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Haskell Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Alex Kavanagh

Alex Kavanagh https://github.com/ajkavanagh

Haskell is a mind expanding language and I love the way it changes how you think about programming. I'm still fairly new to Haskell, but was a seasoned Schemer in the past, and use FP techniques whenever they are appropriate.
Avatar of Frerich Raabe

Frerich Raabe https://github.com/frerich

I've been using Haskell on and off for the last eight years, and maintain a few Haskell packages. I believe knowing some Haskell makes you a better programmer in any other language and try to practice it whenever possible.
Avatar of Nasy

Nasy Nasy Moe

I like Haskell very much. Although I'm not that good at it, I hope everyone will fall in love with her. I will do my best to help everyone. Besides, I come from China, so if you use Chinese, I can also understand it.
Avatar of Kieran Trezona-le Comte

Kieran Trezona-le Comte https://github.com/trezona-lecomte

I enjoy writing Haskell because of its power and robustness. I also love that it stretches my brain in weird and wonderful ways.
Avatar of Peter Tillemans

Peter Tillemans https://github.com/ptillemans

I am an electronics engineer and language geek who learned programming on an hp-41 and C-64. Now I do mostly java, javascript, python, rust and haskell. I believe that code should sing its intent so the last row in the hall understands the last syllable.
Avatar of Simon Hafner

Simon Hafner https://github.com/reactormonk

type-driven development evangelist
Avatar of Adrian King Legaspi

Adrian King Legaspi https://github.com/akilegaspi

Generally a Purely Functional Programming advocate and Professional Software Engineer in Scala/Haskell
Avatar of Matthias Wimmer

Matthias Wimmer Matthias' Blog

Professionally I do embedded programming in a mixture of C and Rust code. Coding in Clojure and 10+ years Java before. I couldn't apply Haskell directly at work so far, but feel how it influenced my way of programming in other languages as well.
Avatar of Brooks J Rady

Brooks J Rady thelostlambda.xyz

Writing in Haskell isn't just a new syntax, it's a new mindset. It provides learners with a way to rediscover the beauty in programming.
Avatar of Bhavik Mehta

Bhavik Mehta https://github.com/b-mehta

I love functional programming, especially the deep theoretical background that comes with Haskell as well as the readability and safety it provides.
Avatar of Matt Parsons

Matt Parsons To Overcome

I taught myself Haskell in college as a mindbending exercise, and I've been using it professionally ever since. I love helping people learn the language, from beginners to industrial professionals!
Avatar of Daniel Brice

Daniel Brice https://github.com/friedbrice

I use Haskell at work because it allows me to rapidly deliver easily-maintainable applications with a high degree of confidence in their correctness.
Avatar of Cody Goodman

Cody Goodman Real World Functional Programming, Haskell, Nix, And More

The mythical real-world professional Haskell programmer. I believe functional programming is a better general purpose paradigm for the real world. I want to teach others functional programming well enough to see if they agree!
Avatar of Dan Padé

Dan Padé Dan Padé

I have used Haskell both personally and professionally since 2014. Haskell has become my language of choice due to its strong typing system and its ease of reasoning due to referential transparency.
Avatar of Mats Rauhala

Mats Rauhala https://github.com/MasseR

Working with Haskell at work for the past couple of years. Before that a Haskell hobbyist for 10 or so years.
Avatar of Tomas Fischer

Tomas Fischer https://github.com/tofische

Elegant, yet concise with strong mathematical background - Haskell changed my way of thinking.
Avatar of Antoine Leblanc

Antoine Leblanc https://github.com/nicuveo

The one thing I enjoy more than writing Haskell is sharing the joy! I have worked in the past on teaching it to beginners, with the explicit goal of demystifying it; mentoring was the logical next step.