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Pig Latin

Implement a program that translates from English to Pig Latin

Pig Latin is a made-up children's language that's intended to be confusing. It obeys a few simple rules (below), but when it's spoken quickly it's really difficult for non-children (and non-native speakers) to understand.

There are a few more rules for edge cases, and there are regional variants too.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig_latin for more details.

To run the tests:

$ gradle test

For more detailed info about the Java track see the help page.


The Pig Latin exercise at Test First Teaching by Ultrasaurus https://github.com/ultrasaurus/test-first-teaching/blob/master/learn_ruby/pig_latin/

Submitting Incomplete Problems

It's possible to submit an incomplete solution so you can see how others have completed the exercise.