The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Christian Mondorf

Christian Mondorf

Christian has worked in consulting and disaster relief at the intersection between IT, supply chain management, and training.

Photo of Avremel Kaminetzky

Avremel Kaminetzky

I enjoy hacking with Python, it is my language of choice for prototyping and side projects.

Photo of Ashley Drake

Ashley Drake

I enjoy writing Python at work and for personal projects; I love it's expressiveness and adaptability.

Photo of Andrea Grandi

Andrea Grandi

I work as software developer at UK Government Digital Service. I like Python, Django, Machine Learning and security.

Photo of Kent Chenery

Kent Chenery

I use Powershell daily to help get my work done. Love it for DevOps work on Windows and now on Linux.

Photo of Yanick Champoux

Yanick Champoux

Perl necrohacker. Avid polyglot. Slightly bonkers all around.

Photo of Clement Rousselle

Clement Rousselle

I've been coding in Objective-C ever since the first release of the iOS SDK, back in the old manual memory management days! It's been a fun ride and I'm excited to share and help people to write great apps!

Photo of Daniil Yarancev

Daniil Yarancev

I'm a student who loves to use Nim. It is a very unique and powerful language which contains a lot of features. Sometimes you can even forget that you're writing in a compiled language rather than in a scripting one!

Photo of Ryan Hartlage

Ryan Hartlage

Lua perfectly embodies the philosophy of 'less is more'. I am smitten.

Photo of Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos

I code Python and Nim.

Photo of Mike Gehard

Mike Gehard

I love writing Kotlin because it has some of the power of Scala without all of the type system complexity. It is a breath of fresh air in the Java ecosystem for those of us that like the JVM but don't like Java.

Photo of Patrick Trottier

Patrick Trottier

I am studying Computer Science in Canada. My passion for the Web as a platform for everyone and Open Source Software fuel my work on projects like Exercism.

Photo of Marcos Brizeno

Marcos Brizeno

I like to keep learning about languages, tools and anything that make developing software fun!

Photo of Jônatas Barbosa

Jônatas Barbosa

Java is one of my favorite languages. It's very powerful and versatile. Besides, you can build once and run everywhere! :)

Photo of Dusan Rychnovsky

Dusan Rychnovsky

I have worked with Java for many years, both professionally and as a hobby.

Photo of Nasy


I like Haskell very much. Although I'm not that good at it, I hope everyone will fall in love with her. I will do my best to help everyone. Besides, I come from China, so if you use Chinese, I can also understand it.

Photo of Kieran Trezona-le Comte

Kieran Trezona-le Comte

I enjoy writing Haskell because of its power and robustness. I also love that it stretches my brain in weird and wonderful ways.

Photo of Alex Kavanagh

Alex Kavanagh

Haskell is a mind expanding language and I love the way it changes how you think about programming. I'm still fairly new to Haskell, but was a seasoned Schemer in the past, and use FP techniques whenever they are appropriate.

Photo of Christoph Lipautz

Christoph Lipautz

Go comes with a very clear image of how to write go-code, a powerful core library, a huge community, platform independence, a great concurrency model, and lots of other things that make this programming language great.

Photo of June


After some years of Node.js I am working as a Go developer now. I am very impressed by Go's strong principles, ease of use and all the out-of-the-box tooling.

Photo of Katrina Owen

Katrina Owen

I love Go for its simplicity and consistency. I've written Go professionally, and also use it for open source projects.

Photo of Gabriel Guzman

Gabriel Guzman

I find Go to be a pleasure to work with. I've used it professionally as well as for many personal projects. It's my go to language for command line tools, and simple APIs.

Photo of Cameron MacDonald

Cameron MacDonald

I only started learning Go about a year ago but I've quickly come to love it. I hope I can help you learn to love it too!

Photo of De Ville Weppenaar

De Ville Weppenaar

I developed a curiosity towards Go through wanting to better understand the tools we used at work. I was pleasantly surprised to see how straightforward the language specification is. I’m keen to learn and to help others on their Go journey.

Photo of Adrian Spanu

Adrian Spanu

I work as a software engineer full time. One of the larger codebases I work in is a set of microservices written in Go. I'm not an expert in Go, but I've started to figure out my way around it. Happy to help others trying to learn more!

Photo of Bethany Garcia

Bethany Garcia

Go admirer. Instigator. Chaser of shiny objects.

Photo of Nat Knight

Nat Knight

I like Elm for its friendliness: I'm more confident in my Elm code than I am in code in any other language, and I never feel pressured to use things I don't understand.

Photo of Nathan Chere

Nathan Chere

I like to code.

Photo of Adrian Gruntkowski

Adrian Gruntkowski

Over 2 years ago, exercism was one of the first places where I actively learned about idiomatic approach to writing programs in Elixir. Now, after working with the language day to day, I'd like to give back to this great community.

Photo of Wiwatta Mongkhonchit

Wiwatta Mongkhonchit

I like how Elixir made it easy for anyone who wants to start programming getting started with it. Not only easy to learn but Elixir also gives you a robust way to build your application. You can learn a lot by learning Elixir.

Photo of Yeong Sheng, Tan

Yeong Sheng, Tan

I chanced upon Elixir back in early 2014 when we were looking out for a replacement stack that is as pleasant and productive to work in as Ruby, while giving us the reliability and fault-tolerance of Erlang, without having to add too much external dependencies to scale out our Ruby stack product.

Photo of Paul Otto

Paul Otto

I love Elixir for its pragmatic approach to functional programming, its small syntax, and its macro language. OTP on the BEAM (ErlangVM) is beautiful. I have professionally written and deployed networked software with Elixir.

Photo of Vladislav Promzelev

Vladislav Promzelev

I'm a software engineer. I develop high load systems with erlang/otp and elixir. Also I have experience with ruby and some other programming languages.

Photo of Yauheni Tsiarokhin

Yauheni Tsiarokhin

functional programming enthusiast

Photo of Olaoluwa Oluro

Olaoluwa Oluro

I love Elixir because of it's explicitness and oh the pattern matching is amazing.

Photo of Yiming Chen

Yiming Chen

I love Elixir because I believe it can provide both dynamic polymorphism and referential transparency, which are both fundamental for writing clean code.

Photo of CJ Ting

CJ Ting

I like Elixir for its awesome functional programming features and elegant syntax, it really makes programming enjoyable.

Photo of Aaron Milam

Aaron Milam

I have had an interest in functional programming for years, and Elixir has been my outlet for a while now. I love being able to program without hidden side effects, and I love the way functional programming changes the way you think about program flow.

Photo of Volkan Erdogan

Volkan Erdogan

I'm self-employed and doing web & mobile apps (ECMAScript/JavaScript) & I'm in love with all the possibilities you get with that language.

Photo of Gabriele Lana

Gabriele Lana

Software craftsman, clean code disciple, Elixir/Erlang, Elm, Ruby, Rust, JavaScript, quantified self geek, Emacs all the things, 20 years on the field and still love it.