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Implement the logic of the hangman game using functional reactive programming.

Hangman is a simple word guessing game.

Functional Reactive Programming is a way to write interactive programs. It differs from the usual perspective in that instead of saying "when the button is pressed increment the counter", you write "the value of the counter is the sum of the number of times the button is pressed."

Implement the basic logic behind hangman using functional reactive programming. You'll need to install an FRP library for this, this will be described in the language/track specific files of the exercise.

Getting Started

For installation and learning resources, refer to the exercism help page.


To work on the exercises, you will need Opam and Core. Consult opam website for instructions on how to install opam for your OS. Once opam is installed open a terminal window and run the following command to install core:

opam install core

To run the tests you will need OUnit. Install it using opam:

opam install ounit

Running Tests

A Makefile is provided with a default target to compile your solution and run the tests. At the command line, type:


Interactive Shell

utop is a command line program which allows you to run Ocaml code interactively. The easiest way to install it is via opam:

opam install utop

Consult utop for more detail.

Feedback, Issues, Pull Requests

The exercism/ocaml repository on GitHub is the home for all of the Ocaml exercises.

If you have feedback about an exercise, or want to help implementing a new one, head over there and create an issue. We'll do our best to help you!

Submitting Incomplete Solutions

It's possible to submit an incomplete solution so you can see how others have completed the exercise.