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Clojure Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Jesús Gómez

Jesús Gómez https://github.com/jgomo3

Considered for a new version of the legacy System I'm working with, a coworker presented Clojure to me and we found early it helps a lot on keeping complexity low with a systemic aproach to software projects. We have used in some prototypes. Still learning all I can of it, I hope I could share some knowledege of it by mentoring and learn at the same time.
Avatar of Vlad Bokov

Vlad Bokov https://github.com/razum2um

Around 4 years of clojure experience. Author of aprint & debugger libs. Maintain awesome-clojure list and hope to get russian clojure.ru done right at some point (you can help!)
Avatar of Darrell Pittman

Darrell Pittman https://github.com/darrell-pittman

20 years experience, mostly java, javascript and ruby. I love functional programming and have been studying clojure for ~6 months. I have done one small clojure project professionally.
Avatar of Matthias Wimmer

Matthias Wimmer Matthias' Blog

After being a professional Java developer for around 10 years, I started to introduce Clojure at work to improve development speed. I believe in functional programming and immutability for software quality and better code.
Avatar of Lucas Polymeris

Lucas Polymeris https://github.com/Average-user

Functional programming and Lisp enthusiast.
Avatar of Bobby Towers

Bobby Towers These are the Voyages of the Porkostomus

I write software for music and science education, mostly in Clojure but I also enjoy using C, Python and Bash. As a 'professional beginner', my focus is on making small programs that are easy to understand and modify if desired, never considering a topic fully learned until I can confidently explain it to someone else.
Avatar of Tim Hawes

Tim Hawes https://github.com/timotheosh

I love Lisp, and functional programming. I've written a few apps in Clojure, and some with heavy Java interop.
Avatar of Daniel Brook-Roberge

Daniel Brook-Roberge

Longtime developer, recent Clojurian. Ex-academic web developer who loves code review so much I'm volunteering to do more here!
Avatar of Jarred Humphrey

Jarred Humphrey https://github.com/JarredLHumphrey

Professionally developed in Clojure for last 5 years and use it as my language of choice for most personal projects. I've been programming with a wide array of languages for past 12 years (Java/Javascript/Ruby/PHP).
Avatar of Andrea Crotti

Andrea Crotti https://github.com/AndreaCrotti

Around 3 year of Clojure/Clojurescript experience and working full stack with Clojure since 2017. Member of the Church of Emacs.
Avatar of John Carnell

John Carnell https://github.com/carnellj

I am a prolific speaker and writer and regularly speak at local user groups and industry conferences. I program mainly in Clojure and Java (my last book was Spring Microservices in Action). I have spent the last 3.5 years writing Clojure code for a cloud-based telephony company.
Avatar of Jakub Holy

Jakub Holy Holy on Dev

I’m a full stack Clojure(Script) developer coming originally from the JVM/JS land, coding professionally since 2005. I love Clojure for its interactive development, productivity, and simplicity.
Avatar of Andrew Whitehouse

Andrew Whitehouse https://github.com/andrewwhitehouse

My main languages are Java and Clojure. Have been using Clojure on and off commercially since 2014.
Avatar of Lucas Barbosa

Lucas Barbosa https://github.com/lvbarbosa

Full-time passionate Clojure developer. Spare time Clojure evangelist. Programming since 2012. Teaching is the best way to learn!
Avatar of Quan Nguyen

Quan Nguyen https://github.com/quan-nh

Clojurian, [Red]ucer
Avatar of Tuomo Virolainen

Tuomo Virolainen https://github.com/tvirolai

Functional programmer and lisper. I got interested in Clojure in about 2015 and it quickly became my tool of choice for most tasks.
Avatar of John Practicalli Stevenson

John Practicalli Stevenson Practicalli

Software engineer for 22+ years, last 3 years with Clojure. Learning Clojure since 2012 and now broadcast and write books.