Haskell Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Alex Kavanagh

Alex Kavanagh https://github.com/ajkavanagh

Haskell is a mind expanding language and I love the way it changes how you think about programming. I'm still fairly new to Haskell, but was a seasoned Schemer in the past, and use FP techniques whenever they are appropriate.
Avatar of Frerich Raabe

Frerich Raabe https://github.com/frerich

I've been using Haskell on and off for the last eight years, and maintain a few Haskell packages. I believe knowing some Haskell makes you a better programmer in any other language and try to practice it whenever possible.
Avatar of Nasy

Nasy Nasy Moe

I like Haskell very much. Although I'm not that good at it, I hope everyone will fall in love with her. I will do my best to help everyone. Besides, I come from China, so if you use Chinese, I can also understand it.
Avatar of Kieran Trezona-le Comte

Kieran Trezona-le Comte https://github.com/trezona-lecomte

I enjoy writing Haskell because of its power and robustness. I also love that it stretches my brain in weird and wonderful ways.
Avatar of Peter Tillemans

Peter Tillemans https://github.com/ptillemans

I am an electronics engineer and language geek who learned programming on an hp-41 and C-64. Now I do mostly java, javascript, python, rust and haskell. I believe that code should sing its intent so the last row in the hall understands the last syllable.
Avatar of Simon Hafner

Simon Hafner https://github.com/reactormonk

type-driven development evangelist
Avatar of Adrian King Legaspi

Adrian King Legaspi https://github.com/akilegaspi

Generally a Purely Functional Programming advocate and Professional Software Engineer in Scala/Haskell
Avatar of Matthias Wimmer

Matthias Wimmer Matthias' Blog

Professionally I do embedded programming in a mixture of C and Rust code. Coding in Clojure and 10+ years Java before. I couldn't apply Haskell directly at work so far, but feel how it influenced my way of programming in other languages as well.
Avatar of Brooks J Rady

Brooks J Rady thelostlambda.xyz

Writing in Haskell isn't just a new syntax, it's a new mindset. It provides learners with a way to rediscover the beauty in programming.
Avatar of Bhavik Mehta

Bhavik Mehta https://github.com/b-mehta

I love functional programming, especially the deep theoretical background that comes with Haskell as well as the readability and safety it provides.
Avatar of Simon Shine

Simon Shine https://simonshine.dk

Haskell has been my favourite programming language since 2012. I have been a classroom teacher on a Haskell course for a number of years. Today I spend my spare time making FOSS projects in Haskell and learning about all the great features they don't teach you in school.
Avatar of Matt Parsons

Matt Parsons To Overcome

I taught myself Haskell in college as a mindbending exercise, and I've been using it professionally ever since. I love helping people learn the language, from beginners to industrial professionals!
Avatar of Daniel Brice

Daniel Brice https://github.com/friedbrice

I use Haskell at work because it allows me to rapidly deliver easily-maintainable applications with a high degree of confidence in their correctness.