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Erlang Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Yauheni Tsiarokhin

Yauheni Tsiarokhin

functional programming enthusiast
Avatar of Vladislav Promzelev

Vladislav Promzelev https://github.com/rutaka-n

I'm a software engineer. I develop high load systems with erlang/otp and elixir. Also I have experience with ruby and some other programming languages.
Avatar of Norbert Melzer

Norbert Melzer My Blog

I got into erlang because elixir was not available at my university. I have not yet been able to work professionally with it, but used it for personal tools some times.
Avatar of Jan Uhlig

Jan Uhlig https://github.com/juhlig

Having learned Erlang out of interest several years ago, I have been using it in several private and business projects since.
Avatar of Shankar Shastri

Shankar Shastri GitHub Profile

Lover Of Pure Functional Programming.
Avatar of Brandon Gottlob

Brandon Gottlob Blog

After learning Erlang a few years ago, I became interested in building reliable, fault-tolerant systems. I hope to introduce others to Erlang and help spark their interests as well!
Avatar of Brujo Benavides

Brujo Benavides About Me

Erlang developer and trainer for almost 15 years. Currently based in Spain.
Avatar of Shanti C

Shanti C https://github.com/shantiii

I've written a lot of Erlang and Elixir for previous jobs. I've even contributed to the languages! Now I get paid a lot to be sad about PHP, but my love for Erlang will never die.