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Common Lisp Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson https://github.com/verdammelt

I have always been interested in Lisps since taking the SICP course in college. I love the expressiveness and conciseness of the simple syntax, and the ability to build the language upward to meet the domain.
Avatar of Tushar Tyagi

Tushar Tyagi https://github.com/tushartyagi

I dabble with Common Lisp and find it interesting because of minimal syntax and the amazing functionalities which the syntax brings.
Avatar of Pierre Thierry

Pierre Thierry https://github.com/kephas

I fell in love with Common Lisp for its interactivity, metaprogramming and uniform syntax. If I have any say, it's usually my language of choice for both professional and personal projects.
Avatar of Brooks J Rady

Brooks J Rady thelostlambda.xyz

Lover of functional programming, writing code that writes code for me, and (evidently) parentheses.
Avatar of Tim Hawes

Tim Hawes https://github.com/timotheosh

I love Lisp, functional programming, and the nostalgia behind Common Lisp.