then, I have gone on to Intern with Julia Computing on the PumasAI project, win a new Julia Language contributor award for 2019, and authored a few small packages. The Julia programming language and community are incredible. I am looking forward to helping more in the future.
Avatar of Colin Caine

Colin Caine My Github

I write code for scientific papers (computer science and social science) and commercial projects in Julia. It's my favourite language and I'm happy to help a few more people learn it!