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The people behind Exercism
Track Maintainers

Track Maintainers

Our maintainers are the lynchpins of the language tracks and exercises on Exercism.

Photo of Anna Weber

Anna Weber

I used to be a health economist, and am now on my way to becoming a software engineer. Exercism's Java track got me started with open source.

Photo of Anthony Scotti

Anthony Scotti

With a love of learning new languages, Nim has caught my eye and I want to share the experience of learning it with others.

Photo of Barrett


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Photo of Brad Wood

Brad Wood

ColdBox/CommandBox Developer Advocate. Lucee Member. System Architect. CFML dev. DBA. Dad. Handyman. Ready for a revolution.

Photo of Chéyo Jiménez

Chéyo Jiménez [Alumnus]

http://masters3d.com https://twitter.com/master3d

Photo of Cohen Carlisle

Cohen Carlisle

I love Elixir for its productivity, elegant syntax, and functional nature. I've written it professionally and for fun. I hope to help people get excited about Elixir and learn some things myself, as well.

Photo of Corey McCandless

Corey McCandless

Big fan of homemade bread and reusable code.

Photo of Cristian Rivas Gómez

Cristian Rivas Gómez

I am a Software Engineering student from San Sebastian. I enjoy a lot reading about topics related to Java, software maintainability and web technologies. My love for TypeScript began developing web apps with Angular framework.

Photo of Daniel Mita

Daniel Mita

My first adventure in coding was creating userscripts by trial and error (many errors...). Somewhere down the line I accidentally found myself employed in my first coding role as a Perl developer, after attempting pair programming in Haskell.

Photo of Dave Sudia

Dave Sudia

I'm a career-changer from education, and I used Exercism to reinforce my skills as I made the switch. I love TypeScript for the flexibility of JS with the consistency of strongly typed languages. Maintaining the TS track has grown my appreciation for the language.

Photo of Davide Lettieri

Davide Lettieri

I am a .NET developer and a former mathematician, I like functional languages and F# it's an obvious fit since it runs on .NET

Photo of Denys M

Denys M

[Mobile] Software engineer and Kotlin enthusiast.

Photo of Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

All-round programmer, manager and owner of a Dutch software agency specializing in bespoke and tailored code.

Photo of Devon Estes

Devon Estes

Freelance senior developer into @elixir-lang.

Photo of Dinesh Ahuja

Dinesh Ahuja

I only trust code written by me. I only trust food cooked by me. I only trust people trusted by me(Wait...🤔?)

Photo of Dog


I can not only fetch JSON, but parse it too.

Photo of ee7


I like Nim.

Photo of Elena Parovyshnaia

Elena Parovyshnaia

Staying with Java since 1.0, currently a Kotlin fan. Experienced in explaining things. Eager learner. Enthusiastic in putting things in order, evolving an infrastructure and processes, easing work for a community.

Photo of Erik Schierboom

Erik Schierboom

I am a developer with a passion for learning new languages. C# is a well-designed and expressive language that I love programming in.

Photo of ferhat elmas

ferhat elmas

Passionate Developer

Photo of Frida Johanne Tveit

Frida Johanne Tveit

I'm a software developer working for Softwire, a UK based software company. I'm a full stack developer working with many different languages including Java. I love programming and helping other people learn more about it!

Photo of Glenn Jackman

Glenn Jackman

I've been a command line *nix hacker for over 25 years, very active on Stack Overflow for over 10 years, and am happy to bring my experience to the Exercism community.

Photo of Guy Gastineau

Guy Gastineau

I really love Linux and Bash! I think the only reason I use a window manager is for chrome/firefox. Every other open window on my machine is a terminal.

Photo of Hilary Holz

Hilary Holz

25+ years experience as a software engineer, specializing in the web since NCSA HTTPd and Mosaic. Ruby has been my primary language for the past 7 years; it fills me with glee.

Photo of Jake Varness

Jake Varness

Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer at Cerner Corporation, husband, father, nerd

Photo of Jason Runkle

Jason Runkle

I have been writing Java code professionally for the past 3 years and I have had a wonderful experience with it. The functional style of Java 8 took some getting used to, but it really improved my team's codebase and productivity.

Photo of Johan Berg

Johan Berg

I have been writing C code professionally since 2014. Interested in low-level stuff.

Photo of John Reese

John Reese

I am a software engineer with a passion for testing and C#. If you have any questions about the C# track or the language in general, feel free to ask; I'd love to hear them.

Photo of Jon Calder

Jon Calder

I was introduced to R during my statistics undergrad in 2006 and have been trying to learn to use it properly ever since! I love the power, flexibility and expressiveness of the language, and hope I can help others to appreciate it too.

Photo of Katrin Leinweber

Katrin Leinweber [Alumnus]

I struggled to apply R to my own PhD research data in 2013. A Science Craft grad school course finally got me started when I decided to use another, well-formated data set. Since then, I have found R to be a lifeline for data analysis and teaching myself and others one or the other programming skill :-) R may not be pretty, but it gets the job done.

Photo of Katrina Owen

Katrina Owen [Alumnus]

I love Go for its simplicity and consistency. I also appreciate how hard the Go project is working to make the ecosystem welcoming to newcomers. I no longer maintain the Go track, but still maintain the Go tooling on Exercism.

Photo of Kenneth Bogner

Kenneth Bogner

This maintainer has not added their bio yet.
Photo of Lee Nipper

Lee Nipper

Firmware Engineer by day. I like Go a lot, and I'm optimistic about its adoption. Helping on Exercism track allows me to learn more. My focus is adding exercise solutions and test case generators.

Photo of Logan Kilpatrick

Logan Kilpatrick

I began using Julia when I was getting started as a Software Engineering Intern at NASA. Since then, I have gone on to Intern with Julia Computing on the PumasAI project, win a new Julia Language contributor award for 2019, and authored a few small packages. The Julia programming language and community are incredible. I am looking forward to helping more in the future.

Photo of Logan Stucki

Logan Stucki

I'm a 17 year old student and code artisian. I love writing code and making things. Currently, I enjoy answering stackoverflow questions and making webapps when not contributing to exercism.

Photo of Lucas Polymeris

Lucas Polymeris


Photo of Madeline Trotter

Madeline Trotter

PureScript dev by day, mostly frontends using React.

Photo of Marco Hinz

Marco Hinz

I love Vim. I've written many Vim plugins and work at Neovim in my spare time.

Photo of Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson

I have always been interested in Lisps since taking the SICP course in college. I love the expressiveness and conciseness of the simple syntax, and the ability to build the language upward to meet the domain.

Photo of Marnen Laibow-Koser

Marnen Laibow-Koser

I started learning APL out of general interest, realized there was no Exercism track, and decided to make one!

Photo of Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan [Alumnus]

Learn, build, teach, repeat!

Photo of Matthaus Owens

Matthaus Owens

This maintainer has not added their bio yet.
Photo of Matthias Wimmer

Matthias Wimmer

Professionally I code in Rust and C, but in private life I love Haskell and related languages.

Photo of Matthieu Pizenberg

Matthieu Pizenberg

Passionate about robotics, photo, computer vision, and raclette!

Photo of Maud de Vries

Maud de Vries

Ruby and Rails fan

Photo of Meade Kincke

Meade Kincke

I love real-world, usable examples. I'm a huge fan of being able to help others to make something work how it should with maximum performance. I especially love Rust and have written a tool called BrewStillery in it and GTK-rs.

Photo of Michael Morehouse

Michael Morehouse

Although Python wasn't my first -- and won't be my last -- programming language, it remains my favorite for introducing others to the joys, the pains, the infrequent ecstacies, and the occasional terrors of life before the REPL.

Photo of Mike Gehard

Mike Gehard

Long time software developer, recovering chemical engineer. I love helping folks along their path because I learn something new every time.

Photo of Monsenhor


Under development. Perl Monger since 1998.

Photo of Mugurel (Bud) Chirica

Mugurel (Bud) Chirica

Full Stack Web Developer (Ruby, JavaScript, DevOps). www.linkedin.com/in/mugurel-teodor-chirica

Photo of Norbert Melzer

Norbert Melzer

Found out about erlang via exercism, got hooked by its lightweight processes and how they are used as first class citizen. After fixing some trivial bugs in the track, I have been added to the team.

Photo of Ozan Onay

Ozan Onay

Ozan teaches MIPS assembly as part of the Computer Architecture course at Bradfield, and finds that it's a great excuse to think about how computers actually work!

Photo of Pedro Gaspar

Pedro Gaspar

Ruby has been my go-to language for the past 6 years. I love how readable and intuitive it is. I'm thankful for the opportunity to help others on their journey in any way I can and I'm hoping to become a better mentor in the process :)

Photo of Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus

Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus

definitely not an ai gone rogue

Photo of Peter Tseng

Peter Tseng [Alumnus]

I write a lot of Go for my day job, building platforms for other software engineers to use. The Exercism Go track was the first open-source project I joined; I'm grateful for all I've learned through this experience.

Photo of Ric Emery

Ric Emery

This maintainer has not added their bio yet.
Photo of Rob Keim

Rob Keim

I stumbled upon this site when I was trying to learn about functional programming and F#. Little did I know, I'd wind up becoming a contributor and learning a whole lot more than what I originally intended to. I had never contributed to an open source project before, and it's been a very rewarding experience.

Photo of Rob Phoenix

Rob Phoenix [Alumnus]

I used to be an artist, and am now a software engineer, using Go for forensics monitoring. Exercism's Go track opened up the world of open source to me.

Photo of Rubén Chavarría

Rubén Chavarría [Alumnus]

I'm a Web Developer with a passion for taking code that is hard to maintain and cleaning, refactoring, and bringing it back into a manageable state

Photo of Ryan Hartlage

Ryan Hartlage

Lua perfectly embodies the philosophy of 'less is more'. I am smitten.

Photo of Ryan Potts

Ryan Potts

I have been using Delphi professionally since 1996. At my day job I develop software used in the control of various types of test machines used by the auto industry. Exercism is my first real push into Open Source and I'm happy to have this opportunity to teach and share the virtues of Delphi with others.

Photo of Sam Warner

Sam Warner

I am a software developer and consultant working for Black Pepper Software, a software company based in Leamington Spa, England. I'm a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Warwick, and love all things to do with computers!

Photo of Samuel Wilson

Samuel Wilson

A Ruby on Rails dev by day, a Rust and Smalltalk programmer by night. I have found Pharo Smalltalk a delight to use. I'm here to spread the good news.

Photo of Sascha


Physics student. Learned about Julia in a class and decided to dig more into it. Very promising language and I wanted to get involved in its community.

Photo of Simon Shine

Simon Shine

I've been a classroom teacher in compilers and various functional languages for five years. Having pure functions and isolation of side-effects are fundamental to separation of concerns. Strong, static types, type inference and algebraic types are hard for me to live without.

Photo of Stargator


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Photo of Stephen Bastians

Stephen Bastians

I like OCaml's approach of being functional first, but allowing for escape hatches into imperative code when you really need them.

Photo of Tejas Bubane

Tejas Bubane

Primarily a Ruby & Javascript coder, getting better at functional programming, emacs lover.

Photo of Tim Austin

Tim Austin

Exercism has been a great way for me to stay current and expand my developer experience in new areas. I am excited to be working with the elixir track, because I appreciate the clarity/idiomaticity of the elixir language. I want others to enjoy this track as much as I have.

Photo of Tim Mackinnon

Tim Mackinnon

I'm the co-inventor of Mock Objects, Gold Cards, and many retrospective techniques, but still a developer at heart and using Pharo Smalltalk as a platform to explore further new exciting ideas.

Photo of Toby


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Photo of Tom Leen

Tom Leen

I do what I always do...when the problem seems vast and unsolvable...I build another machine. :rocket: