Installing .NET Core

The C# track is built on top of the .NET Core platform, which runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. To build .NET Core projects, you can use the .NET Core Command Line Interface (CLI). This CLI is part of the .NET Core SDK, which you can install by following the installation instructions. After completing the installation, you can verify if the CLI was installed succesfully by running this command in a terminal:

dotnet --version

If the output is a version greater than or equal to 1.0.0, the .NET Core SDK has been installed succesfully.

Using an IDE

If you want a more full-featured editing experience, you probably want to use an IDE. These are the most popular IDE's that support building .NET Core projects:

Note: as the .NET Core project format differs significantly from earlier versions, older IDE's (like Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin Studio) are not supported.

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