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Sorry for the wait

Our community are currently working hard on Exercism v3. We're making great progress but the downside is that a lot of time is being diverted away from mentoring.

I made a short video to explain and ask for your patience during this period.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

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Jeremy Walker
Co-founder of Exercism. I'm an entrepreneur and software developer, and have been running a variety of businesses and non-for-profits for the last decade in the fields of medicine, education and artificial intelligence.
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Community Comments

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Is this site dead?

No, it's just very busy so there's a wait. 40,000 students mentored so far during 2020.

You should probably just set the track levels to unlock automatically as I submit passing programs.

If you'd not like to wait for mentoring, you can just switch to Practice mode.

You might also like to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Cj1Dr9m3GM&

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I've only recently discovered exercism and I am honestly amazed by the quality of what's on offer here. I'm just struggling to find a way to pay something for what I'm actually receiving - how do you upgrade to a paid membership?

I was skeptical at first that the mentoring would actually take place however I started the Go track and within the same day, had a response from a mentoring with really useful tips / tricks to improve what I had produced.

Excellent and enjoying working my way through. I'm absolutely going to recommend this to the rest of the team.

You can't pay with money - it's free :) But you can "pay" by giving back by mentoring or contributing :)

Very glad you're enjoying it and thanks for recommending!

Why is Ballerina removed?

You can see here: https://github.com/exercism/ballerina/pull/77 If you'd like to help get the track to v3, your support would be very appreciated! :)

Hello, I realize you are all very busy, but do you have an idea of when the new site will be ready? Just curious that is all.

I have been reflecting about the names of extra exercises' levels... for me, they appear as easy, medium and hard. I'm afraid that wording can negatively prime people, like "That's a 'hard' one, and it's gonna be hard, I'm probably not gonna make it, maybe it's not even worth trying" or "I solved it, but this was an 'easy' one, so it doesn't really count" and so on. Since you people are preparing some changes, I would suggest these names to retain the complexity differentiation, but in a more neutral wording (such as "level 1", "level 2" and "level 3", or any equivalent). Cheers!

How can I change to the practice mode while the website is experience the delay?

Thank you, and I hope you return soon.

Best regards.

Your site is wonderful, but I am stuck in the fourth exercise of F# track since more than a month, waiting for my mentor. Meanwhile, I have done all the side unblock exercises (25), but I can't do nothing more.

So, is this site dead?

I hope you can continue this great job.


Hello. Thanks for the kindly worded frustration :)

No, the site is not dead. We're just working very hard on v3 at the moment. As the blog post says, sorry for the wait. We're getting there as fast as we can.

In the meantime, you might like to switch to Practice Mode.

Hi, thanks. I am a newby on this plattform. I have already trouble with the second task in scala. Is there any possiblities to get help or advise what I do wrong?


I have no complaints - just a thought/suggestion. First anyway, I love this site and can't thank you all enough for such a terrific resource.

Per the personal profile page, would it be possible to add a filter so that one can list only solutions from the languages wanted e.g. If I have solutions in tracks F#, Dart, Elixir, Erlang but only want to list Erlang and Elixir solutions, that option exists. Also if the solutions could be sorted by date (within each language) that would be awesome.

Thanks much. Kudos for the great work!!