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to Anagram in the Crystal Track

Published at Mar 16 2020 · 1 comment
Test suite

An anagram is a rearrangement of letters to form a new word. Given a word and a list of candidates, select the sublist of anagrams of the given word.

Given "listen" and a list of candidates like "enlists" "google" "inlets" "banana" the program should return a list containing "inlets".


Follow the setup instructions for Crystal here:


More help installing can be found here:


Making the Test Suite Pass

Execute the tests with:

$ crystal spec

In each test suite all but the first test have been skipped.

Once you get a test passing, you can unskip the next one by changing pending to it.


Inspired by the Extreme Startup game https://github.com/rchatley/extreme_startup

Submitting Incomplete Solutions

It's possible to submit an incomplete solution so you can see how others have completed the exercise.


require "spec"
require "../src/*"

describe "Anagram" do
  it "no matches" do
    Anagram.find("diaper", ["hello", "world", "zombies", "pants"]).should eq [] of String

  pending "detects two anagrams" do
    Anagram.find("master", ["stream", "pigeon", "maters"]).should eq ["stream", "maters"]

  pending "does not detect anagram subsets" do
    Anagram.find("good", ["dog", "goody"]).should eq [] of String

  pending "detects anagram" do
    Anagram.find("listen", ["enlists", "google", "inlets", "banana"]).should eq ["inlets"]

  pending "detects three anagrams" do
    Anagram.find("allergy", ["gallery", "ballerina", "regally", "clergy", "largely", "leading"]).should eq ["gallery", "regally", "largely"]

  pending "does not detect non-anagrams with identical checksum" do
    Anagram.find("mass", ["last"]).should eq [] of String

  pending "detects anagrams case-insensitively" do
    Anagram.find("Orchestra", ["cashregister", "Carthorse", "radishes"]).should eq ["Carthorse"]

  pending "detects anagrams using case-insensitive subject" do
    Anagram.find("Orchestra", ["cashregister", "carthorse", "radishes"]).should eq ["carthorse"]

  pending "detects anagrams using case-insensitive possible matches" do
    Anagram.find("orchestra", ["cashregister", "Carthorse", "radishes"]).should eq ["Carthorse"]

  pending "does not detect an anagram if the original word is repeated" do
    Anagram.find("go", ["go Go GO"]).should eq [] of String

  pending "anagrams must use all letters exactly once" do
    Anagram.find("tapper", ["patter"]).should eq [] of String

  pending "words are not anagrams of themselves (case-insensitive)" do
    Anagram.find("BANANA", ["BANANA", "Banana", "banana"]).should eq [] of String
# Please implement your solution to anagram in this file
require "big"
module Anagram 
  extend self 

  #def find(src : String, candidates : Array(String))
    #srtd = src.downcase.chars.sort
    #candidates.select do |candidate|
      #candidate.downcase.chars.sort == srtd
    #end.reject do |candidate|
      #candidate.downcase == src.downcase
    #end.reduce(Array(String).new) { |acc, candidate| acc << candidate }

  def find(src : String, candidates : Array(String))
    srcbytes = src.downcase.bytes
    srcsum = srcbytes.map do |i| i.to_big_i end.sum
    srcproduct = srcbytes.map do |i| i.to_big_i end.product 

    candidates.select do |candidate|
      cnddtbytes = candidate.downcase.bytes 
      candidate_sum = cnddtbytes.map do |i| i.to_big_i end.sum 
      candidate_product = cnddtbytes.map do |i| i.to_big_i end.product
      candidate_sum == srcsum && candidate_product == srcproduct && cnddtbytes != srcbytes
    end.reduce(Array(String).new) { |acc, candidate| acc << candidate }

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this version works but I'm not sure it's mathematically sound. a collection of u8 values that has the same sum and the same product are likely to be identical, though not necessarily. For the provided tests it works but I think that's just luck. Not sure how to prove or disprove the math. If someone can point me in the right direction I'd like to come up with a test that disallows this approach.

(edited 139 days ago)

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