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Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Zak B. Elep

Zak B. Elep

I've written Perl 5 for quite a while now at various $WORK, and worked on quite a few FOSS projects with it as well. I'd love to help other people on learning Perl 5, as well as learn from them along the way.

Photo of Thayne McCombs

Thayne McCombs

Although rust does have a steeper learning curve than many other languages, once you understand it, it is a truly incredible language.

Photo of Caleb Boylan

Caleb Boylan

I am a student and spend most of my time hacking on personal projects. I enjoy Rust as it makes some of the more painful parts of programming easier to handle.

Photo of Tiago Antao

Tiago Antao

Did Prolog professionally a long time ago. Still think its the best language in the world!

Photo of Rhys Brooker

Rhys Brooker

Front end developer working with JavaScript and ReactJS. Self taught developer, I enjoy teaching and helping others learn a new language. Contact me on Twitter if you would like more help, I love to network and help.

Photo of Oliver Radini

Oliver Radini

I'm a Javascript developer. I've been working with Javascript for around 5 years now. I really love to help beginners learn to program, and show people what a great language javascript can be.

Photo of Michael Cain

Michael Cain

Hi, there! I've been working with Ruby since 2015 and am a big fan of the community and mentorship. My previous career was in Music/Education and I find those skills have helped me be a better teammate and teacher. I look forward to working with you!

Photo of Cameron Wood

Cameron Wood

Python was my first programming language; I started learning it in school and discovered a passion for the power of programming. I strongly believe that Python is one of the best languages, especially for beginners! I currently specialize in using Python for mathematics, namely numerical analysis.

Photo of Monica Calderaro

Monica Calderaro

I'm a career changer (used to be a telecommunication Engineer), always up for learning new things and helping along the way.

Photo of Shawn Isenhart

Shawn Isenhart

I've been working in IT for 20+ years, and Ruby is the first language I've found that I consider truly elegant. I've learned over that time that everyone is constantly learning - I hope we can learn together!

Photo of Nícolas Tarzia

Nícolas Tarzia

Working as a software developer since 2005, love to programming and a lot of experience in this field, focusing primarly on .NET environment

Photo of Dimitry Polivaev

Dimitry Polivaev

I am developer mostly practicing Java, Scala, clean code and TDD

Photo of Fabian Becker

Fabian Becker

I have been developing in PHP since version 3 and made all the mistakes you can make, so you don't have to! Apart from software engineering I love powerlifting and movies.

Photo of Jan Uhlig

Jan Uhlig

Having learned Erlang out of interest several years ago, I have been using it in several private and business projects since.

Photo of Will Madison

Will Madison

Passionate developer. Live long learner. Father. Geek. Frat Boy :). I've written Go professionaly and it is my FAVORITE language!

Photo of David Vrensk

David Vrensk

I love Ruby because it delivers on its promise: programmer happiness. As a programmer, I'm happy when my code is intention revealing, easy to reason about and easy to change. I have used Ruby to build 4 startups over 12 years and I'm not done yet.

Photo of Adarsh K Kumar

Adarsh K Kumar

I'm a Software Developer with exposure to Java/Spring, Devops, Linux, Databases. Currently exploring Distributed Systems and Erlang.

Photo of Yakov Gnusin

Yakov Gnusin

I used imperative languages like C# and Java for ages. I became a big fan of functional programming recently with F#. I'd love to help other people to master that technology as well.

Photo of Batuhan Taşkaya

Batuhan Taşkaya

Over 6 years GNU/Linux & *BSD experience. Developed / Improved bash scripts for various automations. Used most of known services and scripted them with bash.

Photo of Theryn Groetken

Theryn Groetken

I work professionally as a Web Engineer, and I love JavaScript! I use Node, React/Redux, and many other JavScript tools every day. JavaScript is a vast language with many simplicities and equally as many complexities. I'm here to help you figure out which are which, and hold a light to the JavaScript world at large.

Photo of Marcell Lipp

Marcell Lipp

I'm working with cpp with years and I'm really fighting to achieve a better code quality all around the world, so I'm happy to help

Photo of Rodrigo Nonose

Rodrigo Nonose

Programmer/developer/engineer, working full time with elixir for two years doing regular web stuff.

Photo of Thomas Kahn

Thomas Kahn

As a Data Scientist, I found Julia to be very powerful in my own work and I am excited about its future. It's the perfect time to start learning Julia now that version 1.0 has been released.

Photo of Simon Shine

Simon Shine

Haskell has been my favourite programming language since 2012. I have been a classroom teacher on a Haskell course for a number of years. Today I spend my spare time making FOSS projects in Haskell and learning about all the great features they don't teach you in school.

Photo of Jamie Preston

Jamie Preston

I've been a software engineer for nearly 10 years but I switched to using javascript as a back end language 3 years ago. It soon became my new favourite language! I love the flexibility and the continued advancements in ECMA Script. I look forward to helping out where I can as a mentor and continuing to learn!

Photo of Anukul Sangwan

Anukul Sangwan

I'm an undergraduate software engineering research student, and I love to hack on interesting stuff, no matter what the language!

Photo of Brian Beach

Brian Beach

I've been coding in Python off and on for 20 years. It's still my favorite language for many tasks.

Photo of Alex Ahern

Alex Ahern

I work as an Android developer on one of the oldest apps in the UK Play Store. We have been using Kotlin as our primary language for around a year now, and I'd like to help others develop their skills while at the same time developing my own.

Photo of Giacomo Guiulfo

Giacomo Guiulfo

C is my favorite programming language because of the simplicity it offers and the fact that you can really be in 'total' control of programs written with it. I've programmed in C professionally, at school and for many personal projects.

Photo of Choon-Siang Lai

Choon-Siang Lai

Writes Javascript/ES and Python at work, discovered Rust and find it expressive despite being a system langauge. Would love to contribute back by mentoring.

Photo of Eduard Maura

Eduard Maura

I've worked in Java since I started coding seriously for living and having fun :sparkles:

Photo of Peter Lamby

Peter Lamby

I am an professional Java Developer who takes great interest in open source, teaching and self improvement. I'm hoping to help new Developers achieve their goals.

Photo of Sayantan Sarkar

Sayantan Sarkar

Have been using Python for ~5 years for machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, data science and quick scripting purposes

Photo of Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Been learning to love JavaScript more and more over the last few years. Just trying to keep learning an help others.

Photo of Tonći Galić

Tonći Galić

[:polyglot, :rower, :beerlover, :father] |> Stream.cycle

Photo of Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini Zeidabadi

Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini Zeidabadi

Senior Developer Technical Lead ♛ iOS Programming Instructor ♛ UI/UX Designer ✔ More:

Photo of Chris Eyre

Chris Eyre

I'm a long-time full-stack web developer in a range of languages. I mentor Elixir to allow me to teach and learn from the students.

Photo of Richard Wild

Richard Wild

I'm a Software Craftsman at Codurance, doing software development professionally for over 20 years.

Photo of Henri Cazottes

Henri Cazottes

I'm a french software engineer and I have been working with javavascript as a fullstack web developper. I love how Exercism enhance the process of learning new languages, that's why I wanted to be part of it :)

Photo of Christian Glacet

Christian Glacet

I'm a former student from the university of Bordeaux, where I also taught for three years. I love graph problems, I'm specialized in distributed routing problems. I also love python, I'm always happy to learn/share new things :).