The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Larry Ruane

Larry Ruane

I've been a C programmer for many years. I used to work at Bell Labs.

Photo of DT


I'm here to beat the devil out of your code

Photo of Marzi Morovatpasand

Marzi Morovatpasand

Really enjoying coding in Javascript and love to be part of the joy of learning it for anybody else :)

Photo of Daniel Brook-Roberge

Daniel Brook-Roberge

Longtime developer, recent Clojurian. Ex-academic web developer who loves code review so much I'm volunteering to do more here!

Photo of Alex Jablonski

Alex Jablonski

I work as a software developer for a tech consulting company. No matter what language I'm working in, there's always a soft spot in my heart for Java.

Photo of Lynn Langit

Lynn Langit

As a Cloud Architect and Developer, I find the Ballerina language to be useful for many enterprise integration scenarios.

Photo of Alexandre Langlais

Alexandre Langlais

Scala is a great solution for pure functional programming in today's industry.

Photo of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson

Go is my first and favorite compiled language. I love its extensive standard library and its documentation conventions, tooling, and idioms that make the code useful and accessible to programmers with a wide range of experience.

Photo of Makan Taghizadeh

Makan Taghizadeh

Developing C++ professionally in some projects, such as Real-time Applications, IoTs and Games, I've found C/C++ the most influential invention of the century.

Photo of Colton Ehrman

Colton Ehrman

I love to keep things simple, and slowly work on new projects little by little. It makes the most complex problems not so complex after all.

Photo of Gargi Sharma

Gargi Sharma

C was the first programming language I learnt and it still is one of my favorites. I wrote C professionally for Linux Kernel!

Photo of Lukas Gerlach

Lukas Gerlach

I'm studying CS and work as a FE Dev. I currently enjoy crystal very much, so I'm happy to help you learning it.

Photo of Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

JavaScript has been part of my day-to-day job for over 7 years -- A love-hate relationship

Photo of Vincent Serpoul

Vincent Serpoul

I started go 4 years ago, using it professionally and personally. Explaining to others is the best way to make sure you understand, they said!

Photo of Oscar Dominguez

Oscar Dominguez

Working as a Software Developer in a startup in Barcelona. Working exhaustively with JS last 3 years.

Photo of Sergey Kovalev

Sergey Kovalev

I have more than 10 years of production experience. I love Ruby because of its friendly and active community. Nothing is impossible when you do what you love! Happy coding!

Photo of Abdul Wahab

Abdul Wahab

Software developer versed in Java & Spring Boot looking to teach others and also learn from them

Photo of Alex Zielonko

Alex Zielonko

I'm one part professional developer and two parts programming enthusiast, shaken with a liberal dash of pragmatism.

Photo of John Crickett

John Crickett

Software Engineer who works mostly in C++ and Python, with an interest in AI, machine learning and data science/engineering

Photo of Sinuhe Jaime

Sinuhe Jaime

I'm a geek doing a lot of things, including Kotlin. I've using the language for 3 years now but still learning everyday

Photo of John Arundel

John Arundel

Consultant, author of 'Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes', Gopher. Terrible surfer. Se habla español. Ici on parle français. Hier wird deutsch gesprochen. Esperanto parolata.

Photo of Raphael Costa

Raphael Costa

I'm an Engineer/Teacher using Elixir at my day job and in my side projects as well. I gave talks on Elixir and functional programming at some events, one of them being ElixirConf EU.

Photo of Lucas Jordan

Lucas Jordan

I am a team lead / architect that has used C# to build mobile, Web, and desktop apps. I am passionate about software development and love working in C#.

Photo of Dipto Karmakar

Dipto Karmakar

I am passionate about programing. Love to build new things with Ruby, python and Javascript. I am enjoying too much by sharing my knowledge and learning from others. Love to contribute on open source projects

Photo of Leo Benkel

Leo Benkel

I am an experienced developer and research scientist that is passionate about Sciences and Technologies. I love working with teams that want to create the 'possible' out of the 'improbable' while leveraging my creative mind and prototyping/research skills. Simply, I love exploring where no-one has ever been before.

Photo of Alex Baranowski

Alex Baranowski

RHCE currently aiming for RHCA. I'm spending my best years in a console, so I know a thing or two about Linux :). Enjoy working for a small company where I automate the process of making Linux distro. Some folks call me DevOps.

Photo of James Jensen

James Jensen

I love programming, and helping people with programming. You may have seen my StackOverflow contributions under the username StriplingWarrior. I speak English and French.

Photo of Edouard Souan

Edouard Souan

I write javascript and other languages professionally. I love to learn and share with others.

Photo of Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson

Former Google SRE. While at Google, I was a Python readability reviewer and loved it! Since then I've tried to stay current with python 3, but there's always something new to learn...

Photo of Léo Jeusset

Léo Jeusset

I worked with Elm professionaly and I love it! Trusting the language is such a relief on your mind, as a developer you can really start to express yourself and let the code flow, the compiler will watch your back!

Photo of David Stockton

David Stockton

I've been writing PHP since 1997 and have been programming for over 30 years. I really love the improvements that have been made to PHP, especially since 7.0. I enjoy mentoring and helping developers improve and learn new skills.

Photo of Vince Lee

Vince Lee

I've been using C# professionally for 8 years and love its versatility!

Photo of Samuel Walladge

Samuel Walladge

Python was the first language I learnt when I started programming several years ago. Since then I have used it extensively for uni projects, web, scripting, and pretty much everything else. Excited to be able to help mentor new pythonistas!

Photo of Paulo Gonzalez

Paulo Gonzalez

I'm transitioning to using Elixir full time. I try to use it as much as I can on my free time as well. I'm excited to mentor folks starting out and can hopefully learn new things as well!

Photo of Owais Ali

Owais Ali

I am a Computer Science graduate and Software Engineer who loves to write software to build great products which help businesses, communities and individuals succeed with their goals.

Photo of Quincy Bowers

Quincy Bowers

I've been programming in Java professionally for six years, and in general for more than 15 years. I like to focus on clean legible code, because code that is easier to read is easier to understand.

Photo of Mohnish G Jadwani

Mohnish G Jadwani

Mohnish is a programmer who cares about - programming as a craft, mentorship, diversity, inclusiveness and empathy. Away from work, he enjoys contributing to open source, blogging, and has even organized Ruby user group meetups in the past. He's also learning more of Elixir whenever he gets an opportunity.

Photo of Dennis Hammerschmidt

Dennis Hammerschmidt

I'm a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Mannheim and an active R user since 2014. With its unique combination of self-exploration and guided feedback, exercism is the ideal way to learn and master coding in R.

Photo of Sabrina Gannon

Sabrina Gannon

Ruby is the first language I've developed in professionally, I love it for it's readability and how it was developed with the intention to bring joy to those who write it.

Photo of Brandon Gottlob

Brandon Gottlob

After learning Erlang a few years ago, I became interested in building reliable, fault-tolerant systems. I hope to introduce others to Erlang and help spark their interests as well!