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C# Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Tushar Koshti

Tushar Koshti My Blog

I love C# for its simplicity and consistency. I use C# in building Mobile apps through Xamarin, building Web and Desktop applications.
Avatar of Mariusz Bojkowski

Mariusz Bojkowski C# Today blog

I’m C# / .NET software developer and architect. My commercial adventure with software started in 2006 but it was my PASSION even before that.
Avatar of Diego Colombo

Diego Colombo https://github.com/colombod

Being on the language since day 0 and used it for all sorts of tasks, from video games, to robotics. I love to network and help.
Avatar of Erik Schierboom

Erik Schierboom My blog

I am a developer with a passion for learning new languages. C# is a well-designed and expressive language that I love programming in.
Avatar of Jo Van Eyck

Jo Van Eyck https://github.com/jovaneyck

Software crafter, legacy code wrestler. I help companies get things done without shooting themselves in the foot and teach others how to do it. I use C# professionaly.
Avatar of Mark Elston

Mark Elston

I have used C# for several projects professionally. I enjoy the language for its support of elegant solutions. Especially as it matures.
Avatar of Paul Moore

Paul Moore https://github.com/pdmoore

C# is one of the most used languages at client sites I work with. I'm glad I can share my knowledge with you as you pick up this valuable tool.
Avatar of Christoph Lipp

Christoph Lipp https://github.com/ser1us

I use C# for all my IoT projects and my native apps (Xamarin). It has a very big ecosystem and frameworks like ASP.NET Core can be used as a very good alternative to Node.js.
Avatar of Tushar Tyagi

Tushar Tyagi https://github.com/tushartyagi

I like C# because it's elegent without being verbose, and becomes better with each version. I've been using it professionally for some time now and feel pretty happy with it.
Avatar of John Reese

John Reese I sometimes write about stuff

I am a software engineer with a passion for testing. If you have any questions about the track or the language in general, feel free to ask; I'd love to hear them.
Avatar of Steven Atkinson

Steven Atkinson https://github.com/mrstebo

I began my professional programming career with VB.NET, but have spent the rest (over 8 years) happily working with C#.
Avatar of Nathan Chere

Nathan Chere https://nathanchere.com.au

Worked as a software developer since mid 2000's across various platforms and languages, with roughly 7 years of experience as a developer/consultant focusing primarily on .NET
Avatar of Edward Rustin

Edward Rustin https://github.com/elemeno

I'm a Consultant and a Tech Lead who runs teams of developers, mostly working in C#. I've been writting C# for over a decade, building anything from trading platforms to search engines to smaller webAPIs for my own projects.
Avatar of René Wernicke

René Wernicke https://github.com/renao

I love talking code. C# professional by day, learning new languages by night.
Avatar of Michael May

Michael May https://github.com/mikedamay

I think C# is a great general purpose language balancing performance and maintainability.
Avatar of James Lao

James Lao James' blog

I write mostly C# professionally, but I have a passion for functional programming and lately Rust. I look forward to helping you anyway I can!
Avatar of Doug Whitley

Doug Whitley https://github.com/TsebMagi

I've been using C# for personal projects in Unity for a little over a year and love the balance it strikes between readiblity and functionality.
Avatar of Nícolas Tarzia

Nícolas Tarzia https://nicolastarzia.com

Working as a software developer since 2005, love to programming and a lot of experience in this field, focusing primarly on .NET environment
Avatar of Richard Leurs

Richard Leurs

My love for technology, design and learning made me choose to be a developer. Building professional and personal projects with C# made me really like this fully-featured and expressive language.
Avatar of Aleksander Heintz

Aleksander Heintz My blog

I love programming, and do it both professionally and as a hobby. At work I do most javascript and typescript, but I've also done a lot of F# and C#.
Avatar of Márton Garai

Márton Garai https://github.com/mrtank

I'm a professional programmer since 2012.03. Working mostly in C#. I like it Clean, and agree with Kevlin Henney in conventions.
Avatar of Vince Lee

Vince Lee

I've been using C# professionally for 8 years and love its versatility!
Avatar of James Jensen

James Jensen James' StackOverflow Profile

I love programming, and helping people with programming. You may have seen my StackOverflow contributions under the username StriplingWarrior. I speak English and French.
Avatar of Lucas Jordan

Lucas Jordan https://github.com/LucasJordan

I am a team lead / architect that has used C# to build mobile, Web, and desktop apps. I am passionate about software development and love working in C#.
Avatar of Emre Yurtseven

Emre Yurtseven https://github.com/eyurtseven

I'm a programmer and I've been working as a professional since 2009. Generally, I worked with Microsoft technologies. I have developed various projects including e-commerce, e-learning, job finding site and industrial automation.
Avatar of Ian Knighton

Ian Knighton Personal Blog

I've been working in C# for 5 years. Building everything from simple console apps to major data-analytics tools.
Avatar of Winston Jr Rodriguez Stand

Winston Jr Rodriguez Stand https://github.com/WinstonR96

I am a software developer engineer, I like to learn new languages.
Avatar of Blanka Lewonowska

Blanka Lewonowska https://github.com/sachiwhite

Currently, I'm an IT student and a fan of clean code. I use mostly C# for my own projects.
Avatar of Semsudin Sefic

Semsudin Sefic https://github.com/semsuddin

C# developer with a focus on QA Test Automation as well as Automation in general.
Avatar of Vladyslav Balan

Vladyslav Balan Medium page

I use C# every day at work for building web application. And I believe, that the best way to learn something new is to teach someone
Avatar of Cedd Burge

Cedd Burge Blog Posts

I'm a software lead / architect / manager type thing and I have a strong focus on code quality. C# is an excellent general purpose language, with a rich and mature ecosystem. .Net Core has brought cross platform development and a stronger focus on web development.
Avatar of Shahryar Saljoughi

Shahryar Saljoughi https://github.com/ShahryarSaljoughi

I'm a CS student, who uses C# because of its power.
Avatar of mohamed beyrem makhlouf

mohamed beyrem makhlouf https://github.com/mmbeyrem

software craftsman,I love C# and clean code
Avatar of Petru Faurescu

Petru Faurescu blog

I love C# and .NET Core. I've written .NET / C# professionally, and also used it for open source projects.
Avatar of Syed Umar Anis

Syed Umar Anis My Website

I love programming in C#, find it to be an expressive language that has kept pace with the advancements in the field. I am happy to learn and contribute on Exercism.
Avatar of Mario Catch

Mario Catch

This mentor has not added their bio yet.
Avatar of Odis Harkins

Odis Harkins Personal Blog

I've been working in C# for 7 years. Building everything from simple console apps to full-stack development.
Avatar of Michael Lauritsen

Michael Lauritsen https://github.com/M-Lauritsen

ASP.NET Backend Developer
Avatar of Shayna Conner

Shayna Conner

Professional C# / .NET developer just out here sharing some knowledge.
Avatar of Miguel Bernard

Miguel Bernard My blog

I have over 10 years of experience with Microsoft Technologies. Specialized with many things in the Microsoft ecosystem, including C#, F#, and Azure.
Avatar of Dinesh Sharma

Dinesh Sharma https://github.com/Dinesh210291

I'm a.NET developer having 3+ years of experience in IT. I love to learn new things and share the knowledge.
Avatar of Ben Tsui

Ben Tsui https://github.com/btsui3

I write web applications in C# professionally and want to increase my understanding of the language by helping others.
Avatar of Ken Jones

Ken Jones https://github.com/kmjones77

I have been programming in C# for over 10 years professionally, I'm looking forward to mentoring in order to help others learn and hopefully learn something myself!
Avatar of Nahuel Ianni

Nahuel Ianni https://github.com/nahuel-ianni

I've been working as a consultant on a variety of industries and roles since 2010, mostly focused on software engineering in .NET environments
Avatar of Dinis Peixoto

Dinis Peixoto https://github.com/dinispeixoto

Software Engineer working professionally with csharp and python. Looking forward to learn and teach some quirks and features of csharp.
Avatar of Kelvi Dalmazo

Kelvi Dalmazo https://github.com/Dalmazox

An System Analyst and .NET Developer, a TypeScript fan, working on a multinational enterprise building applications on .NET Ecosystem. Music, movies, series and a bottle of coffe are my pleasures. Fiat Lux!
Avatar of Edward Chen

Edward Chen Personal Site

I'm a developer that mostly works in C# and have been working with it since 2017. Given all the resources that we have, I want to help and give back to the community that has helped me so much.
Avatar of Charalampos Asimakopoulos

Charalampos Asimakopoulos https://github.com/ch-asimakopoulos

Staying Sharp and evangelizing Kaizen since 2016.