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Installing Erlang

If you have any trouble installing erlang please consider joining the gitter support channel

Homebrew for Mac OS X

Update your Homebrew to latest:

$ brew update

Install Erlang and Rebar3:

$ brew install erlang rebar@3

On Linux

  • Fedora 17+ and Fedora Rawhide: sudo yum -y install erlang
  • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S erlang
  • Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get install erlang

It may happen that the packages above are dated. At least for ubuntu 16.04 it should still be able to run the tests. If your package gets to old (older than OTP 17.0) please consider a build from source or using kerl or asdf-vm and asdf-erlang instead (follow installation instructions in the corresponding repositories).

Also fetch the latest rebar3 from rebar3.org and put it somewhere in your $PATH and make it executable. (PRs that describe this better or via package manager are welcome).

On Windows

Assuming choco is available (maybe you already installed exercism CLI using it).

choco install erlang
choco install rebar3

Installing from Source

Get a recent Erlang OTP and follow their build-instructions.

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