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to Hello World in the F# Track

Published at Apr 06 2020 · 0 comments
Test suite

The classical introductory exercise. Just say "Hello, World!".

"Hello, World!" is the traditional first program for beginning programming in a new language or environment.

The objectives are simple:

  • Write a function that returns the string "Hello, World!".
  • Run the test suite and make sure that it succeeds.
  • Submit your solution and check it at the website.

If everything goes well, you will be ready to fetch your first real exercise.

Running the tests

To run the tests, run the command dotnet test from within the exercise directory.

Autoformatting the code

F# source code can be formatted with the Fantomas tool.

After installing it with dotnet tool restore, run dotnet fantomas . to format code within the current directory.

Further information

For more detailed information about the F# track, including how to get help if you're having trouble, please visit the exercism.io F# language page.


This is an exercise to introduce users to using Exercism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%22Hello,_world!%22_program


// This file was auto-generated based on version 1.1.0 of the canonical data.

module HelloWorldTests

open FsUnit.Xunit
open Xunit

open HelloWorld

let ``Say Hi!`` () =
    hello |> should equal "Hello, World!"
module HelloWorld

let hello:string = "Hello, World!";;

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Tome1200's Reflection

The function is named hello with :string immediately following it. I believe this is to define what type the function must return, it was difficult for me to figure this out.