Go Maintainers

Our maintainers are the lynchpins of the language tracks and exercises on Exercism. This group of wonderful people maintain the Go Track, creating and updating the exercises and tooling for Go.
Avatar of Katrina Owen

Katrina Owen

I love Go for its simplicity and consistency. I also appreciate how hard the Go project is working to make the ecosystem welcoming to newcomers. I no longer maintain the Go track, but still maintain the Go tooling on Exercism.
Avatar of Peter Tseng

Peter Tseng

I write a lot of Go for my day job, building platforms for other software engineers to use. The Exercism Go track was the first open-source project I joined; I'm grateful for all I've learned through this experience.
Avatar of ferhat elmas

ferhat elmas ferhatelmas.com

Passionate Developer
Avatar of Tom Leen

Tom Leen thomasleen.com

I do what I always do...when the problem seems vast and unsolvable...I build another machine. :rocket:
Avatar of Rob Phoenix

Rob Phoenix robphoenix.com

I used to be an artist, and am now a software engineer, using Go for forensics monitoring. Exercism's Go track opened up the world of open source to me.
Avatar of Lee Nipper

Lee Nipper

Firmware Engineer by day. I like Go a lot, and I'm optimistic about its adoption. Helping on Exercism track allows me to learn more. My focus is adding exercise solutions and test case generators.