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Elixir Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Aaron Milam

Aaron Milam GitHub

I have had an interest in functional programming for years, and Elixir has been my outlet for a while now. I love being able to program without hidden side effects, and I love the way functional programming changes the way you think about program flow.
Avatar of Yiming Chen

Yiming Chen https://github.com/dsdshcym

I love Elixir because I believe it can provide both dynamic polymorphism and referential transparency, which are both fundamental for writing clean code.
Avatar of CJ Ting

CJ Ting

I like Elixir for its awesome functional programming features and elegant syntax, it really makes programming enjoyable.
Avatar of Gabriele Lana

Gabriele Lana https://github.com/gabrielelana

Software craftsman, clean code disciple, Elixir/Erlang, Elm, Ruby, Rust, JavaScript, quantified self geek, Emacs all the things, 20 years on the field and still love it.
Avatar of Yauheni Tsiarokhin

Yauheni Tsiarokhin

functional programming enthusiast
Avatar of Olaoluwa Oluro

Olaoluwa Oluro https://github.com/ollaollu

I love Elixir because of it's explicitness and oh the pattern matching is amazing.
Avatar of Paul Otto

Paul Otto https://github.com/potto007

I love Elixir for its pragmatic approach to functional programming, its small syntax, and its macro language. OTP on the BEAM (ErlangVM) is beautiful. I have professionally written and deployed networked software with Elixir.
Avatar of Vladislav Promzelev

Vladislav Promzelev https://github.com/rutaka-n

I'm a software engineer. I develop high load systems with erlang/otp and elixir. Also I have experience with ruby and some other programming languages.
Avatar of Christoph Lipp

Christoph Lipp https://github.com/ser1us

The syntax is slightly ruby-ish and quite easy to grasp. But it truly is stading on the shoulders of giants (Erlang / OTP) which makes it my go to language for most new projects.
Avatar of Todd Resudek

Todd Resudek https://github.com/supersimple

I am happy to help. I have been working professionally in Elixir since January 2018 and have presented at Empex, ElixirDaze, and ElixirConf 2018.
Avatar of Yeong Sheng, Tan

Yeong Sheng, Tan https://github.com/yeongsheng-tan

I chanced upon Elixir back in early 2014 when we were looking out for a replacement stack that is as pleasant and productive to work in as Ruby, while giving us the reliability and fault-tolerance of Erlang, without having to add too much external dependencies to scale out our Ruby stack product.
Avatar of Wiwatta Mongkhonchit

Wiwatta Mongkhonchit https://github.com/zentetsukenz

I like how Elixir made it easy for anyone who wants to start programming getting started with it. Not only easy to learn but Elixir also gives you a robust way to build your application. You can learn a lot by learning Elixir.
Avatar of Adrian Gruntkowski

Adrian Gruntkowski Homepage

Over 2 years ago, exercism was one of the first places where I actively learned about idiomatic approach to writing programs in Elixir. Now, after working with the language day to day, I'd like to give back to this great community.
Avatar of Cohen Carlisle

Cohen Carlisle https://medium.com/@CohenCarlisle

I love Elixir for its productivity, elegant syntax, and functional nature. I've written it professionally and for fun. I hope to help people get excited about Elixir and learn some things myself, as well.
Avatar of Nathan Chere

Nathan Chere GitLab

I first got into Elixir in 2015 and haven't looked back. My day job still largely centres around .NET but Elixir is the language I remain the most passionate and excited about.
Avatar of Sean Handley

Sean Handley Website

I'm a remote developer based in Manchester. Ruby is my first love but increasingly I'm focussing on Elixir. The open source community means a great deal to me and I attend (and occasionally speak at) various technical conferences.
Avatar of Angelika Tyborska

Angelika Tyborska angelika.me

Working with Elixir since 2017. I love it for its elegant syntax, great performance, pattern matching, and immutability.
Avatar of Alessandro Mencarini

Alessandro Mencarini amencarini.com

I've been working in web and API development for a while, mainly writing Ruby and Elixir. I like, among others: simple code, good music, tasty food.
Avatar of Adam Skołuda

Adam Skołuda https://github.com/Skoda091

I am a cheerful guy who really enjoys programming, speaking and extending knowledge. I have been working commercially with Elixir since March 2017. I am thrilled to help.
Avatar of Ian Fosbery

Ian Fosbery https://www.codeguy.io

I've been a programmer for over 15 years. I've really gotten into functional programming in recent years, which is how I've come to love Elixir so much. Concurrency, fp, the Erlang VM - what's not to love?!
Avatar of Norbert Melzer

Norbert Melzer My Blog

I found about elixir on exercism and thaught it were just another ruby, dropped it because I haven't had classes, read more about it, felt in love and cut off my relationship with ruby (nearly).
Avatar of Daniel Couper

Daniel Couper https://github.com/DanCouper

I'm a programmer working [mainly] with Elixir codebases. It's the first (and still the only) language I've learnt where everything Just Clicked. Beautiful underlying system, best-in-class tooling, best-in-class documentation.
Avatar of Byron Anderson

Byron Anderson Byron's Programming Blog

Elixir is the language that I want to be using. Pattern matching + `with` + processes, oh my! It makes me excited to program again!
Avatar of Sven Steinbauer

Sven Steinbauer https://github.com/Svenito

I'm a C++ and Python developer and am in the process of learning Elxir. I always feel that teaching is a great way to learn.
Avatar of Fernando Mendes

Fernando Mendes https://mendes.codes

I'm a backend developer currently working with Elixir (and Ruby at times!). I've always been a huge fan of functional programming and the elegant syntax, performance and knack for distributed systems has made it my favorite language.
Avatar of Jason Axelson

Jason Axelson GitHub

I am a fullstack web developer with experience in Ruby, Elixir, and Javascript (and wrote Java in a previous life). I love Elixir due to it's syntax (especially pattern matching) and the excellent concurrency primitives that it receives via Erlang and OTP.
Avatar of João Pedro de Carvalho

João Pedro de Carvalho https://github.com/sleepiejohn

I'm a Java guy during the days, Elixir and Rust by night, eager share ideas and take other's critics because there is no wrong question.
Avatar of Alexis Brodeur

Alexis Brodeur https://github.com/brodeuralexis

I've been an avid Elixir user for over 2 years. It is the language I want to be using professionally. Everyone I know knows about my passion for Elixir, which is why they call me Alexir
Avatar of Fabian Zitter

Fabian Zitter https://github.com/Ninigi

I started using elixir around 2016 and we have been using it in our company since 2017. I love the language for how well it translates what I want to do into code.
Avatar of Ken Cross

Ken Cross blog

Enjoy learning and teaching topics in functional programming and mathematics as it relates to distributed systems, category theory, graph theory, and computer science at large.
Avatar of Felipe Juárez Murillo

Felipe Juárez Murillo https://github.com/sohjiro

Software Developer at http://bunsan.io/ also I am a gamer currently playing SC2 and Clash Royale. I love beer, anime, manga, music my kids and my wife
Avatar of Andreas Kammerloher

Andreas Kammerloher https://github.com/Odin94

I enjoy making things work elegantly more than just making them work and I consider myself a very honest and straightforward person. I value empathy and rational thinking. I enjoy learning about and debating ethics and philosophy. What I lack in formal education in these fields I make up for in curiosity and open-mindedness. I'm currently looking to get started with competitive programming and using Exercism to practice. I hope to accelerate people's progression through the Elixir track, as there is currently a huge lack in mentors and I'm sure it's frustrating people to wait many days for their code to be reviewed (although it does prepare us well for the realities of business :P).
Avatar of Abhyudit Jain

Abhyudit Jain GitHub

I've been working with mostly JavaScript professionally and do some personal projects in Elixir. I love the whole philosophy of Erlang/Elixir's `Let it crash`. I love all the abstactions it provides in OTP.
Avatar of Brian Underwood

Brian Underwood http://www.brian-underwood.codes

I'm a long-time full-stack web developer with a particular interest in different ways to store and process data. I'm a huge fan how Elixir makes functional programming and fault tolerance accessible and am excited to help others.
Avatar of Chris Eyre

Chris Eyre https://devrantsblog.wordpress.com

I'm a long-time full-stack web developer in a range of languages. I mentor Elixir to allow me to teach and learn from the students.
Avatar of Tonći Galić

Tonći Galić https://github.com/Tuxified

[:polyglot, :rower, :beerlover, :father] |> Stream.cycle
Avatar of Rodrigo Nonose

Rodrigo Nonose https://github.com/rhnonose

Programmer/developer/engineer, working full time with elixir for two years doing regular web stuff.
Avatar of Percy Grunwald

Percy Grunwald

I have been writing Elixir for many years now and I find it a pleasure to write and read. Elixir is an extremely productive language with a beautiful syntax and has amazing performance for networked applications. I think it's an ideal choice for any web application or backend.
Avatar of Paulo Gonzalez

Paulo Gonzalez https://github.com/pdgonzalez872

I'm transitioning to using Elixir full time. I try to use it as much as I can on my free time as well. I'm excited to mentor folks starting out and can hopefully learn new things as well!
Avatar of Raphael Costa

Raphael Costa https://github.com/costaraphael

I'm an Engineer/Teacher using Elixir at my day job and in my side projects as well. I gave talks on Elixir and functional programming at some events, one of them being ElixirConf EU.
Avatar of Maykell Sánchez Romero

Maykell Sánchez Romero kellsaro

Enjoy learning and teaching programming languages. Web development enthusiast.
Avatar of Juan Pablo Lorenzo

Juan Pablo Lorenzo GitHub

Elixir was my first step in functional programming and since I started I am very surprised with this language, its community and the incredible capabilities that Elixir has to improve software development.
Avatar of Júlio Leitão

Júlio Leitão GitHub

Enjoying the Functional Programming paradigm to solve problems and build solutions with quality, maintainability, and great code design. Elixir is one of the best options on the FP world.
Avatar of Emanuele DelBono

Emanuele DelBono https://github.com/emadb

I'm a developer passionate about clean code that fell in love with Elixir
Avatar of Zach Banducci

Zach Banducci

I have been using Elixir for the past year and it has quickly become one of my favorite programming languages. Programming is supposed to be fun and Elixir is no exception. Elixir makes it easy to play around with concurrent programming and its applications are near endless.
Avatar of Roman Chvanikov

Roman Chvanikov https://medium.com/@chvanikoff

I'm a long-time OTP developer (Erlang/Elixir with a strong focus on Elixir for the past 4 years) and will be glad to help anybody to dive into the languages.
Avatar of Dino

Dino GitHub

After some time working professionally with Python I got the chance to finally build something with Elixir that now runs in a production environment. I've always been passionate about functional programming because I feel it is more closely related to Mathematics and Elixir has enabled me to rediscover Functional Programming using awesome syntax.
Avatar of Tim Austin

Tim Austin my blog

Was interested in elixir for a long time, but didn't really start to look into it until 2018. Started the track, and enjoyed it so much I decided to help others enjoy their time learning it as well.
Avatar of Emilien Mottet

Emilien Mottet blog

I'm a curious developer. For me, Elixir is the language that allows me to write effective programs running on the Erlang virtual machine
Avatar of Sascha Wolf

Sascha Wolf Website

Elixir made me realize that concurrency doesn't need to be hard. It's a great introduction to functional programming and a joy to write. I've been using it professionally since 2017, contributed to a number of libraries, and maintain some of my own.
Avatar of Peter Banjo

Peter Banjo website

I love functional programming and Elixir is an amazing language to work with. It takes some effort to adopt a new way of solving programming problems so let's share in the adventure.
Avatar of Erwan Bernard

Erwan Bernard GitHub

I love to learn new paradigme, new language and then teaching them my self. Triathlet and developer !
Avatar of Mats Alritzson

Mats Alritzson https://github.com/enmasse

I believe that functional programming is the future, and that Elixir and BEAM VM is a part of it.
Avatar of MonoHedrion

MonoHedrion https://mnhdrnwebsite.herokuapp.com/

I'm currently a DevOps & Instructor for Red Hat, but I love functional programming !
Avatar of Christian Tovar

Christian Tovar https://github.com/ChristianTovar

I'm a backend engineer interested in distributed systems and functional programming. Elixir has become my favorite programming language due to it's elegant syntax, resilience and performance. I hope to keep using it profesionally for many years and have the chance to experience how it's ecosystem expands as the years go on.
Avatar of Mechim Cook

Mechim Cook GitHub

I'm a backend developer with a passion for ELixir and am happy to help anyone I can!
Avatar of Vince Urag

Vince Urag Website

I am a backend engineer and I have been using Elixir professionally for 3+ years. I am also a fan of learning by teaching.
Avatar of Abdullah Al-Khulaifi

Abdullah Al-Khulaifi https://github.com/alkhulaifi

I started as C programmer and had my time with the different app development tools coding in many languages (PHP, Python, Java, Swift, JavaScript, Dart ...). I always felt that I'm missing somthing in my toolset until I found Elixir.
Avatar of Michael Dimmitt

Michael Dimmitt My Profile Page

Elixir enthusiast - great way to solve problems in a different way, I give talks at local elixir chapter meetup and hope to help others and keep elixir fun!
Avatar of Nuno Ferreira

Nuno Ferreira https://github.com/nunocf

I love functional programming. I started using Elixir as a hobby in 2017 and in 2018 I managed to find a job working with it. I love it's emphasis on developer joy and its quality of life features.
Avatar of Abat Shakenov

Abat Shakenov https://github.com/Abat

I like Elixir
Avatar of João Thallis

João Thallis GitHub

Elixir is my favorite language for its simplicity and power. I've written Elixir professionally, and also use it for open source projects. I like Neovim, testing, Linux and automate and experiment things