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Useful C# Resources

Recommended Learning Resources


  • The official .NET blog has lots of interesting C# articles, ranging from beginner to expert difficulty.
  • Scott Hanselman's blog is an active, well written blog on a wide variety of C# and .NET related subjects.
  • Eric Lippert's Fabulous adventures in coding is a brilliant C# blog, although his subjects are usually quite advanced.
  • The C#/.NET Little Wonders & Little Pitfalls posts by James Michael Hare contains some fantastic posts on less known C# features.

Social media

  • StackOverflow can be used to search for your problem and see if it has been answered already. You can also ask and answer questions.
  • /r/csharp is the C# subreddit.
  • @dotnet is the official .NET Twitter account.
  • Gitter is the C# Gitter room, go here to get support and ask questions related to the C# track.


  • In On .NET, Bertrand Le Roy interviews people on a wide variety of C#/.NET related subjects.
  • There are several great C# courses on PluralSight. The downside: PluralSight is a paid service, but you can request a free trial.


  • .NET Rocks is a very nice .NET podcast with great content.


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