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Go Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Adrian Spanu

Adrian Spanu https://github.com/aspanu

I work as a software engineer full time. One of the larger codebases I work in is a set of microservices written in Go. I'm not an expert in Go, but I've started to figure out my way around it. Happy to help others trying to learn more!
Avatar of Bethany Garcia

Bethany Garcia

Go admirer. Instigator. Chaser of shiny objects.
Avatar of Cameron MacDonald

Cameron MacDonald GitLab

I only started learning Go about a year ago but I've quickly come to love it. I hope I can help you learn to love it too!
Avatar of De Ville Weppenaar

De Ville Weppenaar https://github.com/devillexio

I developed a curiosity towards Go through wanting to better understand the tools we used at work. I was pleasantly surprised to see how straightforward the language specification is. I’m keen to learn and to help others on their Go journey.
Avatar of CJ Ting

CJ Ting

I like Go for its simplicity and single-binary deployment, it's a good fit for CLI tools and network servers.
Avatar of Gabriel Guzman

Gabriel Guzman https://github.com/gabeguz

I find Go to be a pleasure to work with. I've used it professionally as well as for many personal projects. It's my go to language for command line tools, and simple APIs.
Avatar of June

June Website

After some years of Node.js I am working as a Go developer now. I am very impressed by Go's strong principles, ease of use and all the out-of-the-box tooling.
Avatar of Katrina Owen

Katrina Owen https://github.com/kytrinyx

I love Go for its simplicity and consistency. I've written Go professionally, and also use it for open source projects.
Avatar of Paul Otto

Paul Otto https://github.com/potto007

I enjoy writing Go for its simple, minimalist syntax. Mentoring in Go is a joy, thanks to its opinionated nature ('The Go Way'). I write and review Go professionally, as well as in side projects.
Avatar of Sebastian Borza

Sebastian Borza https://github.com/sebito91

I'm a Canadian (based in Chicago) freelance golang, C and python developer working on projects within the gaming, finance and data-science worlds respectively. My favorite freetime task is coding challenges and I'm more than happy to help people talk through solutions!
Avatar of Christoph Lipautz

Christoph Lipautz https://github.com/unused

Go comes with a very clear image of how to write go-code, a powerful core library, a huge community, platform independence, a great concurrency model, and lots of other things that make this programming language great.
Avatar of John Reese

John Reese I sometimes write about stuff

I am a software engineer with a passion for testing. If you have any questions about the track or the language in general, feel free to ask; I'd love to hear them.
Avatar of Zachary Romero

Zachary Romero https://github.com/zkry

I really enjoy writing Go! I use Go every chance I get whether it be open source, personal projects, or work.
Avatar of Olcay Oransoy

Olcay Oransoy https://github.com/ooransoy

I am an enthusiastic 14 y/o developer. I mainly code in Go, but I know other programming languages as well. Along with programming, I pursue other topics like science, math, etc.
Avatar of Nadeem Shabir

Nadeem Shabir https://github.com/kiyanwang

Polyglot developer, loves programming, constantly learning!
Avatar of Adam Buckland

Adam Buckland https://github.com/adambuckland

Full time backend engineer. Gopher.
Avatar of Fredrik Rubensson

Fredrik Rubensson https://github.com/froderik

Go is one of the languages I have worked with during my 20+ years as a developer. I like it for some use cases. It is a noisy thing and that can be really good at times!
Avatar of Huu Khiem (Mark)

Huu Khiem (Mark) Homepage

Interested in writing simpler code :)
Avatar of Curtis La Graff

Curtis La Graff GitHub

I've come to love working in Gol and Python, and am always on the lookout for the next big thing to pickup. There is always something new to learn!
Avatar of Karthik Nayak

Karthik Nayak https://github.com/KarthikNayak

Comming from C, Go has recently been my go-to language. I've been using it for my personaly projects and recently introduced it at my workspace.
Avatar of Denys Nahurnyi

Denys Nahurnyi

Someone wise said that the best way to learn something is to tech that, so here I am :). I don't write on Go for a long time but I already know enough to share some useful info and help newbies. Happy to help!
Avatar of Andreas Schroepfer

Andreas Schroepfer https://github.com/as27

I love Go and the Go community. I am a software engineer with 10 years experience.
Avatar of Marcelo Magallon

Marcelo Magallon https://github.com/mem

I have been programming in Go for several years both professionally and for hobby projects. I've come to love the simplicity and expressiveness of the language, as well as the wonderful community of people that has grown around it.
Avatar of Will Madison

Will Madison https://github.com/willmadison

Passionate developer. Live long learner. Father. Geek. Frat Boy :). I've written Go professionaly and it is my FAVORITE language!
Avatar of Yash Kulshrestha

Yash Kulshrestha https://github.com/YashdalfTheGray

Go is somewhat of a new language for me and I've been trying to learn more and more of it. I got a taste of it through reading some Docker code and I find it to be a better C, which was something I wrote in a past life.
Avatar of Will Murphy

Will Murphy https://github.com/willmurphyscode

I'm a former teacher, now an engineer at Pivotal. I'm passionate about learning new programming languages, and helping others learn.
Avatar of Zoid

Zoid https://github.com/zoidbergwill

I love writing Go, because of how I feel I can be very productive in it, and it's easy to read other People's code.
Avatar of Gabriel Nelle

Gabriel Nelle https://github.com/tehsphinx

Since early 2016 I'm a fulltime Go developer. I love it because it's so simple and yet so powerful.
Avatar of Shankar Shastri

Shankar Shastri GitHub Profile

Lover Of Pure Functional Programming.
Avatar of Magnus Lassi

Magnus Lassi https://github.com/mlassi

I've been programming in many languages both professionally and as a hobby. I really like Go for its simplicity.
Avatar of Pongpanot Chuaysakun

Pongpanot Chuaysakun https://github.com/muchrm

I'm a junior developer from Thailnad. I want learn a new technology for improve myself.
Avatar of John Arundel

John Arundel Bitfield Consulting

Consultant, author of 'Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes', Gopher. Terrible surfer. Se habla español. Ici on parle français. Hier wird deutsch gesprochen. Esperanto parolata.
Avatar of Vincent Serpoul

Vincent Serpoul tech corner

I started go 4 years ago, using it professionally and personally. Explaining to others is the best way to make sure you understand, they said!
Avatar of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson https://github.com/dysolution

Go is my first and favorite compiled language. I love its extensive standard library and its documentation conventions, tooling, and idioms that make the code useful and accessible to programmers with a wide range of experience.
Avatar of Anuchit Prasertsang

Anuchit Prasertsang GitHub

Go is a fantastic language for me. We have the Go community in Thailand is growing.
Avatar of William Forsyth

William Forsyth https://github.com/liftedkilt

To be honest, 90% of the reason I love Go is because of the mascot.
Avatar of Shawn Hartsell

Shawn Hartsell GitHub

Go developer based out of Nashville, TN. I enjoy Go because of it's simplicity and no-frills approach to development.
Avatar of Michael Hedgpeth

Michael Hedgpeth Blog

I love teaching people how to learn new things and am learning Go myself, so I'd like to give back
Avatar of Arjun mahishi

Arjun mahishi GitHub

Go is the first compiled langauge that I was comfortable with. It is also the first langauge I wrote production worthy code in.
Avatar of Dave Goodchild

Dave Goodchild

Tech lead at The Economist, love Go and open source.
Avatar of Sergey Kovalev

Sergey Kovalev https://github.com/serg-kovalev

I have more than 10 years of production experience. I love Go/Ruby because of its friendly and active community. Nothing is impossible when you do what you love! Happy coding!
Avatar of Matthew Bender

Matthew Bender https://github.com/codebender

I'm a backend engineer and a long time rubyist turned gopher. I have really enjoyed learning Go and embraced its simplicity.
Avatar of Hubert Krauze

Hubert Krauze https://github.com/krhubert

Go developer with years of experience in open source projects. Go is easy and fun the same as teaching it.
Avatar of Yusuf Turhan Papurcu

Yusuf Turhan Papurcu Website

A High School Gopher Boi.
Avatar of Walaa Ayyad

Walaa Ayyad https://github.com/walaaayyad

I'm a front-end web developer, I'm passionate to learn new skills, and helping others to learn.
Avatar of Luca Paterlini

Luca Paterlini LinkedIn

italian, athlete, python and go lover.
Avatar of Vinay Shankar Shukla

Vinay Shankar Shukla

Senior Developer at ThoughtWorks, Gopher, Pythonist, Open Source contributor and a Coffee Lover
Avatar of Fabio Falzoi

Fabio Falzoi GitHub Profile

SwEng since 2012, I have experience in various software engineering fields: from Linux kernel and embedded programming, to big data and web applications. I started using Go and immediately felt in love with it: now I use it and teach it professionally.
Avatar of Miroslav Gatsanoga

Miroslav Gatsanoga https://github.com/MiroslavGatsanoga

Let's Go!
Avatar of Jaime Martinez

Jaime Martinez LinkedIn

I first started working with Go over 4 years ago writing REST APIs, I fell in love! I have been working with it ever since. I love spreading the Go-love, I hope can do that here too!
Avatar of Haruya Shida

Haruya Shida GitHub

Originally a .NET developer. Now a big Go lover for its simplicity.
Avatar of Khiman Louer

Khiman Louer GitHub

Go is a beautiful language with an amazing community. I use it everyday working as a freelance developer for many clients.
Avatar of Shreyansh Pandey

Shreyansh Pandey GitHub

Golang has been a saviour in my line of work; the extensibility, the ease of use... everything is absolutely fantastic. Go's specific choices on strict, inherent linting rules let you focus on your business logic and not on which format is the best. Go is my weapon of choice in all things SRE and financial tech.
Avatar of Claudia Beresford

Claudia Beresford GitHub

I am a systems engineer and for the past 4 years Go has been my weapon-of-choice both at work and in my own projects.
Avatar of Andrés Zarta

Andrés Zarta https://github.com/andres-zartab

Data Scientist with Operations Research background. Started learning Go to improve my software development skills and ended up loving it for its simplicity and amazing community.
Avatar of Kelly Ma

Kelly Ma https://github.com/kellydanma

Junior Go developer and McGill University student. I won't byte!
Avatar of Venkata Chaitanya (K.C)

Venkata Chaitanya (K.C)

I am using go since 2 years professionally and personally in DevOps and Software Engineering Projects. I follow thee KISS (Keep It Simple S**pid) principle
Avatar of Vaibhavi Singh

Vaibhavi Singh Linkedin profile

Involved in Go since 1 yr, using it personally. Mentored in Open Source programs, love to understand and simplify abstract concepts.
Avatar of Denys Pasishnyi

Denys Pasishnyi GitHub

I have 10+ years of experience in software development. Since 2017 I have been using Go in daily work and I love it. Previously I was learning on Exercism.io and now I'm glad to teach newcomers :)
Avatar of Michael Cuffaro

Michael Cuffaro Blog

Let's learn Go together
Avatar of LĂąm Kim PhĂș

LĂąm Kim PhĂș https://github.com/lamkimphu258

I love Go for its simplicity and consistency. I hope that I can help everyone who want to learn Go.
Avatar of Joseph Taylor

Joseph Taylor LinkedIn

I've been a professional software engineer since 2009 and I've benefited from the support of so many people over the years. Hoping to give something back to the community by mentoring here!
Avatar of Manuel Dewald

Manuel Dewald Blog

Developing Go for fun and profit at Red Hat
Avatar of James South

James South My GitHub

I'm looking for my first job! I love working with Go, I'm about 2/3 through the Go track, and I have started contributing Go exercises for Exercism v3.
Avatar of Kevin Herro

Kevin Herro

Experienced GOpher!
Avatar of Kellen Watt

Kellen Watt https://github.com/KellenWatt

I love exploring new, old, and exciting languages, but no matter what I find, I always come back to Go!
Avatar of Frederic Meyer

Frederic Meyer https://github.com/corebreaker

French developper for more than 20 years in Management Systems, i was insterested in several languages and technologies like C++, Java, PHP, etc. I found out the GoLang and i enjoyed its simplicity for solving complex problems.
Avatar of Xuanwo

Xuanwo Blog

A distributed storage system software engineer, willing to do some job to make the world better.
Avatar of Nahua Kang

Nahua Kang https://nahua.dev

I am a self-taught programmer with a background in liberal arts. I work with Python professionally in the intersection between software development and deep learning. In my spare time, I also play with Go, Rust, and Swift.
Avatar of Budh Ram Gurung

Budh Ram Gurung BRG Trainings

A self-taught engineer who is now an IT Teacher, Mentor, Full Stack Engineer, avid Open Source contributor and researcher.
Avatar of Antonio De Leon

Antonio De Leon https://github.com/abdeleon

I'm an experienced engineer with a background in DevOps and current focus on Cybersecurity. I enjoy Go and the community that supports it!
Avatar of Francesco Gualazzi

Francesco Gualazzi https://inge.4pr.es/about

gopher since 2010, I have been following the language evolution for private interests and professionally in all the companies I joined since then. I really enjoy the lean and simple syntax of Go, as well as its concurrency primitives.