When you're logged in, you can say exercism fetch coldfusion to get the next available exercise on the track.

Every time you submit a solution to an exercise, you will get the next in line the next time you fetch.

If you want to try a specific exercise, you can always fetch it directly (commands are listed below).

The exercises are ordered roughly in order of difficulty.

Available Exercises

  • Hello World The classical introductory exercise. Just say "Hello, World!"
  • Leap Given a year, report if it is a leap year.
  • Raindrops Convert a number to a string, the contents of which depend on the number's factors.
  • Scrabble Score Given a word, compute the scrabble score for that word.
  • Difference Of Squares Find the difference between the square of the sum and the sum of the squares of the first N natural numbers.
  • Secret Handshake Given a decimal number, convert it to the appropriate sequence of events for a secret handshake.
  • Space Age Given an age in seconds, calculate how old someone is in terms of a given planet's solar years.
  • Acronym Convert a long phrase to its acronym
  • Rna Transcription Given a DNA strand, return its RNA complement (per RNA transcription).
  • Pangram Determine if a sentence is a pangram.
  • Hamming Calculate the Hamming difference between two DNA strands.
  • Gigasecond Calculate the moment when someone has lived for 10^9 seconds.
  • Sum Of Multiples Given a number, find the sum of all the multiples of particular numbers up to but not including that number.
  • Luhn Given a number determine whether or not it is valid per the Luhn formula.
  • Triangle Determine if a triangle is equilateral, isosceles, or scalene.
  • Largest Series Product Given a string of digits, calculate the largest product for a contiguous substring of digits of length n.
  • Grains Calculate the number of grains of wheat on a chessboard given that the number on each square doubles.
  • Atbash Cipher Create an implementation of the atbash cipher, an ancient encryption system created in the Middle East.
  • Nth Prime Given a number n, determine what the nth prime is.
  • Pig Latin Implement a program that translates from English to Pig Latin
  • Flatten Array Take a nested list and return a single list with all values except nil/null
  • Saddle Points Detect saddle points in a matrix.
  • Diamond Given a letter, print a diamond starting with 'A' with the supplied letter at the widest point.
  • Isogram Determine if a word or phrase is an isogram.
  • Bob Bob is a lackadaisical teenager. In conversation, his responses are very limited.
  • Word Count Given a phrase, count the occurrences of each word in that phrase.