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Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Pragya Mohan

Pragya Mohan

I love Swift because of how simple and powerful the language is. I am constantly learning cool new ways of writing good Swift code as I work on an iOS app day to day.

Photo of Sherab Giovannini

Sherab Giovannini

Rust is a revolutionary language that is growing and improving fast. I am proud to have been promoting Rust in my own company leading to incredible results. It covers low-level programming while offering high-level abstractions which for systems developers, it's a blessing.

Photo of René Wernicke

René Wernicke

I love talking code. C# professional by day, learning new languages by night.

Photo of Matthias Wimmer

Matthias Wimmer

After being a professional Java developer for around 10 years, I started to introduce Clojure at work to improve development speed. I believe in functional programming and immutability for software quality and better code.

Photo of Joel Taylor

Joel Taylor

Ruby was my gateway from English-lit to programming. I've been using it professionally for over five years and love it!

Photo of Curtis La Graff

Curtis La Graff

I've come to love working in Gol and Python, and am always on the lookout for the next big thing to pickup. There is always something new to learn!

Photo of Thomas Gamble

Thomas Gamble

Enjoy solving problems and helping others learn. I've written java professionally, and also use it for open source projects.

Photo of Pierre Thierry

Pierre Thierry

I fell in love with Common Lisp for its interactivity, metaprogramming and uniform syntax. If I have any say, it's usually my language of choice for both professional and personal projects.

Photo of Ryan Palo

Ryan Palo

I use Python to do data analysis, engineering, physics, and design calculations for work. I also use Python because it’s simple and clean and nice and I love it!

Photo of Edward Rustin

Edward Rustin

I'm a Consultant and a Tech Lead who runs teams of developers, mostly working in C#. I've been writting C# for over a decade, building anything from trading platforms to search engines to smaller webAPIs for my own projects.

Photo of Huu Khiem (Mark)

Huu Khiem (Mark)

Interested in writing simpler code :)

Photo of Yilkal Argaw

Yilkal Argaw

An enthusiastic programmer who enjoys to explore various aspects of the computer industry. Worked on areas ranging from ASIC & FPGA based hardware design to Software Development in softwares like ruby, C, C++, perl,scheme, common-lisp and rust.

Photo of Stephen Bastians

Stephen Bastians

I like OCaml's approach of being functional first, but allowing for escape hatches into imperative code when you really need them.

Photo of Andrew Halls

Andrew Halls

I've been developing iOS apps since the iOS 3.0 days. I learned Swift when it first released with the help of I enjoy helping others learning the language, I always seem to learn a bit more myself.

Photo of Jörn Teuber

Jörn Teuber

C++ was the second programming language I learned and it has been my favorite ever since. That has been 14 years ago. I love it for its speed and explicity.

Photo of Norbert Melzer

Norbert Melzer

I found about elixir on exercism and thaught it were just another ruby, dropped it because I haven't had classes, read more about it, felt in love and cut off my relationship with ruby (nearly).

Photo of Alpha Shuro

Alpha Shuro

Rust empowers developers to write code that is ambitious, fast and correct. Viva Rust!

Photo of Emre Kucukayvaz

Emre Kucukayvaz

I started programming with Java, then moved to Scala, and later ended up in iOS development with Objective-C and Swift. I'm happy to help newcomers from all disciplines.

Photo of Ian Fosbery

Ian Fosbery

I've been a programmer for over 15 years. My day-to-day lately has been JS everywhere. Everywhere. I've really gotten into functional programming in recent years, which is how I tend to write Javascript. But, it can be written in many different ways and it's all about the context.

Photo of Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

I've been working professionally with Ruby on the backend for about 5 years. Looking forward to share my love of Ruby.

Photo of Bert Proesmans

Bert Proesmans

I've spent a lot of time inside its documentation, on the users forum and IRC. I'm almost celebrating my first year of Rust development.

Photo of Sean DMR

Sean DMR

(He/him pronouns). I've been a Ruby developer for a couple of years (since 2016ish), and I've been helped along immensely by friends and the community--I'm looking forward to paying that back! When I'm not working with code, I'm probably playing or making tabletop RPGs.

Photo of Kaio Magalhaes

Kaio Magalhaes

Software Engineer, programmer lover, Jiu-Jitsu fighter and code addicted.

Photo of Chris Strolia-Davis

Chris Strolia-Davis

I've been developing with JavaScript/EcmaScript for about 2 decades. I've been helped by many and I'm happy to help others.

Photo of Unathi Chonco

Unathi Chonco

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer who thinks Ruby and the entire ecosystem is glorious. I've had a pull request merged into Rails, and love finding opportunities to contribute to open source.

Photo of Dimitri Prybysh

Dimitri Prybysh

Python, Tools for Programmers, Static Code Analysis

Photo of Adrian King Legaspi

Adrian King Legaspi

Generally a Purely Functional Programming advocate and Professional Software Engineer in Scala/Haskell

Photo of Ric Emery

Ric Emery

This mentor has not added their bio yet.
Photo of Darrell Pittman

Darrell Pittman

20 years experience, mostly java, javascript and ruby. I love functional programming and have been studying clojure for ~6 months. I have done one small clojure project professionally.

Photo of Florian Zeidler

Florian Zeidler

I am software engineer from Berlin, Germany. I work since 2013, often in legacy environments and mostly in Java.

Photo of Adam Skołuda

Adam Skołuda

I am a cheerful guy who really enjoys programming, speaking and extending knowledge. I have been working commercially with Elixir since March 2017. I am thrilled to help.

Photo of Fredrik Rubensson

Fredrik Rubensson

Go is one of the languages I have worked with during my 20+ years as a developer. I like it for some use cases. It is a noisy thing and that can be really good at times!

Photo of Oleksandr Halushko

Oleksandr Halushko

I like C++ for the power it puts in the hands of the developer and I believe that mastering a powerful and versatile tool craftsman grows

Photo of Lars Eckart

Lars Eckart

I'm very enthuastic about clean code and TDD. I've developed a few small android apps and otherwise microservices in java 8. I'm addicted to (un)conferences, meetups, watching conference talks online, or simply reading the classic books about software development. Never stop learning!

Photo of Leonardo Cardoso

Leonardo Cardoso

undefined is not a function

Photo of Mugurel 'Bud' Chirica

Mugurel 'Bud' Chirica

Full Stack Web Developer (Ruby, JavaScript, DevOps).

Photo of Tejas Bubane

Tejas Bubane

I love Ruby for its expressiveness, readability and the awesome community. I learnt a lot of good practices in Ruby while solving exercises on exercism and later started using it to mentor people in my workplace. Now I am really excited to do it on a wider scale!

Photo of Nicole Montano

Nicole Montano

I use Python nearly every day and believe everyone can benefit from its simplicity and effectiveness to demonstrate high-level Computer Science concepts and automate everyday tasks.

Photo of Lucas Polymeris

Lucas Polymeris

I'd like to make Prolog a better known programming language.

Photo of Simon Hafner

Simon Hafner

type-driven development evangelist