JavaScript Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Aaditya Kulkarni

Aaditya Kulkarni

I am a Full stack web developer. I've written code in JavaScript professionally, as well as use it for open source contribution.
Avatar of Frederic Charette

Frederic Charette

Writing Javascript for Backend applications and open-source development are my passions. I’ve been coding for about 16 years now, and I feel that we’re probably living in one of the best possible times for Javascript software development.
Avatar of Nick Bell

Nick Bell GoFan

I have been developing in JS for 6 years. We use JS heavily at GOFan, and I am excited to be a mentor.
Avatar of Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

ECMAScript is the hobo of the internet. It is also the train I took into the world of software years ago.
Avatar of Volkan Erdogan

Volkan Erdogan

I'm self-employed and doing web & mobile apps (ECMAScript/JavaScript) & I'm in love with all the possibilities you get with that language.
Avatar of Steven Atkinson

Steven Atkinson

Javascript is one of the greatest languages to get your teeth stuck into. I'll be on hand to help guide anyone on a quest to tame the JS beast!
Avatar of David Jones

David Jones Website

Software engineer and a fan of many programming languages
Avatar of Leonardo Cardoso

Leonardo Cardoso

undefined is not a function
Avatar of Chris Strolia-Davis

Chris Strolia-Davis

I've been developing with JavaScript/EcmaScript for about 2 decades. I've been helped by many and I'm happy to help others.
Avatar of Ian Fosbery

Ian Fosbery

I've been a programmer for over 15 years. My day-to-day lately has been JS everywhere. Everywhere. I've really gotten into functional programming in recent years, which is how I tend to write Javascript. But, it can be written in many different ways and it's all about the context.
Avatar of Ryan Boris

Ryan Boris GitHub

I have written JavaScript as part of various JS frameworks, open source projects, and profesionally. As a MEAN stack developer, JS is my life. I would identify JS as the language I am most comfortable with at an advanced level. I also teach JS lessons in webinars from time to time. Please feel free to ask me any questions!
Avatar of Ajo John

Ajo John

I love Javascript. Great fan of Vuejs. Loves Open Source.
Avatar of Andrew Prior

Andrew Prior

Javascript developer, father, and amateur everything else.
Avatar of Brandon A Welsh

Brandon A Welsh

Javascript is the first line of defense! Reach out to me and get in touch with any questions or collaborations, I love to network and help.
Avatar of Bethany Garcia

Bethany Garcia

Instigator. Chaser of shiny objects. Javascript relationship status: It's complicated.
Avatar of Byron Anderson

Byron Anderson Byron's Programming Blog

Javascript is the language I get to use without asking, so I get to pick and choose to just use 'The Good Parts'!
Avatar of Cameron MacDonald

Cameron MacDonald GitLab

I write JS professionally, and I also write JSX in Reactjs, so I've got plenty of experience with this and I'm happy to show you the ropes!
Avatar of Dante Federici

Dante Federici Dante Codes

Climbing coder. Working with JS professionally for both web and desktop applications for 8+ years.
Avatar of Daniel Couper

Daniel Couper

I've programmed JS professionally for the last five years: sure, it has it's pain points, and the tooling/package management is somewhat of a hellscape, but on good days I kinda love it.
Avatar of David Fimbres

David Fimbres

I think Javascript still has a lot of growing to do and as one of the most widely used languages I want to be able to help others as they grow as well.
Avatar of CJ Ting

CJ Ting

To be honest, I don't like JS that much, but I've been writting it professionally for a long time. If you use it carefully, it's a wonderful language.
Avatar of Fredrik Rubensson

Fredrik Rubensson

So I am not that great at Javascript but I have touched it a lot over the years. I imagine myself helping out a bit with the easier exercises.
Avatar of Thomas Gamble

Thomas Gamble

Enjoy solving problems and helping others learn. I've written javascript professionally, and also use it for open source projects.
Avatar of Josh Morrow

Josh Morrow

I didn't feel like I understood JS for the first two years or so that I used it professionally. Once I dug into the prototypical inheritance and functions as a first-class object things really started to click, and ever since ES6 came out it's been a favorite language of mine.
Avatar of Jake Varness

Jake Varness GitHub Page

I'm fascinated by all of the different practical applications that JavaScript has to offer. I've developed JavaScript professionally for many years, and have worked on single-page applications using Knockout.js/Durandal, as well as Node.js applications!
Avatar of June

June Website

I really like using JavaScript in the back-end. After a web development bootcamp I was working as Node.js developer for 2 years before switching to Go.
Avatar of John Turner

John Turner

I've been working professionally with JavaScript for about 4 years. I currently help manage the FrontEnd team at Bento for Business, working in Angular, Ionic, and React. I also maintain a large-scale React SPA as a long-running side project. I'm excited to share what I've learned in my time with JavaScript, and learn from others as well!
Avatar of Nadeem Shabir

Nadeem Shabir

Polyglot developer, loves programming, constantly learning!
Avatar of Koen Wellens

Koen Wellens My blog where I review books.

I've been working with JavaScript for about 6 years now. I think I've come at a level where I can help others.
Avatar of Kaio Magalhaes

Kaio Magalhaes website

Software Engineer, programmer lover, Jiu-Jitsu fighter and code addicted.
Avatar of Pierre Thierry

Pierre Thierry

I've discovered Javascript when doing Web development and I loved it for the many programming paradigms it makes possible, including Functional Programming.
Avatar of Marcos Brizeno

Marcos Brizeno

I like to keep learning about languages, tools and anything that make developing software fun!
Avatar of Michal Bryxí

Michal Bryxí Ultimate useless project

I love providing users with delightful UX. I love automating things. I hate computers.
Avatar of Rahmeen Habib

Rahmeen Habib

I write C++ at the university, have 10 week professional experience with Java in an intern project and am an RGSoC scholar for a JavaScript Project
Avatar of Rin Raeuber

Rin Raeuber

My grandma taught me BASIC, but I never learnt to whistle. – Originally a Ruby coder, I only recently learnt the ins and outs and this’ and thats of Javascript myself. Lost and overwhelmed? Been there and happy to help.
Avatar of Julia Gao

Julia Gao

I am a front-end developer who has been using vanilla JavaScript for the past three years. I would love to help others on this track.
Avatar of Christoph Lipp

Christoph Lipp

What can I say... it's Javascript alright :) I try to avoid pure JS as much as I can. But, it's the language of the web and the more you know about its many pitfalls the better :)
Avatar of Sean Fairchild

Sean Fairchild

I'm a senior Ruby dev professionally at my company. I have also worked a lot with JavaScript and most recently lead a team building a React app for one of our clients.
Avatar of Randall Koutnik

Randall Koutnik blog

Level 13 JavaScript Wizard
Avatar of Shannon Tjoa

Shannon Tjoa

I love JavaScript for its dynamic nature. I have been using it for my professional work and personal projects
Avatar of Tejas Bubane

Tejas Bubane

I like the way javascript(ecmascript) has evolved in the recent years - its been a joy to program in. I learnt a lot of good practices in Javascript while solving exercises on exercism and later started using it to mentor people in my workplace. Now I am really excited to do it on a wider scale!
Avatar of Nick Bespaliuk

Nick Bespaliuk

I have used JavaScript professionally. Exercism helped me gain new insight so I'm giving back.
Avatar of Hiram J. Perez

Hiram J. Perez

I enjoy writting code, nowadays mostly ES6
Avatar of Donovan Mueller

Donovan Mueller

I've been programming in JavaScript for the last 13+ years. I've learned to appreciate its squishiness and flexibility, especially for small projects. It definitely can drive a dev crazy, but with good architecture a lot can be done with it.
Avatar of Brenton Alker

Brenton Alker

JavaScript is a gateway into software development for so many. I've been developing for the web in various forms for about 15 years and I hope to share some of my experience to help other navigate this learning journey.
Avatar of Andre Marcelo-Tanner

Andre Marcelo-Tanner - Personal Blog

Software engineer for over 18 years, a wealth of experience in building online systems, e-commerce sites, large databases and tackling hard problems at scale.
Avatar of Henri Cazottes

Henri Cazottes GitHub

I'm a french software engineer and I have been working with javavascript as a fullstack web developper. I love how Exercism enhance the process of learning new languages, that's why I wanted to be part of it :)
Avatar of Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Been learning to love JavaScript more and more over the last few years. Just trying to keep learning an help others.
Avatar of Jamie Preston

Jamie Preston

I've been a software engineer for nearly 10 years but I switched to using javascript as a back end language 3 years ago. It soon became my new favourite language! I love the flexibility and the continued advancements in ECMA Script. I look forward to helping out where I can as a mentor and continuing to learn!
Avatar of Theryn Groetken

Theryn Groetken

I work professionally as a Web Engineer, and I love JavaScript! I use Node, React/Redux, and many other JavScript tools every day. JavaScript is a vast language with many simplicities and equally as many complexities. I'm here to help you figure out which are which, and hold a light to the JavaScript world at large.
Avatar of Monica Calderaro

Monica Calderaro

I'm a career changer (used to be a telecommunication Engineer), always up for learning new things and helping along the way.
Avatar of Oliver Radini

Oliver Radini Oliver Radini

I'm a Javascript developer. I've been working with Javascript for around 5 years now. I really love to help beginners learn to program, and show people what a great language javascript can be.
Avatar of Rhys Brooker

Rhys Brooker Twitter

Front end developer working with JavaScript and ReactJS. Self taught developer, I enjoy teaching and helping others learn a new language. Contact me on Twitter if you would like more help, I love to network and help.
Avatar of Yash Kulshrestha

Yash Kulshrestha

I've been writing Javascript for pretty much all of my career as a software engineer, professionally and for my pet projects.
Avatar of Raymond Price

Raymond Price

Professional developer for the past 7 years, primarily in JS and secondarily in C# and Typescript.
Avatar of Aleksander Heintz

Aleksander Heintz My blog

I love programming, and do it both professionally and as a hobby. At work I do most javascript and typescript, but I've also done a lot of F# and C#.
Avatar of Benjamin Earl

Benjamin Earl Benz Projects

Javascript is my native language, still working on my English.
Avatar of James George

James George

I'm a Full Stack JavaScript Developer. What made me fell in love with JS is that, it can be used to build absolutely anything.
Avatar of Shankar Shastri

Shankar Shastri GitHub Profile

Lover Of Pure Functional Programming.
Avatar of Hieu Nguyen

Hieu Nguyen GitHub

I'm a javascript developer with deep knowledge in the language itself and NodeJS. Recently i started learning Python as my secondary. Java was used in the past, but no longer my primary language
Avatar of Nada Ghanem

Nada Ghanem

A continous learner, love technology and nature.
Avatar of Phil Salant

Phil Salant

I'm a full-time software engineer based in NYC. I have experience using JavaScript, React, Ruby/Rails, and Go.
Avatar of Stuart Taylor

Stuart Taylor

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
Avatar of Edouard Souan

Edouard Souan

I write javascript and other languages professionally. I love to learn and share with others.
Avatar of Alex Zielonko

Alex Zielonko

I'm one part professional developer and two parts programming enthusiast, shaken with a liberal dash of pragmatism.
Avatar of Oscar Dominguez

Oscar Dominguez

Working as a Software Developer in a startup in Barcelona. Working exhaustively with JS last 3 years.
Avatar of Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

JavaScript has been part of my day-to-day job for over 7 years -- A love-hate relationship
Avatar of Colton Ehrman

Colton Ehrman Personal Website

I love to keep things simple, and slowly work on new projects little by little. It makes the most complex problems not so complex after all.
Avatar of Makan Taghizadeh

Makan Taghizadeh

I've developed JavaScript professionally for years and I believe JavaScript is the most flexible programming language on the planet. From backend (Node.js) to frontend (React.js, Angular, Vue.js, ...) to mobile devices (React Native, Native Script, ...), you can develop for so many parallel universes with JavaScript.
Avatar of Marzi Morovatpasand

Marzi Morovatpasand

Really enjoying coding in Javascript and love to be part of the joy of learning it for anybody else :)
Avatar of Jared Mortenson

Jared Mortenson

I love learning to the point I got degrees in how/why people think the way they do and how to teach them. Then I learned how to program and have been trying to teach others as often as I can. Hope I can help.
Avatar of Fernando Falci

Fernando Falci

Just another JS developer