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Determine if a word or phrase is an isogram.

An isogram (also known as a "nonpattern word") is a word or phrase without a repeating letter, however spaces and hyphens are allowed to appear multiple times.

Examples of isograms:

The word isograms, however, is not an isogram, because the s repeats.

Testing Exercises

If you followed the installation instructions, just run the provided test suite against your implementation with "exercise-name" test.

Submitting Exercises

Note that, when trying to submit an exercise, make sure the solution is in the exercism/factor/exercise-name directory.

For example, if you're submitting bob.factor for the Bob exercise, the submit command would be something like exercism submit exercism/factor/bob/bob.factor.

For more detailed information about running tests, code style and linting, please see the help page.


Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isogram

Submitting Incomplete Solutions

It's possible to submit an incomplete solution so you can see how others have completed the exercise.