The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Andrew Prior

Andrew Prior

Javascript developer, father, and amateur everything else.

Photo of Alexis Lu

Alexis Lu

I am using C and C++ for some years. C is more friendly when compile to assembly.

Photo of Andrea Sessa

Andrea Sessa

I love Lua for its simplicity and effectivness. I write Lua professionally.

Photo of Nate Clark

Nate Clark

I have been programming in Python for the last 7 years and teaching it to beginners for the last 4. I don't claim to know much, but I hope to be a useful person to bounce ideas off of. Thanks for reading!

Photo of Tobias Weber

Tobias Weber

I came to Python for the GUI support, and I stayed because it is simple enough conceptually that humans can understand how it works.

Photo of Nitish Chinta

Nitish Chinta

I use Python for my side projects - mostly on competitive programming and machine learning. I contributed to CPython project for some time.

Photo of Subhojit Paul

Subhojit Paul

I have been writing applications in PHP since 2012. I like to learn software engineering principles, and implement them in PHP - or any other programming language.

Photo of Lonnie Ramirez

Lonnie Ramirez

As a developer I never want to stand still. Always improving on my syntax, performance, and knowledge. Currently finishing up my Masters degree in Computer Science but want to also help others grow.

Photo of Mayur Deepak Wadhwani

Mayur Deepak Wadhwani

I am constantly looking out ways to improve myself. At this stage, I feel like I am capable enough to mentor people.

Photo of George-Claudiu Carcadia

George-Claudiu Carcadia

I've been using Python since two and a half years ago and I really fell in love with it. I really hope that I can share my knowledge with others and also become more knowledgeable myself along the way.

Photo of Ivan Šarić

Ivan Šarić

I am primarily a Java backend dev working full-time in the e-commerce field. Learning programming has changed my life for the better and I hope to help others do the same.

Photo of Ryan Boris

Ryan Boris

I have written JavaScript as part of various JS frameworks, open source projects, and profesionally. As a MEAN stack developer, JS is my life. I would identify JS as the language I am most comfortable with at an advanced level. I also teach JS lessons in webinars from time to time. Please feel free to ask me any questions!

Photo of Karthik Nayak

Karthik Nayak

The language which got me interested in programming. Most of my open source contributions have been in C.

Photo of Byron Anderson

Byron Anderson

Elixir is the language that I want to be using. Pattern matching + `with` + processes, oh my! It makes me excited to program again!

Photo of Chad Gorshing

Chad Gorshing

Currently working on a large project in C++ so working on my chops along with the rest of you all, trying to give back to help out others.

Photo of Ruben Romero Montes

Ruben Romero Montes

I've been developing in Java professionally for over 10 years.

Photo of Michael May

Michael May

I think C# is a great general purpose language balancing performance and maintainability.

Photo of Jayaram Kancherla

Jayaram Kancherla

I use R in my work quite frequently and was introduced a long time ago when i was in grad school. I love the flexibility and readability of the language and would love to help others!

Photo of Vince Mutolo

Vince Mutolo

I am a physics student with interest and experience in computational methods, especially using Python. I would like to help others learn to use its expressive syntax and extensive libraries to facilitate clean and speedy development.

Photo of John Turner

John Turner

I've been working, either professionally or on side projects, with Python for about 3 years now. I love its versatility, easy syntax, and powerful capabilities. I'm excited to share what I've learned, and learn from others as well!

Photo of Bhavik Mehta

Bhavik Mehta

I love functional programming, especially the deep theoretical background that comes with Haskell as well as the readability and safety it provides.

Photo of Daniel Couper

Daniel Couper

I'm a programmer working [mainly] with Elixir codebases. It's the first (and still the only) language I've learnt where everything Just Clicked. Beautiful underlying system, best-in-class tooling, best-in-class documentation.

Photo of Cody Hoover

Cody Hoover

I got started using typescript to write VS Code extensions such as Power Mode. I now mentor use it daily in my role as a front-end developer and mentor others on my team as we migrate more and more of our codebase to typescript.

Photo of Arno Fleming

Arno Fleming

Developer: Mostly Ruby and JavaScript. Teacher: Ruby, JavaScript basics, Programming paradigms. People skills. Like to learn myself

Photo of Brooks J Rady

Brooks J Rady

Lover of functional programming, writing code that writes code for me, and (evidently) parentheses.

Photo of Aaron Strick

Aaron Strick

Elm was my introduction to typed languages and a gateway for me to functional programming. I was lucky enough to learn it on the job, and have since adopted it as my main frontend language.

Photo of Giorgio Delgado

Giorgio Delgado

I'm a full-stack developer interested in functional programming and statically-typed languages. The geek in me thinks that the world needs more Elm.

Photo of Jacqueline Outka

Jacqueline Outka

I find Scala to be both a beautiful and useable language. I like that you can use clear and concise functional paradigms, while still enjoying the benefits of object orientation and JVM interoperability.

Photo of Sam Scott

Sam Scott

For me, Rust and Cryptography has been a perfect match. As I grow my own company, I plan on sticking with Rust and want to help encourage people to pick it up.

Photo of Emerentius


I'm a physicist and hobbyist programmer. I've been a Rust enthusiast since shortly before 1.0. I love Rust for its speed and safety, its typesystem, clean design, cargo and overall focus on correctness that help me offload so much worry on the compiler.

Photo of Oren Kanner

Oren Kanner

I'm a lapsed mechanical engineer and robotocist turned software developer, deeply in love with Ruby (although Elixir is pretty great too). Currently the Application Development Manager @ Yale University.

Photo of mienaikage


I do PHP for the past few years and I am happy to give back by mentoring PHP.

Photo of Anthony Deschamps

Anthony Deschamps

I use Elm for hobby projects and occasionally at work. I like it for a lot of technical reasons, but most of all for the great community.

Photo of Stargator


Since August 2017, I have been a maintainer on the Dart track on Exercism. I've developed several scripts in Dart as well as used AngularDart on an enterprise application.

Photo of Dakota Kim

Dakota Kim

I have been programming for around 5 years using various languges and technologies. Currently, I focus on Swift and iOS development. I am excited to mentor for Swift and join Exercism's Objective-C track as a student!

Photo of Jim Kyle

Jim Kyle

After years of light web development in the financial industry, I changed course to follow my passion for software development. I love working with Ruby and Javascript and am currently building my knowledge around Elixir, Java, React, and Angular.

Photo of Florian Gilcher

Florian Gilcher

I'm a Rustacean since 5 years and member of the Rust project. I lead the events team and contirbute to the community team. I own a Rust company. I train Rust professionally, but still got a lot to learn.

Photo of Timothy J

Timothy J

I'm a professional iOS Developer, leaning towards a functional approach and mathematics based approach. I've been using Swift professionally since 2.0 was released.

Photo of Pragya Mohan

Pragya Mohan

I love Swift because of how simple and powerful the language is. I am constantly learning cool new ways of writing good Swift code as I work on an iOS app day to day.

Photo of Sherab Giovannini

Sherab Giovannini

Rust is a revolutionary language that is growing and improving fast. I am proud to have been promoting Rust in my own company leading to incredible results. It covers low-level programming while offering high-level abstractions which for systems developers, it's a blessing.