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Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Freddie Lawson

Freddie Lawson

I am a junior Ruby engineer, I've been working with it for a few months on an engineerig bootcamp and finding it a great language.

Photo of Andrea Wayte

Andrea Wayte

Science teacher turned software engineer. Currently working as a Ruby and Javascript developer. I enjoy working with others to create elegant code.

Photo of Márton Garai

Márton Garai

I'm a professional programmer since 2012.03. Working mostly in C#. I like it Clean, and agree with Kevlin Henney in conventions.

Photo of Robin Victorino

Robin Victorino

I've been working as a Java developer for a bit more than 5 years now. Finding elegant solutions is something I value. I'm an open source enthusiast.

Photo of Joe McMahon

Joe McMahon

I've written Perl5 since Perl 5.6, and authored the internal comments for the Perl debugger.

Photo of Nada Ghanem

Nada Ghanem

A continous learner, love technology and nature.

Photo of Pongpanot Chuaysakun

Pongpanot Chuaysakun

I'm a junior developer from Thailnad. I want learn a new technology for improve myself.

Photo of Magnus Lassi

Magnus Lassi

I've been programming in many languages both professionally and as a hobby. I really like Go for its simplicity.

Photo of Percy Grunwald

Percy Grunwald

I have been writing Elixir for many years now and I find it a pleasure to write and read. Elixir is an extremely productive language with a beautiful syntax and has amazing performance for networked applications. I think it's an ideal choice for any web application or backend.

Photo of Hieu Nguyen

Hieu Nguyen

I'm a javascript developer with deep knowledge in the language itself and NodeJS. Recently i started learning Python as my secondary. Java was used in the past, but no longer my primary language

Photo of Andrej


I love Kotlin for its simplicity and expressiveness. I've programmed in Kotlin professionally, and for me its the language that makes programming `fun` again ;).

Photo of Shankar Shastri

Shankar Shastri

Lover Of Pure Functional Programming.

Photo of Favio Manriquez

Favio Manriquez

PHP was my first language, it has a special place in my heart. I also enjoy teaching and mentoring others, plus it's a great way to refresh knowledge.

Photo of Gabriel Nelle

Gabriel Nelle

Since early 2016 I'm a fulltime Go developer. I love it because it's so simple and yet so powerful.

Photo of James George

James George

I'm a Full Stack JavaScript Developer. What made me fell in love with JS is that, it can be used to build absolutely anything.

Photo of Marcos Almeida

Marcos Almeida

I love learning, teaching and using new programming languages. At this moment, writing C#/Typescript most of my working hours.

Photo of Joao Machado

Joao Machado

Everyday Python keeps surprising me with the simple! I work professionally with python and I do some side projects as well and I want to share my knowledge with the world! And learn in the way!

Photo of Brian Douglas

Brian Douglas

Irish software engineer. Focused on the web platform.

Photo of Ivan Ladelschikov

Ivan Ladelschikov

I have over 4 years of using Python in my job and I found it the most readable language ever. I'd like to help people to use the power of the language to write Pythonic code.

Photo of Michael Priestman

Michael Priestman

I have been writing F# professionally for over a year, including one relatively large project. I like the pragmatic approach it takes to functional programming. I also enjoy working with other similar languages such as OCaml, Elm and Haskell.

Photo of Zoid


I love writing Go, because of how I feel I can be very productive in it, and it's easy to read other People's code.

Photo of Will Murphy

Will Murphy

I'm a former teacher, now an engineer at Pivotal. I'm passionate about learning new programming languages, and helping others learn.

Photo of Juan D. Vega

Juan D. Vega

I love Java and I think it is getting better year after year. I think it takes advantage of the JVM and also has large community with a lot of amazing tools.

Photo of Vitor Fernandes

Vitor Fernandes

I'm a fullstack developer working mostly with Node and Angular. I've been tracking TypeScript evolution since version 1.8 and I've used C# for most of my career, so I'm no stranger to types!

Photo of Sirapop Chaimanasuksri

Sirapop Chaimanasuksri

I currently use F# in my projects at work. I'm also experienced in JS and PHP

Photo of Maisam Somji

Maisam Somji

I'm a full stack developer with a love for all things related to functional programming. I spend the bulk of my time solving complex problems using simple but not necessarily easy solutions.

Photo of Tim Hawes

Tim Hawes

I love Lisp, and functional programming. I've written a few apps in Clojure, and some with heavy Java interop.

Photo of Benjamin Earl

Benjamin Earl

Javascript is my native language, still working on my English.

Photo of Michael Stephens

Michael Stephens

I am a backend engineer that absolutely love's ruby. I've been doing it for over 6 years and love how easy to pick up it is but has all the intricacies to keep you digging for more knowledge

Photo of Aleksander Heintz

Aleksander Heintz

I love programming, and do it both professionally and as a hobby. At work I do most javascript and typescript, but I've also done a lot of F# and C#.

Photo of Raymond Price

Raymond Price

Professional developer for the past 7 years, primarily in JS and secondarily in C# and Typescript.

Photo of Yash Kulshrestha

Yash Kulshrestha

Go is somewhat of a new language for me and I've been trying to learn more and more of it. I got a taste of it through reading some Docker code and I find it to be a better C, which was something I wrote in a past life.

Photo of Richard Leurs

Richard Leurs

My love for technology, design and learning made me choose to be a developer. Building professional and personal projects with C# made me really like this fully-featured and expressive language.

Photo of Marcus Bergenlid

Marcus Bergenlid

I'm a software engineer working professionally in Java, I love to learn new languages and to improve my coding style. My side projects are usually focused around learning some new language or technology.

Photo of Zak B. Elep

Zak B. Elep

I've written Perl 5 for quite a while now at various $WORK, and worked on quite a few FOSS projects with it as well. I'd love to help other people on learning Perl 5, as well as learn from them along the way.

Photo of Thayne McCombs

Thayne McCombs

Although rust does have a steeper learning curve than many other languages, once you understand it, it is a truly incredible language.

Photo of Caleb Boylan

Caleb Boylan

I am a student and spend most of my time hacking on personal projects. I enjoy Rust as it makes some of the more painful parts of programming easier to handle.

Photo of Tiago Antao

Tiago Antao

Did Prolog professionally a long time ago. Still think its the best language in the world!

Photo of Rhys Brooker

Rhys Brooker

Front end developer working with JavaScript and ReactJS. Self taught developer, I enjoy teaching and helping others learn a new language. Contact me on Twitter if you would like more help, I love to network and help.

Photo of Oliver Radini

Oliver Radini

I'm a Javascript developer. I've been working with Javascript for around 5 years now. I really love to help beginners learn to program, and show people what a great language javascript can be.