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The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Zachary Romero

Zachary Romero

I really enjoy writing Go! I use Go every chance I get whether it be open source, personal projects, or work.

Photo of Caroline Schnapp

Caroline Schnapp

Electrical engineer turned fiction writer turned bum turned Ruby on Rails developer. I love Ruby, Sandi Metz, and Exercism. I live in Quebec, Canada.

Photo of Bob Forgey

Bob Forgey

I've been using C for a long time, mostly doing embedded systems development. I still enjoy programming in C. I value clarity over cleverness.

Photo of Steven Atkinson

Steven Atkinson

If you're not using bash...why not?! Learning bash is one of the best things you can do. It can help automate tasks and make your life a lot easier.

Photo of Sean Fairchild

Sean Fairchild

I'm a senior Ruby dev professionally at my company. I have taught many new devs and devs coming from other languages Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Photo of John Reese

John Reese

I am a software engineer with a passion for testing. If you have any questions about the track or the language in general, feel free to ask; I'd love to hear them.

Photo of Carsten Dreesbach

Carsten Dreesbach

I've been using Java in my job for about 15 years now, but only became a full-time engineer about a year and a half ago (was in professional services doing customizations before that).

Photo of Chirag Mittal

Chirag Mittal

I love to spread my knowledge. I'm using C and C++ from past 4 years. I love them because of their simplicity and friendliness.

Photo of Randall Koutnik

Randall Koutnik

Level 13 JavaScript Wizard

Photo of Rutger Claes

Rutger Claes

I really like working in Scala. It allows me to come up with elegant, functional code that is also concise and type safe.

Photo of Greg Stromire

Greg Stromire

I learned to program on embedded devices, and later moved to iOS development in Objective-C and Swift. Most recently, I've been exploring functional programming in Scala. I'm interested in security principles and applied cryptography. And if I can ever find some spare free time, I would love to try out Rust!

Photo of Sebastian Magri

Sebastian Magri

I been using Rust both at work and as a hobby for a while now. Its an awesome project that makes it easy to learn and contribute, and improves really fast while remaining compliant with its principles.

Photo of Maira Kodama

Maira Kodama

Math teacher turned programmer. Fell in love with Rust while listening to Steve Klabnik talk about its design choices. Eternally grateful for helpful compiler messages. Not tall enough to write multi-threaded code.

Photo of Andrew Radev

Andrew Radev

Rust is a language that feels as comfortable as the next Ruby. While I can't say I'm an expert quite yet, I've taught a university course in it, so I hope I've picked up enough skill to help beginners out.

Photo of James McLaren

James McLaren

I started writing Ruby 4 years ago when I co-founded Workplace Arcade. I quickly fell in love with the language and have been using it ever since. I'm very passionate about mentoring and co-organize a local ruby meetup.

Photo of Rishi Pithadiya

Rishi Pithadiya

I love Ruby for its simplicity and readability. I have been using it professionally for more than 3 years. I love mentoring ruby because it giving me ability to learn something new.

Photo of Pablo Vicente

Pablo Vicente

I've been writing code professionally for 10 years. In the last 5 years, Ruby has been my main language. I think Ruby is a great language and I'd love to help other people get into it :-)

Photo of Pedro Gaspar

Pedro Gaspar

Ruby has been my go-to language for the past 6 years. I love how readable and intuitive it is. I'm thankful for the opportunity to help others on their journey in any way I can and I'm hoping to become a better mentor in the process :)

Photo of Matheus Silva

Matheus Silva

I'm a programmer trying and learning how to write beautiful code.

Photo of Jackie Potts

Jackie Potts

Hi! I'm a Ruby developer from NYC looking to help grow the community and get more people writing Ruby!

Photo of Josh Morrow

Josh Morrow

I've been using ruby professionally for five years. It was the first language I really fell in love with, and it's still my goto tool for quite a few tasks including web development.

Photo of Jean-François Labbé

Jean-François Labbé

Hello, I'm a devOps Engineer and full stack developer, love the design and testing principles enforced by the ruby community

Photo of Eumir Gaspar

Eumir Gaspar

I love Ruby and am very passionate about it. I have used Ruby (and Rails) professionally since 2009 and have maintained the RubyConf Philippines site as a volunteer since 2014.

Photo of Balaji Raghavan

Balaji Raghavan

I love Ruby and have been using it professionally for more than 10 years. I also have been spending time on how to write a easy to read and easy to extend Ruby code. I am new to mentoring and a non-native English speaker. Please excuse my brevity. If my feedback to you is rude, first I am sorry and second it was not my intention. Please do reach out to me, it gives me an opportunity to learn through feedback for mentoring.

Photo of Conrad Beach

Conrad Beach

I love the Ruby programming language; it's a joy to write code with it. The majority of my development experience is with Ruby, and I'm excited to help others learn it.

Photo of Brandon A Welsh

Brandon A Welsh

Lover of Open Source and Ruby! Reach out to me and get in touch with any questions or collaborations, I love to network and help.

Photo of Ty Hahn

Ty Hahn

I do Linux administration as day job and write python mainly for my personal data science projects.

Photo of Michael Morehouse

Michael Morehouse

Although Python wasn't my first -- and won't be my last -- programming language, it remains my favorite for introducing others to the joys, the pains, the infrequent ecstacies, and the occasional terrors of life before the REPL.

Photo of Ian McCowan

Ian McCowan

Python is the first language I taught myself, and the one I used at my first job. I love its relative accessibility to newcomers and the huge ecosystem you can grow into as you learn it!

Photo of Yannick Dawant

Yannick Dawant

I've been using Python professionally for the past 5 years. I was lucky to be surrounded by great teachers and mentors on my path to becoming a developer. Excited to pay that forward!

Photo of Thiago Hickmann

Thiago Hickmann

I have a sysadmin background (on Linux and Windows) and I began learning Python about a year ago to automate tasks. I really like the breadth of the use that you get in this language, and how easy is to write clean code.

Photo of Steven Hans

Steven Hans

Everytime I wanted to do some quick automation I always choose python because it is simple, relatively easy, and fast enough to do the automation. This has saved me a lot of painful time if I were to do it myself manually. I also like java and currently learning some C.

Photo of Salomé Lahmar

Salomé Lahmar

Python is my favorite language because it's easy to learn and easy to write, and really explicit and concise. It's also great for machine learning enthusiasts!

Photo of Seeni


I am Indian student developer working in Deep Learning with python. I work on python for almost all of my projects. Other languages i Use are javascript , c++

Photo of Jahongir Rahmonov

Jahongir Rahmonov

Although not my first programming language, Python made me fall in love with programming. I never looked back since.

Photo of Luisa Lima

Luisa Lima

Python has been, my on and off go-to language for the past 14 years. With the increasing popularity of its data science and security libraries, I feel that it is more important than ever to help people learn and improve!

Photo of Mike Kunc

Mike Kunc

I use Python every day in my role as a Data Engineer. My last name is pronounced 'Koontz'.

Photo of Jon Calder

Jon Calder

I've got limited experience with Python, but have found it fun and useful to learn, especially as a data scientist. I hope to continue learning from others and to be able to assist them on their journey.

Photo of Dimitri Merejkowsky

Dimitri Merejkowsky

Python3 fan. Interested in refactoring, test driven developement and type annotations.

Photo of Christian Mondorf

Christian Mondorf

Christian has worked in consulting and disaster relief at the intersection between IT, supply chain management, and training.