Java Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Aaditya Kulkarni

Aaditya Kulkarni

I am a Full stack web developer. I've written code in Java professionally, as well as use it for open source contribution.
Avatar of Adrian Spanu

Adrian Spanu

I work as a software engineer full time. I've been working in Java codebases for a number of years now and I really like the flexibility and usefulness of Java. I'm happy to help new coders discover the awesomeness of Java. Yes, it does exist :).
Avatar of Cameron MacDonald

Cameron MacDonald GitLab

Java was my second language and I wrote it professionally as well for a recommender system.
Avatar of Dusan Rychnovsky

Dusan Rychnovsky

I have worked with Java for many years, both professionally and as a hobby.
Avatar of Jake Varness

Jake Varness GitHub Page

I've been writing Java code professionally during the entirety of my career, spanning many years and multiple software companies!
Avatar of Jônatas Barbosa

Jônatas Barbosa

Java is one of my favorite languages. It's very powerful and versatile. Besides, you can build once and run everywhere! :)
Avatar of Marcos Brizeno

Marcos Brizeno

I like to keep learning about languages, tools and anything that make developing software fun!
Avatar of Paul Moore

Paul Moore

I've been programming in Java and JUnit for almost as long as they've existed. I really appreciate the ability to effortlessly refactor code using these tools.
Avatar of Patrick Trottier

Patrick Trottier

I am studying Computer Science in Canada. My passion for the Web as a platform for everyone and Open Source Software fuel my work on projects like Exercism.
Avatar of Rahmeen Habib

Rahmeen Habib

I write C++ at the university, have 10 week professional experience with Java in an intern project and am an RGSoC scholar for a JavaScript Project
Avatar of Carsten Dreesbach

Carsten Dreesbach

I've been using Java in my job for about 15 years now, but only became a full-time engineer about a year and a half ago (was in professional services doing customizations before that).
Avatar of Peter Tillemans

Peter Tillemans

I am an electronics engineer and language geek who learned programming on an hp-41 and C-64. Now I do mostly java, javascript, python, rust and haskell. I believe that code should sing its intent so the last row in the hall understands the last syllable.
Avatar of Uzi Landsmann

Uzi Landsmann

I have been a developer for about 15 years, working daily with Java. I love learning new languages and am trying to learn and adopt a functional programming style.
Avatar of Alban Dericbourg

Alban Dericbourg Blog

Software engineer for 10 years now, mostly experienced on the JVM (Java and Scala) for web facing systems. Eager to learn, you'll probably find me trying new things on the other tracks!
Avatar of Jacob Andersen

Jacob Andersen

I am a Java nut. While some may hate it for its (seemingly) unnecessary verbosity at times, that is one of the main reasons I love it. I've written Java as a hobby and professionally for over five years.
Avatar of Koen Wellens

Koen Wellens My blog where I review books.

I've been working with Java for about 10 years now. I think I've come at a level where I can help others.
Avatar of Louie van Bommel

Louie van Bommel

I've been doing java for a long time, including a word game that was online for years. I love Haskell, and I'm learning Elm, Rust, and (yikes!) Perl. Say hi if ya like :)
Avatar of Lars Eckart

Lars Eckart

I'm very enthuastic about clean code and TDD. I've developed a few small android apps and otherwise microservices in java 8. I'm addicted to (un)conferences, meetups, watching conference talks online, or simply reading the classic books about software development. Never stop learning!
Avatar of Fredrik Rubensson

Fredrik Rubensson

So Java would be my main language with something like 15+ years of experience. I don't particularly like it but it is what I know best!
Avatar of Florian Zeidler

Florian Zeidler

I am software engineer from Berlin, Germany. I work since 2013, often in legacy environments and mostly in Java.
Avatar of Thomas Gamble

Thomas Gamble

Enjoy solving problems and helping others learn. I've written java professionally, and also use it for open source projects.
Avatar of Ruben Romero Montes

Ruben Romero Montes

I've been developing in Java professionally for over 10 years.
Avatar of Ivan Šarić

Ivan Šarić

I am primarily a Java backend dev working full-time in the e-commerce field. Learning programming has changed my life for the better and I hope to help others do the same.
Avatar of Crane Yuan

Crane Yuan Personal Blog Site

I am a backend developer. I've written code in Java professionally, as well as use it for open source contribution.
Avatar of Andrea Sessa

Andrea Sessa

I write Java for work and despite its verbosity I continue to love it!
Avatar of Maksim Danilau

Maksim Danilau

I like clear and laconic code
Avatar of Warren Wright

Warren Wright

I am a software engineer by training, build and run software teams in practice, and am a longtime fan and user of Exercism!
Avatar of Richard Wild

Richard Wild

I'm a Software Craftsman at Codurance, doing software development professionally for over 20 years.
Avatar of Peter Lamby

Peter Lamby

I am an professional Java Developer who takes great interest in open source, teaching and self improvement. I'm hoping to help new Developers achieve their goals.
Avatar of Eduard Maura

Eduard Maura

I've worked in Java since I started coding seriously for living and having fun :sparkles:
Avatar of Adarsh K Kumar

Adarsh K Kumar My Blog

I'm a Software Developer with exposure to Java/Spring, Devops, Linux, Databases. Currently exploring Distributed Systems and Erlang.
Avatar of Will Madison

Will Madison

Passionate developer. Live long learner. Father. Geek. Frat Boy :). I've written Java professionaly for many years and mentor/coach myriads of Java developers.
Avatar of Dimitry Polivaev

Dimitry Polivaev

I am developer mostly practicing Java, Scala, clean code and TDD
Avatar of Monica Calderaro

Monica Calderaro

I'm a career changer (used to be a telecommunication Engineer), always up for learning new things and helping along the way.
Avatar of Marcus Bergenlid

Marcus Bergenlid

I'm a software engineer working professionally in Java, I love to learn new languages and to improve my coding style. My side projects are usually focused around learning some new language or technology.
Avatar of Maisam Somji

Maisam Somji

I'm a full stack developer with a love for all things related to functional programming. I spend the bulk of my time solving complex problems using simple but not necessarily easy solutions.
Avatar of Juan D. Vega

Juan D. Vega Blog

I love Java and I think it is getting better year after year. I think it takes advantage of the JVM and also has large community with a lot of amazing tools.
Avatar of James George

James George

I have experience with the Java Android framework as well as the traditional swing library for building Desktop apps.
Avatar of Shankar Shastri

Shankar Shastri GitHub Profile

Lover Of Pure Functional Programming.
Avatar of Robin Victorino

Robin Victorino

I've been working as a Java developer for a bit more than 5 years now. Finding elegant solutions is something I value. I'm an open source enthusiast.
Avatar of Quincy Bowers

Quincy Bowers

I've been programming in Java professionally for six years, and in general for more than 15 years. I like to focus on clean legible code, because code that is easier to read is easier to understand.
Avatar of Abdul Wahab

Abdul Wahab

Software developer versed in Java & Spring Boot looking to teach others and also learn from them
Avatar of Alex Jablonski

Alex Jablonski

I work as a software developer for a tech consulting company. No matter what language I'm working in, there's always a soft spot in my heart for Java.
Avatar of Bryden Robertson

Bryden Robertson

I have been working with Java for about 5 years, mostly as a hobby. I have programmed professionally with python, node.js, bash and R.