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Mentoring Guide

Getting Started

Thanks for being here! There are two stages to getting started. The first is to get involved in the community and the second is to try mentoring.

Joining the community

  1. We have a private Slack room for mentors. You should have received an invite when you signed up. If you didn't, email us at mentoring@exercism.io.
  2. In Slack, introduce yourself in the #introductions channel.
  3. Join the Slack channels for the languages that you want to mentor in. There's a video here if you get stuck! There's loads of interesting and helpful conversations in these language channels and they're the first place to go if you have any questions about any of the exercises.
  4. Join the Slack #mentor-the-mentor channel, where you can learn to be an amazing mentor from other amazing mentors.
  5. Submit your bio to appear as a mentor on the Exercism website.
  6. (Optional: Post a testimonial on #testimonials if you've had previous good experiences of Exercism and want to give everyone some encouragement)

Starting mentoring

Now you're set up in the community, you'll want to start mentoring.


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