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Bash Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions.
Avatar of Björn Lindström

Björn Lindström Elektrubadur

I've used various Unixes on the desktop for around 20 years, and now work as a systems engineer, mainly with Linux systems. Along the way I've picked up bit of shell script.
Avatar of Victor Goff

Victor Goff https://github.com/kotp

Find me mentoring in person or online. Everyone starts somewhere! Contact me to pair program!
Avatar of Noah A

Noah A GitHub

I am extremely fond of *nix systems, especially GNU + Linux (the combined OS). BASH lets me truly unlock my system's potential. As a student of BASH myself, I look to learn and share, so you can 'unlock' your system, too.
Avatar of Steven Atkinson

Steven Atkinson https://github.com/mrstebo

If you're not using bash...why not?! Learning bash is one of the best things you can do. It can help automate tasks and make your life a lot easier.
Avatar of Guy Gastineau

Guy Gastineau https://github.com/guygastineau

I love working in bash so much that I refuse to use DM's. When I want an open-box or i3 session I can choose to start X, but a computer that drops me straight into a tty just feels like home!
Avatar of Mugurel 'Bud' Chirica

Mugurel 'Bud' Chirica https://github.com/budmc29

Engineering Lead www.linkedin.com/in/mugurel-teodor-chirica
Avatar of Ryan Boris

Ryan Boris GitHub

When you can remember a time when the only way to interact with a computer was via the CLI, you learn to love it and quite frankly I do love it. I have been using both bash style and zsh style shells on Mac and various Linux distros for almost a decade. Prior to my current career as a MEAN stack developer, I was an undergraduate professor of chemistry and gained a tremendous amount of experience with bash shell scripts to automate and run analytical chemistry based lab instrumentation. I love to learn form others and help others learn and would love to get you bash obsessed!
Avatar of Ryan Palo

Ryan Palo https://github.com/rpalo

I don't know why I love Bash. It's arcane, and hard to read, and not intuitive. But I love it, because it gets things done and makes me feel like a wizard. And I want to help you love it too!
Avatar of Batuhan Taşkaya

Batuhan Taşkaya https://github.com/BTaskaya

Over 6 years GNU/Linux & *BSD experience. Developed / Improved bash scripts for various automations. Used most of known services and scripted them with bash.
Avatar of Alex Baranowski

Alex Baranowski https://github.com/AlexBaranowski

RHCE currently aiming for RHCA. I'm spending my best years in a console, so I know a thing or two about Linux :). Enjoy working for a small company where I automate the process of making Linux distro. Some folks call me DevOps.
Avatar of Matt Hoover

Matt Hoover Personal Site

I use Bash daily at work and home, and I think it is a foundational skill for mastering any UNIX-like system.
Avatar of Isaac Good

Isaac Good Personal Site

I love coffee, bicycles, motorcycles and reading fantasy. I've been coding and automating my entire life.
Avatar of Andrew Stoehr

Andrew Stoehr https://github.com/stoehraj

Professional Software Engineer. Whenever I have something I need to automate, Bash is one of my go-tos - its flexibility and interesting syntax make it one of my favorite languages to write. Having direct access to command-line utilities within scripts makes Bash appealing by itself, but the language is so much more than just that. I look forward to helping others learn it!
Avatar of Andoni Alonso

Andoni Alonso LinkedIn

SRE that loves work from the console. Some people say that I have a shellscript for everything. Always learning.
Avatar of Glenn Jackman

Glenn Jackman https://github.com/glennj

Bash is one of the first languages encountered by a *nix newcomer. It has a unique position in the programming ecosystem as both the interactive shell and as a fully-fledged programming language. One can do amazing things with it, as long as one accepts the need to be somewhat disciplined in order to handle the sometimes gnarly syntax. I've been a command line *nix hacker for over 25 years and I am happy to assist others on their quest for shell mastery.
Avatar of Akib Azmain

Akib Azmain https://github.com/AkibAzmain

I use linux very often and I like to use the power of terminal and bash. I like to automate my works, and for this I like shell scripting with bash so much.
Avatar of Michael Dimmitt

Michael Dimmitt My Bash Programs

Bash, my simple go to ... I have built some great programs and have tremendous respect for the language. Beware of a misplaced space! 😱