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The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Quan Nguyen

Quan Nguyen

Clojurian, [Red]ucer

Photo of Elena Parovyshnaia

Elena Parovyshnaia

Do respect Kotlin for been concise, expressive and for addressing most of the developer's everyday needs in such an elegant way.

Photo of Daniel Brice

Daniel Brice

I use Haskell at work because it allows me to rapidly deliver easily-maintainable applications with a high degree of confidence in their correctness.

Photo of Andy An

Andy An

I use JavaScript (React) at work and did Java, Python, PHP in the past. I'm always excited to learn and help!

Photo of Guillaume Diallo-Mulliez

Guillaume Diallo-Mulliez

I am a mobile applications developer. Coming from the React Native universe, I am now working with and loving Flutter and Dart to build mobile applications.

Photo of Sherwood Nelson

Sherwood Nelson

I am very interested in the theory of OS. Most OS kernels were written in C, for example, the Linux kernel. I would like to teach beginners programming in C, because C uses a large number of low-level concepts that every programmer should know.

Photo of Lucas Souto

Lucas Souto

I love python and is the main programming language that I use in everyday, it's easy and beautiful language. I want to help everyone write more pythonic codes!

Photo of Khiman Louer

Khiman Louer

Go is a beautiful language with an amazing community. I use it everyday working as a freelance developer for many clients.

Photo of Haruya Shida

Haruya Shida

Originally a .NET developer. Now a big Go lover for its simplicity.

Photo of Vedant Shetty

Vedant Shetty

Geek at heart who loves solving complex problems and creating clean, easy to use applications

Photo of Raoul R. Wadhwa

Raoul R. Wadhwa

A medical student who enjoys using R for open science.

Photo of Thomas Pucci

Thomas Pucci

I work as a lead developer in a mobile-app startup. I come from the React-Native world and started to learn more about Android development. I discovered Kotlin and love this modern langage!

Photo of Lucas Barbosa

Lucas Barbosa

Full-time passionate Clojure developer. Spare time Clojure evangelist. Programming since 2012. Teaching is the best way to learn!

Photo of Nathan Burgess

Nathan Burgess

I started programming back in 1995 and have used a variety of languages since then. Currently I'm a CTO for a political technology startup annd working heavily with React.

Photo of Johan Berg

Johan Berg

I have been writing C code professionally since 2014. Interested in low-level stuff.

Photo of Jonathan Whittle

Jonathan Whittle

I'm a self-taught, full-stack developer based in Kentucky building front-end SPA's with React. Side projects in Vue and Express. B.A. in Philosophy, M.Div, working on a doctorate in Ancient Near Eastern Languages.

Photo of Kurt Tamulonis

Kurt Tamulonis

As I learned Ruby I wished for a mentor. Becoming one has been profoundly fulfilling.

Photo of Matt Parsons

Matt Parsons

I taught myself Haskell in college as a mindbending exercise, and I've been using it professionally ever since. I love helping people learn the language, from beginners to industrial professionals!

Photo of Kinyanjui Wangonya

Kinyanjui Wangonya

Wired in.

Photo of Nate Mallison

Nate Mallison

A big JavaScript fan. I learned a lot here on my way to my first developer position and I look forward to helping others learn as well.

Photo of Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen

I love Python for it's simplicity and elegance. Readability counts!

Photo of Jim Miller

Jim Miller

I have worked with a wide assortment of technologies and languages over the last 20 years. I caught the FP bug through Scala in early 2015 which I've been using professional since then.

Photo of Simona Ziauke

Simona Ziauke

I am using Python for personal projects. Python seems to be providing powerful solutions that are simple to understand.

Photo of Luis Rojas

Luis Rojas

Front End Developer with over 7 years of experience. Working remotely from Costa Rica.

Photo of Eli Flanagan

Eli Flanagan

I'm a software developer chasing my curiosity. I've been learning Rust to better understand computing and write secure, performant software.

Photo of Pranas Ziaukas

Pranas Ziaukas

As a mathematician, data and software engineer I enjoy coding in Python. Also, I appreciate clean and concise solutions under all circumstances.

Photo of Dušan Tadić

Dušan Tadić

I'm an iOS developer using Swift since version 2.0. I'm a fan of Swift for its power and approachability.

Photo of Pavan Raga

Pavan Raga

I am a master's student, with 5+ years of past software development experience. Happy to help!

Photo of Nithin Reddy

Nithin Reddy

An avid believer of the Feynman technique. Currently a professional trying to learn Rust and also teach it at the same time.

Photo of Aaron Kuehler

Aaron Kuehler

80% Scientist, 20% Artist. Theorist and Practitioner.

Photo of Daria Golub

Daria Golub

I am a software developer, with the main focus on Java. Clean code, proper tests, best practices ♥.

Photo of Rishikanth Chandrasekaran

Rishikanth Chandrasekaran

I am currently a PhD Student in CSE at University of California - San Diego. My interests are in Machine Learning & Embedded Systems. I love programming in C. It was the first language I learnt. I work a lot in systems and hence write a lot of firmware code in C. I've started using Python as well for ML applications. Outside of research I enjoy reading and outdoor activities.

Photo of Jan Groth

Jan Groth

Coming from a Java background, I gave up not loving Python about 3 years ago. Today, it's by far my favorite language.

Photo of Nordwin Hoff

Nordwin Hoff

I am developper working with java and javascript every day. I love to learn new things and share it with people around me. I believe in team work, well designed code and simple things to make coding a fun experience.

Photo of Doug Schrag

Doug Schrag

A Perl programmer for several decades, I am now promoting Perl 6 for the same reason. It's a full toolkit for solving almost any problem. I've learned quite a few things, let's learn some more together!

Photo of Nirupam Sharma

Nirupam Sharma

I am a prosessinal Data Scientist and for me python is like a Gennie. My mind thinks and python brings it to life.

Photo of Leo Kiiski

Leo Kiiski

I build Ruby on Rails backends professionally. Ruby is my main language, and I really enjoy its expressiveness. I'd like to learn Haskell and Rust, and get better at shell scripting

Photo of Dagmar Timmreck

Dagmar Timmreck

JS - or better ES6 - is my main language at work. I am a mathematician by training, sing in a semi-professional choir and am a mother of three.

Photo of Jeffrey Bian

Jeffrey Bian

I am a software architect building platforms for 3D renderings and eCommerce. Python 2 is my day to day language but I also work with Python 3 on my side projects. I am hoping to share my knowledge with people!

Photo of Bibin Venugopal

Bibin Venugopal

Working as ruby on rail(RoR)s last 4 years (I recommend to have a look at RoR when learning Ruby). I have total 8+ years in software development. I always believe sharing knowledge is a beautiful concept, exercism is perfect place to learn and share your knowledge.